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									2012 USTA JR. TEAM TENNIS




Dear USTA Jr. Team Tennis Coach:

Welcome to the 2012 USTA Jr. Team Tennis Section Championships. On behalf of USTA New England and the
Tournament Staff, I would like to congratulate you and your team on qualifying for this year’s event. We are glad
you are here! The volunteers and tournament personnel have many years of experience and are here to make sure
that you and your teams have a most enjoyable tournament experience.

You are participating in the largest Jr. Team Tennis Program in the country. USTA Jr. Team Tennis in New
England has seen consistent growth in participation every year since 1997, and 2012 is no exception This year
there is a team fee of $150 to cover the costs for the two-day usage of the courts at Conard High School and Hall
High School, the tournament director, awards, and housekeeping.

Each coach with a team participating in the Section Championships is eligible for a stipend of $200 to be
reimbursed upon conclusion of the event with the appropriate hotel receipts.

USTA New England is pleased to provide a manual for your use. It has been designed to provide you and your
team with information that will help you understand the purpose of the Section Championships. It will also provide
educational material in the areas of Coaching, Player Development, and Sports Science. And of course, it will
provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding this year's Section Championships.

If you have any additional questions concerning the Section Championships please do not hesitate to ask any one of
the volunteers or tournament staff.

Thank you for participating in USTA Jr. Team Tennis and good luck to all!


Deirdre Tindall
Director of Community Tennis
USTA New England

I. Operating Procedures
Goals/General Mission

        In USTA Jr. Team Tennis, the team concept is to emphasize fun, fitness, and friends. The focus in
this kind of play is to exercise and refine the skills that make tennis fun for players of all ages and levels
of competition.

       All participants play on a team, practice with friends, and play matches together. All participants
have the opportunity to advance to a state competition. Winners of State Championships, qualify for the
Sectionals. The first place teams playing in the Intermediate Level (3.0 and below) and Advanced Level
(3.5 and above) in both the 14 & Under and 18 & Under age divisions will qualify for the National
Championships which will be held in Cayce, South Carolina. The 2012 National Championships for the
14 and Under division will take place October 18 - 21, and the 2012 National Championships for the 18
and Under division will take place October 25 –28.

         The Section Championships allow us to introduce young players to competition in such a way that
stress is minimized and that competitive learning opportunities are maximized while emphasizing the fun
aspect of tennis and team spirit. The Section Championships are also designed to: (1) provide a
competitive opportunity for maximizing each child’s physical and emotional development, (2) promote
the spirit of competition and camaraderie in such a way that the self-esteem of each child is enhanced and
strengthened, and (3) provide a national competition climate that focuses more on personal development
and less on competitive outcomes. The goal to be achieved in the sectional competition is to build a strong
foundation for success in later years for both athletic and personal achievement.

II. 2012 Section Championships’ Site and Date

                       14 & Under Divisions - Hall High School
                      18 & Under Divisions - Conard High School
                                   August 15 & 16

III. Format of Play
Team Structure

          We will host a 14 & Under Intermediate, a 14 & Under Advanced, an 18 & Under
           Intermediate, and an 18 & Under Advanced tournament.
          Players must remain age eligible through August 31, 2012 for Championship play.
          A team must consist of a minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls.
          An individual player may play up to two matches in one team match. In that case, the second
           match must be mixed doubles (ex. player can play singles and mixed or doubles and mixed).
          Each State Association may send a team from each of the four levels of play.

Check-in Times and Order of Play

           All divisions will check-in at 8:30 am on both days.
           All divisions will begin match play at 9:00 am on both days.
           The order of play shall be at the discretion of the Tournament Director, but is typically Boys
            and Girls Doubles, Boys and Girls Singles, and then Mixed Doubles.
           Default order of play will be Boys and Girls Singles, Boys and Girls Doubles, and Mixed

Practice Courts
There are public courts that can be used for practice at the following locations:

           Fern Park - 6 courts, 567 Fern Street, West Hartford, CT 06117
           Bulkeley High School - 6 courts, 300 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, CT 06114
           LP Wilson Community Center - 5 courts, 599 Matianuck Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Rain Sites
Format of play may be changed to accommodate time and conditions. We will be using indoor courts at
the following facilities:

