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									                Hubbard County
                301 Court Avenue                                                Job Description Summary
                Park Rapids, MN 56470

         Job Title:                                  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technician
         Department:                                 Land Records
         Date of Description                         July 10, 2012

Job Purpose          In one sentence, describe the purpose of this job (why does it exist and what does it accomplish; e.g. provide clerical
                     support for X Department, maintain accounting records for..., etc.)

     Under general direction of the Land Records Managers, this position is responsible for the planning, design,
      implementation, and technical support of the County Geographic Information System (GIS) and administration of
      the County E911 addressing program.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities                     Starting with the most important, list and clearly describe all relevant duties which
                                                    comprise this position. Use specific verbs of action (Examples: Provides, Assists,
that Encompass the Essential                        Responds, Types, Composes, Maintains, Sorts, Enters etc.)
Job Functions
Knowledge of:
     Geography, map projections, and coordinate systems.
     GIS principles, theories, methods, technology, and software.
     Public Land Survey system: principles, fundamentals, trends, techniques, and structure including legal description
     Applicable statutes, rules, ordinances, and/or regulations.
Skilled in:
     Use and application of GIS software and computer systems.
     Computer hardware/software operation in a Microsoft environment.
     Prioritizing and carrying out project objectives and activities under limited direction and supervision.
     Problem-solving to address and utilize complex spatially based data systems.
     Organization, execution, coordination, and documentation of projects/activities with attention to accuracy/detail.
     Aerial photo interpretation.
     Effective and efficient communication, both oral and written.
Ability to:
     Read and interpret complex legal descriptions and determine intent of legal documents.
     Undertake long, complex transactions and maintain documentation.
     Keep records of all property divisions, new plats, and parcel map edits.
     Apply current spatial analysis concepts/techniques to cost-effectively develop/use GIS technology within the
     Provide technical database and operational support for GIS and related software.
     Comprehend complex issues and express ideas clearly and concisely.
     Research and report on trends/future needs in the area of GIS. Evaluate/assess the need for system enhancements.
     Establish/maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, the public, and other agencies.
     Accept, understand, and effectively follow and implement supervisory direction, orders, and assignments.
     Work in a fast-paced environment with frequent interruptions, disgruntled citizens, and multiple deadlines.

Minimum Qualifications of                           What is the minimum level of formal education and/or related work experience required
                                                    to perform the essential job functions of this position? What special courses are needed,
Education and Experience                            if any?

     Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Civil Engineering, or related field with an emphasis in GIS plus two years of
      related experience OR an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform
      the essential duties of the job such as those listed in this position description.
     Valid Minnesota driver’s license.
Examples of Work                              These are illustrative and/or examples only, a position may not include all the work
                                              examples given, nor does the list include all that may be assigned. (Highlight
                                              Essential Job Duties)

   Assess the County’s GIS needs/priorities and develop recommendations on County long-range GIS goals.
   Develop/coordinate the County GIS program work plan through consultation with the Land Records Managers.
   Develop, implement, and maintain GIS system data including County tax parcel map.
   Provide GIS services, assistance and information to county personnel and the public.
   Design, analyze, and interpret geographic information for all aspects of geo-spatial data.
   Research property legal descriptions (deeds).
   Train and assist employees, GIS subscribers, and the public to aid in effective use of GIS software and data.
   Direct the administration of the E911 system per the ordinance including public address application, permitting,
    installation of signage, and address notification.
   Monitor and maintain all GIS/E911 records to assure proper documentation, licenses, manuals, etc. relative to GIS
    and E911 operations and systems.

Minimum Expectations for                      Clearly and concisely specify what the employee responsible for this position must be
                                              able to perform in order to satisfactorily complete the job duties.
Completion of Job Duties
     Maintain accuracy and integrity of GIS and E911 data and systems.
     Courteous, professional, efficient, and timely delivery of the highest-level quality GIS/E911 services.
     Accomplish assigned duties/tasks with minimal supervision and a high degree of personal initiative.
     Grow the position to effectively anticipate and meet current and future County GIS service needs.
     Keep County at forefront of GIS and E911applications, services, trends, and technology.
     Other duties as assigned.

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