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									•Tricia Cuti        Head Coach BBSC
                    Blackfin Barracudas

•Danielle Lindner   Pacific Barracudas

•Bill Caniano       Great Barracudas

•Pam Hansen         Yellowfin and Yellowstripe Barracudas
•Michelle Yurman – Commissioner : Administrative Expert

•Debbie Guida – Commissioner: Fundraising

•Jen Donovan - Social

•Telly Galiatsatos - Webmaster
The Bethpage PAL Barracudas Swim Club
develops character through hard work and
healthy competition. BBSC believes in optimizing
individual potential through commitment to
competitive training.
•Attendance: Attendance at practices is strongly encouraged but not required.
Minimum of three days per week is recommended.

•Practice Times: Make every effort to be punctual and attend the entire practice.
Parents please respect pick up times and make arrangements for your swimmer.

•Practice Changes: Any last minute changes will be posted on the web. Check the
website often as announcements are posted there. Also check your email.

•Be Prepared: Bring your equipment to practice everyday. Individual groups
require different equipment. Speak directly to your child's coach for an
equipment list.
•Teaching: The pool is the coaches’ classroom. They will be
responsible for swimmers during practice. Please respect our

•Office Hours: Coaches will be available after practice to discuss any
questions/concerns. Office hours will be posted. Contacting a coach
via email to set up an appointment is appreciated. Coaches work
collaboratively with each other in accordance with best practices.

•Rules: Each coach will establish group norms such as bathroom

•Non negotiable: All members of our community will be treated with
dignity and respect at all times. Swimmer-coach; coach-swimmer;
swimmer-swimmer; parent-coach; coach-parent.
•Participation: Competitions are required. The meet schedule will be posted on
the team website.

•Cost: Meet Fees Escrow Account

•How does my child get entered?
Every swimmer will be entered in every meet. You must email the webmaster
by the posted deadline in order to be removed from a meet. If you email past
the deadline, your meet fees will be deducted from the account. There is no
refund for swimmers unable to compete due to illness or other extenuating

Coaches will choose the appropriate events for the swimmer and will prepare
them for their races. Swimmers are welcome to discuss events with their coach.
No changes will be permitted past the response deadline or the day of the meet.
•Drop off: Be Punctual! Arrive 15 minutes prior to the posted
warm-up time. Be aware parents are NOT permitted on the pool
deck at any time. This is a USA Swimming Rule and our team can be
barred from competition for failure to comply.

•Attire: Wear team apparel when on the pool deck. It is suggested
that you bring a change of clothes as your deck clothes will get wet.
Similarly, bring 2 towels! Team caps are a MUST!!!

•Format: Each session will run a maximum of four hours (exclusive
of a 1 hour warm-up). Swimmers should know their events prior to
the meet. They are allowed to bring a deck of cards, book, or
something else for them to do during the meet. Swimmers are NOT
to be wandering around the facility during meets. They are to
remain in the bleachers with the team.
•Events: The coach will speak to the swimmer prior to the event to
discuss a strategy and send them up to the appropriate heat/lane.
After the race the coach will discuss the swim. Please have
swimmers check-in/out with coaches.

•Roles: Let the coach do the coaching. As a parent your role is to
support your swimmer and the coach. We are all on the same team
and want the best for each swimmer. Assist them with staying
positive and refer any coaching questions to the coach.

•Non negotiable: All coaches, parents, and swimmers are
representatives of BBSC. Everyone will model our values as a club.
Good sportsmanship is expected.
     Date                      Meet                      Location        Host     Who attends?
 October 16-17     Chappy's Big Race Invitational    Eisenhower Park     LIAC         ALL
November 27-28       Thanksgiving Invitational       Eisenhower Park     LIAC         ALL
December 17-19          Xmas Invitational                 Marist         MSC          ALL
 January 14-16             MLK Classic               Eisenhower Park      NFS         ALL
February 18-20               IMX Meet                   Hauppauge         HAA         ALL
February 19-21            Zone Qualifier                 Lehman          Metro       TWQ
February 24-27             Senior Mets                   Lehman          Metro       TWQ
   March 4-6              Silver Champs               Ward Melvil e      TVSC        TWQ
  March 12-13           8&Under Champs                  Felix Festa     Condors      TWQ
 March 25-27             Junior Olympics             Eisenhower Park      NFS        TWQ
March 31-April 2          Eastern Zones             Rochester Webster                TWQ
    April 1-3          Age Group Champs              Eisenhower Park     LIAC         ALL

         Zone Team Qualifier

          Junior Olympics
        (Qualifying Standards)

Silver Champs (Qualifying Standards and
           Not Faster than)

 Age Group Champs (Not Faster than)
Successful Sports Parenting

•Video Introductions by Deborah Phelps (mother of Michael

•Clips from current coaches, parents, swimmers, and elite level

•Downloadable articles will be posted on website.
•Hobieswim is our vendor.

•They will be doing a team sizing on Wednesday,
September 15. They will be at the pool from 5:30-
7:30 taking orders and selling equipment. If you
cannot make it Wednesday, order forms will be
available on our website.

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