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  Himalayan Tours Perfect Destinations For Romance And
  By animasharma99 on August 31, 2012

  Himalayas, whenever it comes in our mind the only thing that comes across are great
  mountains, lush green mountains, snow caped mountain tops, crystal blue sky, panoramic
  scenes makes it a paradise.

  Nature and romance has a very special correlation with each other. To be closer to nature
  makes you apprehend the greatest blessings of life and see the world from a close distance
  makes us want to celebrate our vital emotions like love, faith and fear. Perhaps, that is why
  the greatest temples are based on high mountains or rivers gurgling. Because, staying close
  to nature makes you realize the existence of the special energy that keeps us grounded to the       Featured Stories
  earth and life. It may be the most romantic places in the world are always in remote grassland.
  And for the same reason, we seek the thrill of overcoming our fears by overcoming some of
  the most feared natural forces in the world. Nature has this magic to realize our true

  Therefore, the celebration of a union with nature has always been an ideal. Married on the
  beach to discover the romance in the deep sea, some of the most romantic in the world are
  celebrated in places full of natural wealth. Speaking of these celebrations, most newlyweds
  often went to places away from the city life and try to discover bothered romance through
  rejuvenation. Among the many honeymoon destinations popular in India, Himachal Pradesh
  tops the list as the most accessible, rather than pocket friendly fairytale in India. Honeymoon
  in the valley by the high mountains and red rhododendrons may sound like a picture torn from
  a romance novel, but that special feeling that there really.
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  Life can be really a fairytale romance when you shake the snow by a colonial train. A train trip
  to Shimla from Delhi in winter is the perfect way to start your honeymoon. And a different world
  waits at the end of those snow covered railway tracks. A languid evening by the fire place in a
  well maintained hotel is a common activity in Shimla as the place is full of specially designed
  honeymoon accommodations. Further walking down the famous Mall Road with your partner
  hand in hand or riding on a Yak in Kufri, in the upper Shimla- a honeymoon can be the most
  beautiful to happen to you.

  Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh has been made even more special by the addition of many
  adventure sports activities, where couples can take part like wild side in the valleys incredible
  paragliding or hiking routes in wining. For those looking for more privacy and solitude, picnic
  spots away from popular cities like Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala may be a better choice.
  There are number of hotels in the Himalayas where you can stay comfortably with your
  partner. Cottages and special spa centers are also available in different isolated points where
  the only sound you hear is the birds frolicking rivers and gurgling laughter and your partner.      10 Actors Who Are Surprisingly Fluent
                                                                                                      in Other Languages
  A spa experience is probably the honeymoon experience end where you get to combine the
  advantages of the climate of the Himalayas, Ayurveda and large businesses. The result is a
  relaxed and happy. Therefore, when you return from a honeymoon in Himachal exotic, all you
  remember is the bliss that they are endowed with. And what can be a better option than
  shopping to make your partner happy and wonder at the glory of the union.

  Anima Sharma is an experienced writer in Travel Industry and works for, a leading travel industry in India. At present, she is writing on
  different topics likehotels uttarakhand, summer destinations india, hotels gangotri,
  Char Dham Camps and others. To find more info, please visit

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