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									Immigration: A Major Issue
Affecting Our World Today

       By: Brittany Seales
          Caitlin Potter
What Is Known About Immigration
   Immigration is affecting the lives of both
           Mexicans and Americans.
  Mexican children can stay if they are born
    here, but their parents are sent back to
             Mexico if not citizens.
    Rules have changed and it’s becoming
 slower and more difficult than ever to cross
     the border whether it’s legal or illegal
         The Problem

The demand for people of Mexico to
 have a better life is pressuring the
  expansion of illegal immigration.
 Illegal immigration into the United
States in return is in mass scale and
        causing globalization.
       Possible Solutions
 Enforce the Immigration laws that are already
         Make the legal process faster.
       Make it easier to come over legally.
            Make penalties harsher.
      Block funds sent south of the border.
    Stop providing long term medical care at
               taxpayer’s expense.
Help Mexico improve its economy- either through
     some sort of Marshal Plan or other aid.
Best Possible Solution Based On
         Our Thoughts
  Help Mexico
   improve its
economy- through
  some sort of
 Marshal Plan or
    other aid.
If Mexico’s economy improved they would
 be less likely to want to come to America.
   A healthy Mexican economy could buy
    products from the U.S. and help our
economy to. We could help build a railroad
   system. Utilities, and help their school
  system improve. Donations of time and
 money would very much so help out this
  project. The size of the government has
    been reduced and all kinds of social
       benefits have been reduced.
          Summary Cont.
 Since Mexico tried to attract foreign capital
 with low wages and little regulation Mexico
is now overpriced and people are not being
    able to support themselves and their
 families. We will need to go in and fix their
government so that it’s not corrupt and help
 the citizens of Mexico to elect officials who
    will help out their economy and other
 issues important to the citizens of Mexico.

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