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									Testimonial : Research Interviewer for
Tourism British Columbia
As a student of the Social Sciences, I often hear professors lecture class on the importance of
research. We are made to believe that the foundation of what we know, and believe within the
academic community is taken entirely from research, but do we as students entirely understand
where this knowledge comes from? Having spent the entire summer working as a Research
Interviewer for Tourism British Columbia conducting a research study in the field, I can say with
one hundred percent certainty that I do. My job was simple. Along with my colleague Amanda,
we worked at the British Columbia Visitors Center at Golden and were charged with the task of
taking a random sample of visitors and asking them a series of questions. Responses were
recorded on a palm pilot and uploaded to a central database which will contain more than 1100
records by the end of the summer. Tourism British Columbia will utilize this research data to
prepare a publication for release early next year summarizing the key findings of the study. This
experience has awarded me a much greater understanding of how research is conducted, and
more importantly a great deal of respect for those individuals who make research and
development their livelihood. I have learned a great deal about research design, research ethics,
and compiling a research report based on primary research data, something I would never get the
chance to do in a classroom setting. I would suggest this job to any co-op student looking for
their first work-term not only for the research experience, but also for the opportunity to collect
and work first hand with primary research data. While the job has not affected my career goals,
nor my academic goals, I found that I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom in a
work environment. I have also gained valuable communication skills, networking opportunities
and most importantly new friends.

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