KENT SCHOOL DISTRICT - ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
                                    2012-2013 VOLUNTEER COACHING APPLICATION FORM

                         Sport                                                                        School
Persons desiring to participate as a volunteer coach must complete this form for each sport for which they wish to volunteer. The form
must be completed whether or not the person is a current Kent School District employee. All information on this application form
must be fully completed or processing will be rejected.

                                                          PERSONAL INFORMATION
Name:                                                              Home Ph: _____________________ Work Ph: ___________________
Address:                                                                              City:                        Zip: ______________

E-mail address:    ______________________________________________                     Cell Ph: ___________________________________

Indicate total years of participation in this sport:
Indicate years of participation in this sport during:
         High School:                                       College:                               Other:
List years coaching experience in this sport:
         Number of Years                               Level (Jr. High/Sr. High/College)                        Location/Employer

                                      MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR VOLUNTEER COACHES
Persons applying for volunteer coaching positions must meet district requirements including a valid background check. Current district
employees have received prior clearance. If the applicant is not a current district employee, a background check is required. This
requirement extends to those in student teaching positions. Please refer to the specific procedures listed on the back of this application.

Please check appropriate category:
        Current employee in Kent School District.                               *Kent School District parent or community member
        Current student teacher in Kent School District.                        I am over the age of 19.
        *Current student teacher in                          School District.
*Each person in this category must complete a disclosure form and be processed for fingerprinting.

                                                 RECOMMENDATION FOR APPROVAL
                                                (To be completed by building administration)
The person listed above meets the requirements for volunteer coaching. If the person is not a current certificated or substitute
employee of the Kent School District, the following items must be on file at this building:

           Disclosure Form                                     Fingerprint Card
           Valid First Aid Card Must Be Attached * Indicate Expiration Date
        * Volunteer Coaches are not allowed to coach until a valid FA/CPR card is on file.

There is a definite need for an assistant in this sport and I verify this person is appropriately qualified.

              HEAD COACH’S SIGNATURE                                            BUILDING CHAIRPERSON’S SIGNATURE
                                    KENT SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                     VOLUNTEER COACH
                             DISCLOSURE/FINGERPRINT PROCEDURES

The following procedures must be followed for volunteer coaching positions:

        1.   The applicant must complete all volunteer application information on the reverse side of this

        2.   If the applicant is a current certificated or classified employee or substitute in the Kent School
             District, s/he has already been fingerprinted and the following disclosure form and fingerprinting
             process is not required.

        3.   The building athletic chairperson will instruct all other applicants to go to Human Resources in
             the Kent School District Administration Building to complete the following:

             A. Kent School District Disclosure Form for Prospective Volunteers
                Each applicant is required to complete this form certifying that they have not been convicted
                of any major felonies. It should be noted that a “yes” answer to any of the three questions
                does not automatically bar an applicant from coaching in the Kent School District. Any “yes”
                answer, however, must be reviewed by the legal department before coaching duties may
                begin. Once cleared by the legal department, the building chairperson will be notified.

             Returning coaches must complete a new disclosure form each year.

             B. Fingerprinting Process
                Human Resources will roll fingerprints and send them to the building athletic chairperson
                who, in turn, will forward the fingerprint card to the Washington State Patrol in Olympia for
                processing. Since the processing of volunteer fingerprint cards can take several weeks to
                complete, Human Resources will run a WATCH (Washington Access To Criminal History)
                report. This is a quick check of Washington State Patrol records to ensure there are no
                felonies present. Hiring is contingent upon the receipt of a clear WATCH report or clearance
                by the legal department for any findings. Each applicant is entitled to a copy of this report.

        4.   Completed and approved disclosure forms, fingerprint records, WATCH report, and certification
             of status records are to be kept on file at the building level.

        5.   The building administrator verifies and signs the Recommendation and Approval section of the
             Volunteer Application Form confirming that the applicant has met all requirements for volunteer
             coaching in the Kent School District.

        6.   The Volunteer Application Form is submitted to the district athletic director for final approval.

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