           East Hartford Racquet Club - 151 Roberts Street, East Hartford, CT
           Glastonbury Tennis Club - 228 Oak Street, Glastonbury, CT
           Tennis and Fitness Center of Rocky Hill - 1000 Elm Street, Rocky Hill, CT
           Magic Lincer Tennis Academy - 109 Pierson Lane, Windsor, CT 06095
           Simsmore Tennis Club - 530 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT

IV. Divisions and Eligibility

           14 & Under Intermediate
           14 & Under Advanced
           18 & Under Intermediate
           18 & Under Advanced
           Intermediate Level includes NTRP 3.0 level and below players. A 3.0 and below player is
            getting better at moving to the ball and is improving court coverage; can sustain a rally with
            consistency on slow to moderate-placed shots. The player serves with fair consistency with
            few double faults. On ground strokes, the player needs to improve control of height, depth,
            direction and speed control. The player attempts to move opponent from side to side and hit
            the opponent’s weakness.
           Advanced Level includes NTRP 3.5 level and above players. A 3.5 and above player can
            sustain a rally and is beginning to develop directional control and depth of ground strokes. The
            player is starting to recognize opportunities to attack short balls by coming to the net. The
            player is developing more spin and power on the serve and seldom double faults. The player is
            becoming more aggressive and applying basic strategy in singles and using teamwork in
            doubles. Any player with 1,000 or more USTA points at the end of the previous calendar
            year must play at the advanced level.
             If a team is found out of level, they will continue to play. However, the team will not be
              eligible for any awards or medals. If this ineligible team were to win, then the second and third
              place teams will automatically move up to the first and second place slots.

Player/Team Eligibility

             A player is eligible to progress to championship level competition, including National
              Championships, if that player has met the following conditions:
                  1. Played on the same team in at least three team matches during its local USTA Jr. Team
                    Tennis season. Said matches may not come from a one day event at the local level.
                  2. Has the results of said three matches recorded in TennisLink Team Tennis. Only one
                    match result may be the product of a defaulted or forfeited match by the opposing team
                    to count towards advancing for all players involved. A retired match shall count toward
                    advancing for all players.
                  3. Participated on a team that is from an age validated program as indicated in TennisLink.
             A nationally ranked player is eligible to play but must participate on an Advanced Level team.
             Each team is required to use the NTRP rating system prior to their local league season to
              determine placement of teams in their proper divisions for Championship Play.
             Section Staff must either disqualify or reposition any team(s) not in the proper division
              before the or during Section Championship.

IV. Rules, Regulations and Scoring
Rules & Regulations

       Each team MUST have an adult team coach/captain. The team coach must have an approved
          background check completed through USTA New England on the TC Logiq website.
       USTA rules and regulations will be enforced during play.
       All match line-ups must be submitted to the other coaches by the coach/captain at least 15
      minutes prior to the start of the match. Penalties will be enforce at the tournament director’s
      discretion (i.e. every individual match will start 1 game down for every 5 minutes the line-up is
       Coaches/captains must report scores to the Tournament Desk.


              If a player on a qualifying team advancing to a championship competition is, for whatever
               reason, unable to participate, a substitute player may be added to the qualifying team's roster
               from the same local league in order to meet the minimum team size requirement.
              In no event can more than two substitutes, one boy and one girl, be added to a team's roster
               for competition.
              Any substitutions must be approved prior to the championship in which the substitution is
              No substitutions may be made in an individual match after the lineup has been presented,
               except for injury to, or illness of, a player prior to the start of such match. If the substitution
               is made during the warm-up, the substitute player is entitled to a five minute warm-up.
              If the qualifying team cannot field the minimum number of qualifying players, a team
               selected by the Section may advance for further competition.
              Substitution players are only allowed for those teams who originally had at least the team
               minimum of three girls and three boys who are eligible to advance.
              Eligibility of substitute players for a team advancing from one level of championship to
               another may be impacted by the return of the original player. The team coach/manager must
               decide which player will participate since a team roster cannot be increased for subsequent

Important Contacts

              Director of Community Tennis: Deirdre Tindall, 860-428-0759
              Tournament Director at Hall High School (14's): Paul Coorssen, 203-747-4164
              Site Leader at Hall High School (14's): Meg Angeletti, 203-605-9035
              Tournament Director at Conard High School (18's): Ettore Rossetti, 203-919-2215
              Site Leader at Conard High School (18's): Eric Driscoll, 207-232-6925

