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									(Behind the Orange Doors)
               Public Storage

• Founded in 1972 as a REIT

• Over 2,100 locations in 38 states
  and 7 European Countries

• $2 billion revenue; S&P 500;
  Forbes 2000
                Skillsoft Experience

• Dunkin Brands
   – Director of Global Training
      • Over 50 custom courses

• Public Storage
   – VP of Learning & Development
      • 22 skillsoft catalog courses
      • 27 custom courses
            Public Storage Field Organization

• 2 Zones
• 6 Divisions
• 33 Regions
• 205 Districts
                    How We Developed This Program

We engaged a subject matter expert team of top talent ranging from a newly hired DM to
a 12+ year veteran RM.
               How We Defined Our Competencies

The L&D team, along with our Subject Matter Experts, identified and categorized DM
Competencies for training, based on metrics and behaviors that drive business

       Sales
       Collections
       Occupancy
       People
       Expense Control
                  List of Online Courses for District

1. Supervisor and Manager Sexual Harassment
   Awareness (Compliance) – 2.5 hrs.
2. Drug and Alcohol Awareness (Compliance) –
   2.0 hrs.
3. Basic Business Skills to Get You on the Fast
   Track – 2.5 hrs.
4. Interviewing Skills – Behavioral Interviewing –
   2.0 hrs.
5. Business Coaching – 2.5 hrs.
6. Managing Upward Relationships – 3.0 hrs.
7. Competitive Factors in Strategic Marketing –
   2.5 hrs.
8. The Fundamentals of Business Execution –
   2.0 hrs.
                 How We Developed the Program

•   Posed the following questions:
    1. What are the main functions of an Regional
    2. How does a Regional Manager spend their time?
    3. What competencies/skills should a Regional
       Manager have to be successful?
               What are the Main Functions of
               a Regional Manager?

• People Development
• Field Execution
• Financial Business Results
• Operational Efficiency
                 Core Business Fundamentals
                 and Competencies

      PEOPLE                    BUSINESS
    MANAGEMENT                  EXECUTION                     SALES
• Leadership              • Strategic Thinker         • Create Customer
• Effective               • Visionary
  Communicator                                        • Customer Focus
                          • Gather, understand
• Training and Coaching     and translate financial
                            information to
                            business results
• Change Agent / Leader

                          • Analytical and
• Relationship and Team     Financial Acumen
              People Management Coursework

• Managing High Performers – Creating a Retention Strategy
• Managing Managers
• Managing for High Performance
• Managing the Change Process
• Foundations of Leadership
            Business Execution Coursework

• Balanced Scorecard – Corporate Strategy
• Fundamentals of Critical Thinking Within Organizations
• The Culture and foundations of Business Execution
• Thinking Strategically
               Sales Coursework

• Sustaining Competitive Advantage
• Excellence in Service – Creating an Exceptional
  Service Environment
Regional Manager Courses
                Experience with Skillsoft

• Easy to use
• Comprehensive library of Courses
• Solution - Based
                    SkillPort™ Learning Management System
                    Proving Value for Over 2,000 Customers

• A reliable, scalable SaaS LMS that’s capable of delivering learning to
  large, global audiences
    – SaaS approach maximizes flexibility and minimizes burden on internal IT
    – Supports a variety of learning assets: self-study courses, virtual classes,
      books, simulations, videos and mentoring for formal or informal learning
    – Learners can quickly pinpoint relevant content using Search & Learn™ or
      the catalog
    – Localized interfaces
      available in 10
                                                          SkillPort 7.0
    – Native support for offline
      play of courses and results
      synchronization for SkillSoft
    – Add-On Modules
      include ILT and
      Advanced Reporting
SkillPort MyPlan
                    Single Path Learning Program
• Examples of Programs
  with Different                Forced Order   Any Order   Elective

  Completion Types
                                 Course 1      Course 1    Course 1
   – Forced order
   – Any order                   Course 2      Course 4    Course 2
   – Elective
                                 Course 3      Course 5    Course 3

• Forced order                                 Course 3    Course 4
                                 Course 4
   – All previous courses are
     implied pre-reqs            Course 5      Course 2    Course 5

• Any order
   – No pre-reqs, courses
     can be completed in any
• Elective Set
   – Complete set number of
              Multiple Path Learning Program
 “Learning Program within a                     Forced Order

     Learning Program”                                                       Complete all
                                                    Course 1
                                                                           courses in order
• Set different completion                          Course 2
    types for groups of
      Learning Events                           Elective Set

    – Forms learning paths
                                        Any Order               Any Order
             Choose a path and
           complete all courses in       Course A               Course C
                                         Course B               Course D

                                                    Optional Set
                    Optional - complete any
                        Learning Events              Book A

                                                      Job Aid

Technology, tools, and content assets combined to create
customized learning portals for targeted groups of learners.
– Targeted content and Learning
– Featured Topics and links to
  external resources
– Business Impact, Challenge
  Series, Learning Sparks, Practice
  Labs, Projects, and Simulations
– Access to Books24x7, Mentoring
  services and more
– Customize your KnowledgeCenter
  to match your business needs
  using KnowledgeCenter Editor
The Books24x7 On Demand Platform

            An intuitive Web-based interface
               Patented search technologies
               Bookmarks and notes
               Customizable RSS feeds/email alerts
               Personal folders
               Corporate Folders and Corporate Topic
               Trees to connect resources to corporate

            Easy access/implementation options
               Books24x7 On the Go™ mobile access
               Seamless access from a portal or
               learning management system
               Portal integration utilizing Web services

              Blended Solutions

• SkillBlends and BLTs
• Solution Services
                    Comprehensive Services & Options

      SkillSoft                                 SkillSoft
                          Learning              Executes

   Core Services:                            Fee-For-Service:
 Learning Consultants                  Enterprise Program Management
 Application Engineers                    Blended Learning Services
Customer Support Desk                   Shared Services Administration
                                          Product Support Services
                    Learning Consultants
                    Core Service Offerings

•   Program Design
    – Help establish program objectives and implementation strategies aligned with
      organizational business goals
•   Curriculum Design
    – Advise on learning program design and development
•   Technical Planning
    – Coordinate resources for deployment and integration
•   Marketing and Communications
    – Recommend use of Client Community resources
      to reach identified target audiences
•   Administrative Processes
    – Provide access to administrator training to leverage
      robust platform capabilities
•   Reporting
    – Recommend reporting and review plan design to identify trends and track
•   Performance Measurement
    – Facilitate regular Program Reviews of defined business metrics using data analysis
      to measure success
                      Solution Services: Expanded Capabilities

              Strategic                                      Tactical
    Enterprise Program Management                  Shared Services Administration
•    Business Unit Alignment                   •    Standard SkillPort Admin Functions
•    Business Process and Operations           •    Batch File Design and Processing
•    LMS and OLSA Project Management           •    Custom Report Design/Production
•    Marketing and Communications              •    Content Mapping to Competencies
•    Reporting and Trend Analysis              •    Customized Marketing Templates

               Targeted                                     Practical
      Blended Learning Services                      Product Support Services
•     Program Design and Asset Selection   •       Priority Help Desk Support
•     ILT Vendor Management                •       Customized Product Training
•     Logistics/Participant Management     •       Dialogue Design Consulting
•     Communications and Coaching          •       Virtual Classroom Presenter Skills
•     Progress Tracking and Reporting      •       SARM and ILT Configuration/Admin
•     Custom Job Impact Surveys

  A Little Planning

+ The Right Content

+ The Right Delivery Options

= The Perfect Training Solution
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