Doctor Who the Scientist and Adventurer by shoaib1015


									Doctor Who the Scientist and Adventurer

The television show Doctor Who is a rare show in the fact that is has
lasted for decades. It first hit our TV screens back in November of 1963.
The show was for a family audience but also meant to be educational as it
explored science by means of time travel.

Doctor Who is a scientist as well as an adventurer. As a time lord he
resembles a human being but really is alien. He supposedly has two hearts
which is what sets him apart from normal humans. He can go without air
for a long time due to the fact he has a respiratory bypass system.

The reason it has lasted over the years is because of the creativity of
the show and the story lines. Each and every storyline is distinctive and
memorable. Being a time traveller the Doctor can travel to times and era
and meet significant historical figures. This makes for really creative
and exciting stories which can be played out over many episodes.

The Doctor has evolved over the years in terms of his looks. The first
few doctors were older and odd looking but very distinguished. Only more
recently has the character been played by nicer looking doctors which no
doubt captured a new younger audience.

Another reason for the success of the show is down to the creative
writers. Obviously having the main character as a time traveller is great
for writers as they can write stories in any time throughout history and
the future.

The show invented characters such as the Daleks and Cybermen. Due to
their popularity these characters have turned up in many episodes over
the years. The series title theme track was composed by Ron Grainer and
has become as famous as the show itself.

Actors which have played the doctor over the years include: William
Hartnell from 1963 to 1966, Patrick Troughton from 1966 to 1969, Jon
Pertwee 1969 to 1974, Tom Baker 1974 to 1981, Peter Davidson 1982 to
1984, Colin Baker 1984 to 1986, Sylvester McCoy 1987 to 1989. There was a
film made in 1996 and Paul McGann played the Doctor. It was a few years
later when the show was revived and Christopher Eccleston played the
ninth doctor for just one series in 2005. Next up was David Tennant who
placed the role for 5 years from 2005 to 2010. The current Doctor is
played by Matt Smith.

The show is the longest running science fiction show and is listed in the
Guinness Book of records. Today the show is known for is amazing special
effects and now is a significant part of British popular culture. The
recent episodes were shot in Cardiff and you can go on a tour and learn
about the making of the show and meet some of the extras who played a
part. Along the way you can meet other Doctor who fans which are known as
Whovians. There are meetings all over the world where fans can go along,
dress up as their favourite character and meet like minded people. There
are not many shows which have such dedicated fans as Doctor Who fans.
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