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									Joleen James
St. Jude Medical
253 Industrial Blvd.
Liberty, SC 29777
December 21, 2008

Dear Consumer:

It has come to my attention that you are interested in purchasing a new MP3 player. Attached
you will find a report that compares the Dell DJ, Philips GoGear, and SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3
players. I have outlined the comparison as follows:

      Introduction

      Memory and performance

      Package contents

      Style and features

      Cost

Also included in the report is an easy-to-read chart that compares the merits listed above. A
recommendation is given at the end of the report.

The report is designed to provide information about three different products in order to help you
make a decision about which product to purchase.

If you have any remaining questions at the end of the report, or if you would like any additional
information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Eileen Jones

           Recommendation Report on the Purchase of an MP3 Player

With so many portable audio devices on the market today, there are a lot of things to consider
before purchasing a device such as memory, performance, style, features, and cost.
The versatility of the MP3 player has made it the most sought after portable device on the market
today. This recommendation report is for anyone who is looking to purchase an MP3 player,
whether the individual be a pre-teen who likes all the latest technologies, a fitness person looking
for encouragement while working out, or perhaps an office worker wanting entertainment
without disturbing his/her co-workers. Some of the things to consider before making this
purchase are:

      Memory and performance
      Package contents
      Style and features
      Cost

For those who are not totally familiar with all the technical jargon associated with most audio
devices available today, here are some of the most commonly used terms, abbreviations, and
their meanings:

   o Gigabyte (GB) – The measure of how much data a storage device can hold. One
     gigabyte of memory is equivalent to approximately 250 songs.
   o Song – A musical composition.
   o CD-ROM – Compact disk formatted for computers.
   o USB Cable – Universal Serial Bus cable. An input/output cable used to connect the
     device to the computer for hi-speed data transfer and battery charging.
   o MP3 – A compressed digital-audio format used to transform digital-audio files from the
     computer into a smaller file size for the audio device.


The three MP3 players used as a comparison for this report were the Dell DJ, Philips GoGear,
and the SanDisk Sansa Fuze. The models were in the $100 to $160 price range.

Memory and performance. There are two essential components to consider when purchasing a
MP3 player:

     Memory: The Dell DJ has 5 gigabytes of memory with a capacity to hold up to 1250
      songs [1.47]. Both the Philips GoGear and the SanDisk Sansa Fuze have 4 gigabytes of
      memory and will hold up to 1000 songs.

     Performance: Performance varies widely between the three devices from 10 to 30 hours.
      The GoGear has the best performance time of 30 hours of continuous play time [3.37].
        Play time for the SanDisk Sansa Fuze is 24 hours [5.1], and only 10 hours for the Dell
        DJ [1.47].

Both the GoGear and the Sansa Fuze have the extra features of video, pictures and audio, while
the DJ has more stored memory capacity and the additional option of AC charging. Being equal
to the Sansa Fuze in memory and performance and being lesser to the DJ in memory, the GoGear
is still the best performing MP3 player because of its duration of play time.

Package contents. The package contents of all three devices include a CD-ROM, headphones, a
protective case, and a USB cable. The differences in these contents are discussed below:

      CD-ROM: All three of the CD-ROMs include setup instructions and user manuals.

      Headphones: The headphones that come with all three packages become uncomfortable
       after wearing them for a short duration.

      Protective case: All three devices come with protective cases; however, only the Dell
       DJ’s protective case has the added feature of a belt clip.

      USB cable: All three devices use the USB cable to charge the devices, but the Dell DJ is
       the only device that includes a docking station, which can also be used to recharge the
       device via an AC outlet [1:46].

Based on the package contents, the Dell DJ is the most versatile MP3 player because of the ease
of battery charging via the USB cable or the docking station, as well as the ability to wear the
device easily with a belt clip.

Style and features. Each MP3 player has a unique style and features. The weights, device
shapes, screen styles, colors, and buttons of the three devices vary:

      Weight: The Dell DJ is the heaviest of the three MP3 players, while the SanDisk Sansa
       Fuze is the lightest.

      Shape and size: While all of the players are rectangular, the GoGear is the only horizontal
       design. The Sansa Fuze is the smallest of the three players, and the DJ is the largest.

      Screen style: The GoGear has the largest screen, and the Sansa Fuze has the smallest.

      Colors: The Sansa Fuze is the only device that comes with the color options of: silver,
       black, red, green, and blue.

      Buttons: The Dell DJ has a scroll bar [1:8], while the GoGear has arrow keys [3:13], and
       the Sansa Fuze has a thumbwheel [5:10].

The Philips GoGear is sleek, compact, lightweight, and very stylish by design, making it the best
choice based on style and features.
Cost. The Dell DJ is the most expensive MP3 player, costing $160 [2:1]. The Philips GoGear is
the second most expensive, costing $130 [4:1]. The SanDisk Sansa Fuze is the least expensive,
costing $110 [2:1].


The following summarizes the comparisons between the Dell DJ, the Philips GoGear, and the
SanDisk Sansa Fuze:

1. All three devices are categorized as MP3 players and fit into the $100 to $300 price range.
2. The Dell DJ can only be used for storing and playing music. Both the Philips GoGear and the
    SanDisk Sansa Fuze have the additional features of audio, video, and picture storage.
3. The Dell DJ holds the most music.
4. The Dell DJ has the shortest play time.
5. The Philips GoGear and the SanDisk Sansa Fuze both hold 1000 songs.
6. All three devices come with headphones, protective cases, CD-ROMs, and USB cables, and
    charge within 2.5 hours.
7. The Dell DJ has an additional docking station for charging via an AC outlet.
8. The Dell DJ is the only device whose protective case includes a belt clip.
9. The Dell DJ is the heaviest device, and the SanDisk Sansa Fuze is the lightest.
10. The Philips GoGear has the largest screen.
11. The SanDisk Sansa Fuze it the only device with color choices.


Although the Dell DJ has more memory and comes with the additional docking station and
battery charging abilities, it has the shortest play time. While the SanDisk Sansa Fuze is the least
expensive player, its features are too compact. The small screen and device size limit its usability
among different age groups, particularly older generations. The Philips GoGear, being
moderately priced, has exceptional style, screen size, and the longest play time. The factors
combined with the GoGear’s ease of use make the player the best overall choice.

  Table 1. Comparative Ratings of the Dell DJ, Philips GoGear, and SanDisk Sansa Fuze
                                      MP3 players
Category                    Dell DJ             Philips GoGear      SanDisk Sansa Fuze
Performance                     2                        4                    3
Memory                          4                        3                    3
Package Contents                4                        3                    3
Style                           1                        4                    3
Features                        1                        4                    3
Cost                            1                        3                    4
TOTAL                          13                       21                   19
NOTE: 1-Bad, 2-Good, 3-Very Good, 4-Excellent

After comparing the three devices in both the report and the chart, I recommend the following:

    The purchase of a Philips GoGear MP3 player, which has excellent memory capacity and
     performance. The additional features of video, audio, and pictures as well as the overall
     style make the GoGear an excellent purchase.

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