Grievance Committee

             We have an on-call Grievance Committee who will be available during the tournament to
              handle any issues that arise with the rules.
             The committee members are:
              Mike Kolendo, m_kolendo@charter.net
              Dave Colby, dcolby@manchesterathleticclub.com
              Matt Fraenza, mfraenza@newhavenopen.com


       A match will consist of two out of three four-game sets, with no-ad scoring.
       12-Point Tie-Break - The 12-point Tie-Break will be played when the score reaches 3-all in a
         set (i.e., each player or team has won three games).
       A 10-point Match Tie-Break will be played in lieu of 3rd set (first to 10 with a margin of 2)
       The Tie-Break will be recorded as a game won.
       The final match score will be determined by total games won.
       The team match winner will be determined by totaling all games won by a team and compared
         to their opponents’ total games won.
       A round-robin format shall be used.
       The winner of each division will be determined by total games won.
       In the event that the teams are tied, a tie-break will be determined as follows:
                      (1) If two teams are tied, head-to-head results.
                      (2) If teams are still tied, the team coach will designate a girl and a boy to play
                          mixed doubles match tiebreak for the match
                      (3) If three or more teams are tied: the least number of sets lost, then the least
                          number of games lost, then, finally, a spin of the racquet.
       In the event that a player or doubles team withdraws prior to a scheduled match, their
         opponent(s) shall win by forfeit.
       All scoring formats are determined to by USTA Section Office and may be altered at the
        tournament director’s discretion depending on facility size, championship play duration and
        weather conditions. Please refer to the 2012 USTA Jr. Team Tennis Regulations.

Reporting Line-ups

         Each team and coach/captain must check in at the site tournament desk at least 30 minutes
          prior to your starting match time.
         All match line-ups must be submitted to the other coaches by the coach/captain at least 15
          minutes prior to the start of the match. Penalties will be enforce at the tournament director’s
          discretion (i.e. every individual match will start 1 game down for every 5 minutes the line-up
          is late).
         All captain/coaches must make sure that their players are present and ready to play before the
          line-up is turned in to the tournament desk.
         Each coach/captain must return the signed scorecards and balls to the tournament desk at the
          completion of the team match.
         Please Note: If any captain/coach makes an illegal substitution or plays a player not on
          the original submitted roster, the entire team is subject to default and may not be
          permitted to participate in the future.

Points for Junior Rankings

         Points will be awarded for match wins at the 2012 JTT Sectionals.
         At the advanced level, 100 points will be awarded for each win.
         At the intermediate level, 40 points will be awarded for each win.

VI. Meetings and Awards
Team Captains/Coaches Meeting

      A MANDATORY team captain/coaches meeting will be held prior to your team's first match with
      the Tournament Director and USTA New England staff.

Player Party

      Again this year, we will be having a free player party for all players and coaches on Wednesday,
      August 15th. The party will be at the Eisenhower Pool from 5:30-7:30 pm so plan to come to
      the party right after your matches. There will be swimming, food, Henna tattoo artists, and
      racquet stenciling for everyone! Make sure to bring a bathing suit, towel, and your racquet for the
      stenciling. One coach or parent chaperone MUST attend with each team for the duration of
      the party. Other parents and siblings will not be allowed to participate in the player party since
      the players will take over the entire facility. The park is 5 minute walk from Hall High School and
      a 15 minute drive from Conard High School. The address is:

               Eisenhower Park
               13 Sheep Hill Drive
               West Hartford, CT 06117

USTA New England Sportsmanship Award

       USTA New England Sportsmanship Award will be given to one boy and one girl in each division.
       The coaches will nominate a player using the following criteria:

            Player should exhibit sportsman-like conduct on and off the court to teammates, opponents,
             coaches, referees and tournament staff.
            Player should be supportive of their doubles partners and teammates.
            Player should work hard throughout each match – whether winning or losing; should never
             give up.

Awards/Closing Ceremonies

       Awards will be given to those teams that finish first and second in the 14 & Under Intermediate,
       14 & Under Advanced, 18 & Under Intermediate and 18 & Under Advanced Divisions.

       Boy’s and Girl’s Sportsmanship Awards will be presented in each age division following the team

VII. Coaches Information

Coaching is allowed from outside the fenced area, but only during the 90-second odd-game changeover.
However, coaching is not permitted when a player or players change ends during a tiebreak. Only the
designated coach/captain will be permitted to coach during the coaching period. Teams with more than
one coach/captain must designate a “Head Coach/Captain” to last throughout the duration of the match.
The coach/captains may report infractions to the tournament grievance committee who shall then take
prompt and appropriate action. The designated coach/captain cannot be a player in that team match.

