Tullow Oil plc
• 1985: Started by reworking on small gas fields in Senegal left by Oil majors.
• 1986: Tullow was working in 8 countries with £1.7 M revenue and £250,000
  operating profit by acquiring proven gas fields and exploration acreages.
• 1990s: Tullow discovered the Sara gas field in Pakistan in 1994.
           8 countries | 79 mmboe reserves | £5.2 million revenue
• 2000-2006: £201 million Acquisition of Producing gas fields in UK from BP
  in 2000. Acquired Energy Africa in 2004 for US$ 570Million. In 2006 ,US$1.1
  Billion acquisition of Hardman Resources.
           22 countries |506 mmboe reserves | £578.8 million revenue
• 2007-2009: Tullow’s largest ever discovery: Jubilee field, offshore Ghana.
          23 countries |894 mmboe reserves | £582 million revenue
          87% exploration success rate | 58,300 boepd production

The Group has production from eight countries and two world-class development
   projects in Ghana and Uganda where it has discovered new oil provinces
         Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Company Profile:
• Headquarters: - The Woodlands, Texas, US.
• Operating Areas: Oil and Gas exploration and production, the
  gathering, processing, transportation, and marketing of natural gas,
  as well as third party volumes of gas, oil and natural gas liquids
  (NGL).Other activities include coal, trona, and mineral mining.
• Locations: US, Algeria, China, Alaska, Brazil, Indonesia, East and West
• Proved Reserves:-2.3 BBOE (as of December 31, 2009)
• Production: 234.78 Million BOE (in 2009)
• Net income: 103.0 Million USD
• Market Cap: 30,745.74 Million USD
• Major Projects: Jubilee field offshore Ghana, Caesar/Tonga complex
  in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, El Merk in Algeria
         Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
• 1959: Anadarko Production Company is formed as a subsidiary of
  Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company. Spent $2.5 million on exploration
  and purchased 27 Texas panhandle producing gas wells.
• 1960-64: Anadarko enters into 20-year agreement with the Pioneer Natural
  Gas Company.
• 1965: The company acquires Ambassador Oil Corporation for US$ 12
• 1970-76: Anadarko's involvement in offshore exploration began and 10 of
  24 blocks proved commercially productive in Gulf of Mexico.
• 1985: Discovers 116 BCF Gas in Anadarko Basin. Anadarko Petroleum
  Corporation is formed as an independent company.
• 1993: Anadarko became the first foreign-owned company to discover oil in
  the deserts of Algeria.
• 2001: Acquired Berkley Petroleum in Alberta for $777 million
• 2009:Nine deepwater discoveries (360 million BOE of net risked resources).
                     Woodside Petroleum
• 1954:Woodside was established a year after Australia's first oil discovery
• 1956: Woodside secured the first offshore exploration licence in Victoria
• 1963: After 10 years without success in southern Australia, Woodside was
  awarded exploration rights in the North West Shelf off north-western
  Australia .
• 1971-72:Major gas and condensate discoveries at Scott reef, North Rankin,
  Angel and Goodwyn amounting to 50 TCF gas constituting the North West
  Shelf ventures which is one of worlds largest LNG producer.
• 1999-2000: Began exploring in GoM. Acquired a 15% interest in the US$1
  billion Ohanet gas project in the Illizi province of Algeria.
• 2009: 5 countries |1651 mmboe reserves | US$ 4352 million revenue
          80.9 MM boepd production

Woodside has assets in Algeria, GoM, Korea and Brazil.
                        ONGC Videsh
• ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) was rechristened on 15th June 1989 from
  the earstwhile Hydrocarbons India Private Limited, which was
  incorporated on 5th March, 1965.
• OVL’s international oil and gas operations produced 8.87 MMT of
  O+OEG in 2009-10 as against 0.252 MMT of O+OEG in 2002-03. OVL’s
  overseas cumulative investment has crossed USD 10 billion.
• As of 31st March 2010, OVL has a presence in 39 projects in 15

