New Agent Welcome Letter by oIa47njS


									               Welcome to The    Freedom Team.
    This organization is dedicated to “Bringing PROSPERITY Back To
            America, One Family & One Business At A Time”,
            and we are thrilled that you have decided to join us.

We believe in simple, so we’ve combined the best products and services
available to achieve that purpose.

As a new agent you will find:

   Low agent startup fee
   No annual fee
   No monthly fee
   No training fee
   No renewal fee
   No website fee
   No multilevel marketing (we use the Insurance model)
   No complicated compensation plan

You will also find:

 Free 12 week coaching program for your clients called
                      "12 Weeks To Freedom"
 Free weekly training for you
 Free sales support
 Free referrals back to you
 Free leads from our national marketing program for active Agents
 Multiple purchase options for your clients
 Over-rides of sales from personally recruited Agents (5 levels)
 And if you’re not ready to make sales on your own, we will make
  your sales for you… You simply provide the prospects and attend the

    The Freedom Team will be the number one distribution channel in
                          North America.

Other products and services include:

   Infinite Banking
   College Funding
   Life Insurance
   Health Insurance
   Mortgage Protection Insurance
   New Mortgage Services
   Mortgage Refinancing
   Mortgage Bi-weekly Payment Program
   Reverse Mortgages
   Money Saving Techniques
   End of Life Planning Services
   Business Benefits Services
   Merchant Financing
   Merchant Revolving Lines of Credit
   Commercial loans
   Solar Power Generation Systems financing
   Electric Vehicle financing
   UnBank

             *All Agents are required to be a user of “The System”
       within 90 days of joining the Team unless they are already debt free.
   Indecision is not an option. Our lives and values are being attacked
through the financial system that controls us. It is now time that we learn
                           to control our future.

           "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when
         you take your eyes off of the goal." ~ Hannah Moore

    And all you have to do is ask this question…
     If I could show you a system that will significantly improve your
           financial position and increase your retirement fund

 in less time,
 with the same amount of money you have today,
 and it’s guaranteed,

    would it be worth 15 minutes of your time to speak to one of our
                         Financial Engineers ?

Please open the 3 attachments and follow the directions at the top of
                    the Excel spreadsheet to join.

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