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                                                                                   Medical Bulletin
                                                                                            Wed 15th August

  News Headlines

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  TPP drums out jobs on TomTom
  TPP has announced an integration with TomTom Webfleet to
  allow SystmOne out-of-hours services to manage vehicles for
  home visits.                                                       Practice Manager Vacancies
  Commissioners urged to demand A&E data                             If you are about to advertise a position, have you
  The College of Emergency Medicine wants clinical
  commissioners to use their buying power to improve the
                                                                     considered placing it on the Practice Manager J0bs
  quality of discharge summaries produced by emergency               Page on our website. The vacancies page gets over
  departments.                                                       120k hits a year. Your advert will also appear here
                                                                     in our bulletin until the closing date, and will be
  Nicholson to end NHS black listing of drugs                        "tweeted" to our followers. You should also consider
  In a letter to NHS managers, Sir David Nicholson said that he
  would be changing NHS contracts to ensure that all NHS
                                                                     our on-site recruitment services.
  bodies who use formularies will not be able to block new
  medicines approved by NICE.                                        For information about placing an advert and help
                                                                     with writing your advert.
  Patient organisations call on UK Government to give
  revalidation the go ahead
  Nine patient organisations have called on the UK Government
                                                                     Follow this page on Twitter. All new adverts are
  to give the go ahead for a new system of regular checks for        tweeted as soon as they arrive. Our Twitter name is
  doctors in the UK, arguing that patients need to                   "firstpractice" to register go to
  know that the person treating them is competent
  and safe to practise.

  CQC and CRB checks for the registration of GP                      We are Currently advertising vacancies in:
  A number of organisations are contacting GP
  practices offering CRB checks for practice staff.                  Bournemouth, Dorset - Closing Date 17th August
  Currently only eCRB checks countersigned by CQC
  will be acceptable.                                                *NEW* Bradford & Keighley - Closing Date 24th
  GPs insist community resources are key to
  cutting beds                                                       Chelmsford, Essex - Closing Date 17th August
  Doctors leaders have said community services for
  older people must be improved to reduce the rate of                *NEW* Colchester- Closing Date 5th September
  hospital admissions. A report published today
  shows a fourfold variation in the use of emergency
hospital beds by patients older than 65.                               Dunstable, Beds - Closing Date 17th August

LAXA PPP launches telephone support service                      Herne Hill, London - Closing Date 17th August
for new parents
AXA PPP healthcare has introduced a telephone call back
service to provide new parents with information and support      Holbeach, Lincs - Closing Date 21st August
from a nurse or midwife.

GPs set out their stall to be deputy BMA chair
                                                                 *NEW* Leeds - Closing Date 24th August
GPs Dr Fay Wilson and Dr Kailash Chand have both
confirmed their candidacy for the next deputy chair of the BMA   Leicester - Closing Date 21st September
and will face junior doctor Dr Tom Dolphin in the ballot.

Statins raise diabetes risk by 30%                               Liphook, Hants - Closing Date 8th September
Statin treatment does raise the likelihood that
patients with risk factors will develop diabetes, but            Northampton - Closing Date 31st August
this is more than outweighed by the cardiovascular
benefits of treatment.                                           Norwich- Closing Date 21st August
Concern as number of vitamin D prescriptions
soar                                                             Oakham, Rutland - Closing Date 17th August
GP commissioners have raised concern over the
cost implications of vitamin D prescribing, after the            Plumstead SE18 - Closing Date 7th September
number of scripts given to patients rose 16% year-
on-year since January.
                                                                 Rochester, Kent - Closing Date 28th August

Private company offering free services sparks
                                                                 *NEW* South London - Closing Date 3rd
privatisation fears
A private company offering patients midwifery services free of
charge and without an NHS contract has sparked fears among
GPs of fragmented care and increased NHS privatisation.          Welling, Kent - Closing Date 31st August
Consultation opens on medical sharps regulation
New regulations protecting healthcare workers from injuries      Weobley, Herts - Closing Date 24th August
caused by sharp medical instruments have been proposed.

NHS CB 'at pains' to point out its supportive role
The NHS CB has reportedly been "at pains" to point out its
authorisation process is "supportive" to CCGs as they prepare            indicates a First Practice Management
for their crucial site visits, which will begin next month.      Recruitment Project
Practices call for increase in extended hours payments
The Department of Health is remaining tight lipped over          To view the latest listings and adverts...
whether it plans to raise extended hours funds back up to
2010 levels after it was found hundreds of practices have
dropped out of the scheme in the last year.

Help for commissioners
The NHS Confederation has released two new documents:
‘Top tips for GP commissioners’ and ‘Top tips for councillors
and officers'.

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