In 300 A.D. the Roman Empire began to D.E.C.L.I.N.E

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   Reflecting on the Pax Romana, what do
    you think may lead to the fall of Rome?
After the Pax Romana. the
 Roman Empire began to
The Decline of the Roman
   After Pax Romana, the Western part of
    Roman Empire declines for many
   Weak leaders = weak Empire
   Leads to division and then the collapse
    of Roman Empire.
Defense of the Empire
costs too much

Economic difficulty and
the devaluation of Roman
   Roman emperors continued to debase
    the coinage.
    • Debasing = backing the coinage up with less
    Can’t discipline military,
    it now includes invaders
   Need more soldiers; people begin to fight for pay,
    not their country.
   Rulers hire corrupt soldiers who fight for a price
   Leads to lack of military discipline and loyalty

    Loss of faith in Rome
    and the family  

   The rich started to
    spend their money on
    products from the East,
    making Rome weaker.
   Population decline due
    to a poor understanding
    of fertility.
                              Notice anything out of the
                              ordinary in this picture?
Invasions on the borders
   Invaders include Visogoths, Ostrogoths,
    Franks, Huns, and Persians.
   Barbarians=
New political problems,
civil conflict and weak
 • Pandemic strikes Rome and further depletes
      it’s population.
  •   Military rivalries drained money and made
      Romans enemies of each other.

Eeeek! Moral decay!!
   People lose faith in Rome
   Crime and unemployment increase
        How do the Roman Emperors try
        to prevent the decline?
   Diocletian
    • Rules from 284- 305
    • Divides Empire into
        East and West.
    •   He rules East from
        the capital of
        Byzantium; appoints
        official to rule West
    Back to the Christian Church
  Christianity spreads rapidly through Mediterranean area
   because of missionaries.
 Romans become uneasy with Christianity gaining so much
 Roman leaders like Nero and Diocletian begin to blame
   Christians for any problems.
 Many Christians become martyrs.

       Martyr= person who suffers/dies for beliefs
**Christianity is sometimes named as a cause for the decline of
   Rome because people’s loyalty was to God instead of Rome.
The Great Emperor Constantine

   Takes throne in 313 AD.
   During battle, had a vision of the
   Took this as a sign and ended
    persecution of Christians in the
   Issued the Edict of Milan –
    freedom of worship to all citizens;
    legalized Christianity.

   Takes throne in 380 AD.
   Declares Christianity official religion of
   Outlaws other religions.
Closing Remarks of Christianity
   Because of Constantine and Theodosius,
    Christian Church became example of
    moral authority.
   Loyalty to church became more important
    than loyalty to the emperor.
   As Roman Empire loses power in West,
    Church grows and becomes foundation for
    Western civilization.
   Christian Church becomes unifying force in
The Huns and Visigoths
   4th century, nomadic group called Huns
    invade area north of Roman Empire.
   The Visigoths in this area, flee to Empire.
   Visigoths eventually dominate the Roman
    military; Romans fear a takeover.
   Romans attack Visigoths but lose.
The End of the Empire
   476 AD Visigoths overthrow Rome and
    end Western Roman Empire.
   Eastern Empire survives another
    thousand years – becomes Byzantine
   Byzantium’s name becomes
Extra Credit Opportunity
   Due Monday, February 5th. (15 points)
   Write a two page essay comparing the Roman
    Empire to the United States.
    •   You can take several approaches to this:
         • Focus on the greatness and importance of both.
         • Focus on the causes of Rome’s decline and how the
           U.S. may be showing the same weaknesses.
         • Focus on the governmental structure and it’s impact.
         • Focus on the tactics of the military.
         • Anything else that is reasonable and that you are
             interested in researching (the impact of Christianity,
             great leaders, etc.)
         •   MLA Format, citation of resources (should include
             multiple resources), carefully proofread.
   Which cause of DECLINE do you think is
    the most important in causing Rome to

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