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					Regulations for FiMSIC Exchange Programs

Incoming students to Finland must accept the Regulations for FiMSIC Exchange Programs. The students are
required to sign this form upon arrival. Please take the time to read through the regulations carefully before
your arrival.

       The obligations of FiMSIC toward the exchange student are stated in the FiMSIC Exchange
        Conditions 2004-2005 and the IFMSA by-laws.
       The Exchange Student must strictly follow the instructions of the doctors in charge and the
        rules of the Local Committee. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the remaining
       No changes in periods or cities are done after sending out the Card of Acceptance.
       If the Exchange Student arrives after the date originally agreed upon with FiMSIC, he/she
        has no right to expect to stay beyond the final date agreed upon. The dates are defined on the
        Card of Acceptance. The student must arrive at the latest on the 4th of the month accepted,
        unless else agreed with the Local Committee. The student is responsible himself/herself to
        arrange board and lodging before the beginning of the clerkship, if he/she arrives earlier
        than accepted.
       When accepting the exchange, the Exchange Student has guaranteed by signing the Card of
        Confirmation to arrive and leave on the date agreed upon with the hosting Local Committee
        of FiMSIC. Any change or delay must be reported and agreed upon with the hosting Local
        Committee of the FiMSIC.
       The Local Committee or their representative is obliged to meet the exchange student upon
        arrival in the place agreed beforehand (not necessarily the airport!) between 7 a.m. and 23
        p.m. Also keys to apartments are distributed only between these hours. The Local
        Committee is not responsible for arranging the student's trip to the airport upon departure.
        Likewise at departure the handing in of keys and payment back of safety deposits (see
        further down) take place only at the hours mentioned above.
       FiMSIC will ask for a safety deposit of 50 euros upon arrival. It is paid back to the student
        in the end when the Local Committee has approved that the student has handed in the key of
        the apartment and left the apartment clean and in good condition. If not done so, the Local
        Committee is allowed to demand the student to cover the expenses caused by his/her
       The Exchange Student has to show adequate knowledge of English language or the language
        agreed upon with FiMSIC in order to carry out the exchange. Otherwise he/she can be and
        excluded from the Exchange Program.
       The Exchange Student is responsible for his/her own health and liability insurance. A full
        insurance policy covering the entire exchange period and issued in English by the insurance
        company has to be presented to the Local Officer of the hosting Local Committee of
        FiMSIC with the Card of Acceptance or at the latest with the Card of Confirmation.
       The Exchange Student is responsible for any costs in case of illness or accident or damage
        during the exchange period. FiMSIC is not responsible for any costs in case of illness or
        accident or damage during the exchange period.
       The Exchange Student has to present a MRSA (Meticilline Resistant Staphylococcus
        Aureus) negativity certificate upon arrival. The MRSA test must have been taken from a
        nasal sample no earlier than one month before beginning of the exchange period. The
        student cannot commence the Exchange Program without proof of MRSA negativity. The
        expenses of the test must be covered by the Exchange Student. In Turku a second assurance
        test will be made during the first day of the clerkship.
       The student must attend the clinic/research lab a minimum of 80% of his/her exchange
        period unless a satisfactory reason for non-attendance (illness etc.) is presented to the Local
        Committee and the supervising doctor. The Local Committee is obliged to give a certificate
        of the exchange only to those students who have spent this minimum of 80% in the
       clinic/research lab. The National Exchange Officer of FiMSIC has the right to direct
       sanctions towards the student if the non-attendance is considered severe.
      FiMSIC supplies board twice a day, so that the student receives one warm meal and one
       packed, cold meal or alternatively one warm meal and 2,50 euros a day. No breakfast is
       provided and the student is responsible for paying his/her own extra food expenses.
      The student must inform the Local Officers if he/she is going to do a trip lasting more than
       one night during the exchange period unless the trip is organised by FiMSIC.
      In case of substitutions, the information and the documents of the replacing student must be
       available to the National Exchange Officer a minimum of four weeks before the clerkship
       and the documents must be followed by an official IFMSA substitution form signed by the
       National Exchange Officer of the sending country. Substitutions done later than that are
       considered as cancellations and FiMSIC is not obliged to arrange any kind of compensating
       exchange for the student during another period. For countries needing visa to Finland, no
       substitutions are made after sending out the Invitation Letter to the student.
      The student is responsible himself/herself for arranging and covering the expenses of visa
       and passport to Finland. The National Exchange Officer of FiMSIC will help the student
       with visa problems only if the application to the Finnish embassy has been handed in well
       on time.
      In case FiMSIC is not fulfilling its obligations towards the Exchange Student mentioned in
       the Exchange Conditions of FiMSIC, the student can cancel the Exchange Program within
       the first week of the program. He/she is obliged to discuss the problems with the Local
       Committee of FiMSIC and the local contant person first, and to inform his own
       Local/National Exchange Officer immediately.
      By signing this document the student confirms that he/she has read the Exchange Conditions
       of FiMSIC.
      The Exchange Student shall be responsible for any financial loss caused by any breach of
       his/her contract that he/she affects.
      The Exchange Student must abide by the Regulations for FiMSIC Exchange Programs
       mentioned above or the Exchange Program will be cancelled upon arrival or during the
       course of the Exchange Program.

I have read and understood the Regulations for FiMSIC Exchange Programs.

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