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					All About James Dean

Perhaps you have heard the name on T.V. or in Hollywood historic
documentaries. You may have also heard the name because your mom and dad
(or maybe your grandparents) bring up the name to you as the definition
of a quintessential actor. Or maybe your familiar with his work and you
simply want to know more the man behind the myth.

When talking about or researching James Dean all kinds of information and
rumors float around. That's mainly because his life was a roller-coaster
ride. What's more, because he went too soon, not a lot of the questions
can be answered with definitiveness.

The story all started in 1931 in Indiana. Young James Dean has all the
makings of an orphan; with a father always out because of work and a
mother who died when he is just 9 years old. Still, that didn't prevent
him from being a relative success, excelling in high school athletic
fields such as baseball and basketball, artistic fields such as drama,
and academic fields such as forensics. But it's during his stay in UCLA
(he transferred from nearby Santa Monica College), where the beginnings
of a legend is made.

When you talk about James Dean, the first thing that you know is that he
is an explosive talent; perhaps the closest thing to a pure talent that's
possible. Three of his movies, East of Eden, Giant, and Rebel without a
Cause, are among the most critically acclaimed movies of their time. With
his powerful yet fragile, accurate yet emotional acting style, he
perfectly encapsulates the confused and rebellious youth with his roles.

But outside the bright lights, Dean is a man of many passions. He is
especially passionate with bullfighting and motorsports. However, it is
his love for cars and motorsports that would lead him to his very early
demise: a road accident would leave everyone asking themselves what might
have been.

James Dean seems to be the perfect subject for a movie or book. A
talented, multifaceted guy that has a complex and fragile character, so
much is not understood about this person so far. But a movie about James
Dean, a movie that was kept under wraps for 15 years, sheds a different
light to the man behind the legend. Created by the only Hollywood
producer that was able to read Dean's personal diary, this film will be
available in September for a limited time.

From the only producer to have read Jame's Dean Diary. Get early bird
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