       A.     Coaching Philosophy

       1.     To introduce young players to national competition in such a way that gives them
              opportunities to deal with competitive stress and competitive learning in a healthy way are
       2.     To guide each player through the best possible competitive opportunity for enhancing
              physical and emotional development.
       3.     To emphasize performance goals and to build a strong foundation for success in later
                      a. Emphasize fun.
                      b. Emphasize that this time is the beginning of their careers.
                      c. Don’t over emphasize winning all matches.
                      d. Be creative with a player who loses all matches.
       4.     To promote the spirit of competition in such a way that self-esteem of each child is
       5.     To solicit player feedback before offering coaching suggestions. To require player
              participation in match analysis.

       6.      To direct coaching suggestions to the individual’s performance rather than accentuating
               the opponent’s weakness.

       B.      Role of the Coach

       1.      Be a positive, supportive role model for players, parents and other coaches.
       2.      Coach each child on an equitable basis.
       3.      Lead team practices, warm-up and stretching.
       4.      Submit line-ups to other coaches 30 minutes prior to scheduled match time.
       5.      Participate in the coaches’ meeting.
       6.      Maintain confidentiality on all discussions at the coaches meeting.
       7.      Support all final decisions by the group.

       C.      Mechanics of Coaching

       1.      Coaching may take place on the 90-second changeover.
       2.      Coaching will take place at the fence. Coaches will not be allowed on court.
       3.      Coaching should be brief, positive and directed to the individual's performance.
       4.      Coaches should ask players for feedback before offering suggestions.
       5.      Coaches must make every effort to circulate to all their team members’ matches on an
               equal basis.
       6.      Create Line-ups.
       7.      Hand in completed and legible score cards.
       8.      One coach/captain per team match.
       9.      Note: Overall team performance – win or lose – is not an indication or reflection of the
               coach’s success. The coach’s priority is development and quality of instruction, not to be
               measured by winning or losing a match.

Safety Tips

           Emphasize Slow; smooth movement and coordination deep breathing. Inhale deeply, and then
            exhale as you stretch to a point just short of pain. (Stretch to the painful position, then ease
            back slightly.) Hold this position for 10 seconds as you breathe normally. Next, exhale as you
            slowly stretch further. Again, stop just short of pain. Hold this stretch for 10 to 20 seconds.
            Repeat 3 times. Focus on staying relaxed.
           Feel No Pain. If it hurts or if you feel a burning sensation, you are stretching too far.
           Know Your Limits. Stretch to your own limits, not to someone else’s or to some preset
            maximum stretch.
           Avoid Bouncing Or Jerking Movements.
           Stretch Daily for Best Results.

Safety Precautions For Playing In Warm Weather

        Participants may be playing matches in conditions they are not used to. The temperature and the
humidity can get quite high. The following is a list of precautions that should be taken to ensure all
participants have an enjoyable experience.

       Players may lose fluid from their body through perspiration. Along with water players also lose
sodium, potassium and other electrolytes. It is very necessary to replenish your body with BOTH water
and these electrolytes.

       1.     All athletes should drink water before, during and after events. If you wait until you are
              thirsty to drink, you have waited too long.
       2.     Drink two to three cups of fluid PRIOR to play. Drinking up to 20 ounces of water or
              sport drink (electrolyte replacement) 30 minutes before a match can help in avoiding heat
       3.     Bring a thermos of water with you on the court and drink frequently (i.e. at every
              changeover), at least one cup every 15 minutes.
       4.     After your match, drink large quantities of fluids. It could be water, Gatorade, lemonade,
              or iced tea with lemon. If you prefer, dilute any of these to your own taste. Water by itself
              may not replace the necessary electrolytes. Fresh fruits and fruit juices are an excellent
              source of electrolytes, with bananas and melons a particularly good source of potassium.
              Electrolyte replacement is easily achieved by a normal diet.
       5.     A hat and/or bandanna around the neck will help reduce dehydration. Wearing white really
              can help in hot weather. Use sunscreen!
       6.     Remember that players are allowed 30 seconds between points and 90 seconds at the


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