NOMS PBR Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust EOI
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                                     Expression of Interest
  The Supply of: Services under the Payment by Results Mini Competition for
                Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust

                         Deadline for receipt of the completed questionnaire is:
                                 12.00pm on Friday 10 August 2012

Organisation name:
Main Contact Name/Title:
Registered company name:
Registered company address
including postcode:
Contact Telephone no./mobile:
Contact Email Address:
Registered company/charity
Company type (i.e. Private
Limited co./Public Ltd co. /Public
Sector/Charity/sole trader etc.)
Size of organisation e.g. Multi
& No. of employees

Whilst the TUPE obligation for the provisions of services under the Prison Competition is unknown at this
stage, it is important that all partners agree in principle to adhere to TUPE legislation. Completion and
submission of this document, assumes partners agree and understand their obligation under TUPE

If you have completed a Working Links EOI within the last six months please leave sections 1, 2 and
5 blank but complete all other sections considering the bid specifications in this process.
NOMS PBR Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust EOI
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   1. Delivery experience
Please highlight the community services that your organisation delivers and the offender groups that you
have experience of working with. Please detail your most recent experience of delivering these services.

Probation Services                            Name of service programme and delivery dates
Education, training, and employment


Finance, debt, and benefit

Children and families

Mental and physical health

Drug and alcohol

Substance Misuse

Attitude, thinking, and behaviour

Peer mentoring solutions

Restorative Justice solutions


Offender groups                               Name of service programme and delivery dates
Adult offenders

Offenders with mental health conditions

Offenders with physical health
Offenders with learning difficulties

Young offenders (up to 21 years old)

Older offenders (aged 50+)

Offenders from black and minority
ethnic groups (BAME)
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
offenders (LGBT)
Foreign nationals

NOMS PBR Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust EOI
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Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Groups

NOMS PBR Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust EOI
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   2. Success Rates

Please detail your competencies in delivering contracted services based on past or current performance in the table below (no longer than 12 months prior).
Please provide evidence to support this. You should include details of a maximum of three services

                                                                             Starts (number of
Contract name (include   Client Group / Eligibility    Contract start date                           Please list targeted outcomes for each contract and the
                                                                             service users/year or
funding organisation)    Criteria                      and end date                                  achievement against those targets
                                                                             over the contract)
NOMS PBR Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust EOI
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    3. Delivery areas
The pilot focuses on North Staffordshire. This includes the area covered by Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Newcastle-
under-Lyme Borough Council and Staffordshire Moorlands Borough Council. The pilot area represents approximately
10% of SWM’s business by caseload. A map showing the boundary of the pilot area is attached at Annex A.

70% of cases relate to offenders in Stoke-on-Trent, 20% to Newcastle-under-Lyme and 10% to Staffordshire

Please identify:
Column A: If you would like to deliver services in this region

                                        Please specify the main area of service delivery where your
Region                             A
                                        organisation could add most value

Stoke on Trent
Newcastle under Lyme
Staffordshire Moorlands

    4. Delivery proposal
Please detail your proposed delivery method to support the PBR Mini Competition for the Staffordshire and
West Midlands Probation Trust. Reference your experience of working with offenders in a custodial setting
and in the community. Specify how your proposed method will reduce re-offending. The pilot aims to drive
innovation in how we work with offenders to reduce reoffending. It is for bidders to propose that innovation.

Please include details of the proposed unit price per participant or group within your proposal.

Delivery Proposal
NOMS PBR Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust EOI
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   5. Quality
Please indicate which of the following policies your organisation has. Copies do not need to be included
at this stage.
                                                                         Date last updated
Business code of ethics             Yes             No
Fraud prevention                    Yes             No
Whistle blowing                     Yes             No
Equality and diversity              Yes             No
Health and safety                   Yes             No
Safety of work placements           Yes             No
Safeguarding                        Yes             No
Vulnerable adults and children      Yes             No
Environmental and
                                    Yes             No
Data protection and storage         Yes             No
Business continuity                 Yes             No
Quality assurance / continuous
                                    Yes             No
Complaints                          Yes             No
Information security                Yes             No
Disciplinary and grievance          Yes             No
Recruitment and personnel           Yes             No

Please indicate which of the following quality standards your organisation currently holds.

     Quality Standard              Yes             No                                 Expiry Date
Investors in People
Positive About Disability
Momenta Accredited
Customer First
Training Quality Standard
EQFM Excellence
NOMS PBR Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust EOI
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Other (Please Specify)

     6. Declaration
I declare that to the best of my knowledge the answers submitted in this Expression of Interest are correct. I
understand that the information will be used in the evaluation process to assess my organisation’s
suitability as a partner.

Form completed by:-
Job Title
Telephone Number

For the purposes of this electronically transmitted EoI document it is sufficient that typed names are
permitted rather than signatures. A typed name will be deemed to have been signed by the person stated
with the necessary responsibility required within the organisation.

Would you consider entering into an exclusive agreement with Working Links?

         Confirmation of agreement to be named within The NOMS Business
                Development Unit PBR Mini Competition Proposals
As the timescales for this competition are tight we would like to keep the process as simple as possible.
Please indicate below that by submitting this Invitation to Tender you agree to Working Links naming your
organisation within our proposals as a potential delivery partner. We will not name any organisation without
discussing how we propose to work with them first.

Yes, I agree to Working Links naming my organisation as a potential delivery partner for the purposes of
the NOMS PBR Mini Competition. I accept that we will discuss terms and conditions during the course of
the second stage of the competition and will confirm partnership arrangements formally prior to final bid

 Name:                                      Signature:                               Date:

                              Thank you for completing this form
                Please return it along with a signed non-disclosure agreement to:
     by 12pm on Friday 10th August 2012.
  If you have any queries please contact us via above email address or call Helen Pendleton on

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