   Myanmar | Russia | Vietnam
   Iran | Iraq | Syria
   Egypt | Libya | Nigeria | Nigeria Sao Tome & Principe | Sudan
   Brazil | Colombia | Cuba | Venezuela
                          ONGC Videsh
• The company maintains a combination of producing, discovered and
  exploration assets, working as operator in 17 projects and joint operator
  in 5 projects.
• OVL produces hydrocarbons from its 9 assets, namely,
   – Russia (Sakhalin-I and Imperial),
   – Syria (Al-Furat Project),
   – Vietnam (Block 06.1),
   – Colombia (Mansarover Energy Project),
   – Sudan (Greater Nile Oil Project and Block 5A),
   – Venezuela (San Cristobal Project) and
   – Brazil (BC-10) ;

• 6 projects are in development phase and
• 23 are in the exploration phase.
• OVL has successfully completed 741 km long pipe line project in Sudan.
                        GSPC: History
• Incorporated in 1979 as a petrochemical company, rechristened
  itself as GSPC in 1994.
• GSPC acquired several discovered fields in Cambay offered by the
  GOI during 1994 and 1995.
    – Sabarmati : Operated by Oilex
    – Cambay : Operated by Oilex
    – Bhandut : Operated by Oilex
    – Hazira      : Operated by Niko, 1st production for GSPC
    – Unawa       : Operated by GSPCL
    – Matar       : Relinquished
• Company is operator in 8 blocks awarded during NELPs.
• Discovered Oil in Tarapur Block in 2004 and Deen Dayal field in
• Working Interests in 60 onshore and offshore E&P blocks, 49 in
  India and 11 blocks are located in Australia, Egypt, Indonesia and
                  GSPC: Operations

• Activities involve Gas transmission, City gas distribution,
  CNG, LNG, Power plant, Wind farm and E&P activities.
• Working Interests in 14 PMLs granted in respect of
  producing fields in the Cambay Basin: Allora, Asjol,
  Bhandut, Cambay, Dholasan, Hazira, Kanwara, North
  Balol, North Kathana, Promoda, Sabarmati, South
  Pramoda, Tarapur and Unawa.
• Company also hold a working permission in respect of the
  Ingoli field in the Cambay Basin.
• GSPC has made the India's one of largest gas finds in the
  Krishna Godavari Basin.
• It has also built the country's first land-based drilling
  platform, Ratnakar, at Hazira.
                       Hazira Field
• Hazira Field has been in operation since 1994 by GSPC(67%)
  Niko 33% stake (GSPC-NIKO). Niko is Operator.
• Hazira had Initial reserve estimate of 50 million m³ of gas with
  one well drilled by the national oil company.
• After taking over, GSPC-Niko commenced production in July
  1995 after workover of Hazira well #1.
• Five on-land wells were drilled, which upgraded the in-place
  reserves to more than 20 BCM.
• At present, production from Hazira field is 4 MMSCMD which
  is likely to go up to 5.5 MMSCMD after drilling all wells from
  the platform.
• GSPC - NIKO has also finalised a plan to drill oil well for
  offshore platform and produce oil at the rate of approx. 2000
Cairn India
 Mangala Field
                         Mangala Area
• Licence Block(s): RJ-ON-90-1 , Onshore
• Consortium: Cairn India, ONGC
• Current Production Oil: 25,000 (mmbll)
• Estimated STOIIP: 3600(mmbll)
• Producing Formations: Tertiary, Palaeocene, Fatehgarh

Cairn India Success Story
• The area was initially explored by Shell.
• Cairn gained an exploration interest in the Block in exchange for sale
  of half of its Bangladesh assets to Shell.
• Cairn drilled two unsuccessful exploration wells and Shell then sold
  its 50% share to Cairn for $7.5 million
• Cairn's third well, now 100% owned, found the Mangala oil field
        Mangala Field: participation history
• 1992 Royal Dutch Shell won the licensing round for Block RJ-ON-90-
• 1998 27% of this contract was then sold to Cairn Energy.
• 1999 Cairn's increased its stake to 50% by offering in exchange to
  fund the second exploration well.
• 2002 Cairn purchased remaining 50% for $7.25 million.
• 2005 ONGC exercised their right as part of the terms of the PSC to
  acquire a 30% stake.
• 2009: Production commenced from the block.
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