senses by lanyuehua


									See     be apprised of, beam, behold, catch a glimpse of, catch sight of, clock, contemplate,
        descry, detect, discern, distinguish, espy, examine, eye, flash, gape, gawk, gaze, get a
        load of, glare, glimpse, heed, identify, inspect, lay eyes on, look, look at, make out,
        mark, mind, note, notice, observe, pay attention to, peek, peep, peer, peg, penetrate,
        pierce, recognize, regard, remark, scan, scope, scrutinize, sight, spot, spy, stare, survey,
        take notice, view, watch, witness
        behold, catch, descry, discern, distinguish, espy, eye, look (at), note, notice, observe,
        perceive, regard, remark, sight, spot, spy, view, witness, identify, make out, pick out,
        pick up; attend (to), consider, heed, mark, mind; study, watch; examine, inspect, scan,
        scrutinize, survey; glance (at), glimpse, peer (at)
        aliveness, awareness, consciousness, mindfulness, receptiveness, receptivity, sensitivity;
        care, carefulness, cautiousness, chariness, heedfulness, wariness; preparation, readiness
        absentmindedness, abstraction, daydreaming, daze, distraction; absorption,
        engrossment, obliviousness, preoccupation; unawareness, unconsciousness;
        carelessness, heedlessness, inattention, inattentiveness, inobservance; unwariness

Hear    attend, hark, harken, hear, hearken, heed, mind, blaring, blasting, booming, clamorous,
        clangorous, deafening, earsplitting, piercing, plangent, resounding, ringing, roaring,
        slam-bang, sonorous, stentorian, thundering, thunderous, brazen, dinning, discordant,
        noisy, obstreperous, raucous, rip-roaring, vociferous; grating, harsh, overloud, sharp,
        shrill, squealing, strident, dead, quiet, silent, still, stilly, ultraquiet; calm, dreamy,
        peaceful, restful, serene, soothing, tranquil; hushed, muffled, muted, softened, toned
        (down), hushed, muted, noiseless, quiet, quieted, soundless, still, stilly, calm, peaceable,
        peaceful, serene, tranquil, boisterous, clamorous, clangorous, clattering, clattery,
        raucous, rip-roaring, roaring, roistering, tumultuous, noisy, rackety, unquiet, uproarious,
        dull, gentle, low, quiet, dead, silent, still; calm, dreamy, hushed, peaceful, restful,
        serene, soothing, stilly, tranquil; muffled, muted, softened, toned (down), brazen,
        crashing, dinning, discordant, noisy, obstreperous, raucous, rip-roaring, vociferous;
        grating, harsh, shrill, squealing, strident; clarion, clear, trumpet like, blaring, blasting,
        booming, clamorous, clangorous, deafening, earsplitting, loud, overloud, piercing,
        plangent, resounding, ringing, roaring, sonorous, stentorian, thundering, thunderous

Taste   aftertaste, aroma, bang*, bitter, drive, ginger, jolt, kick*, oomph,
        palatableness, piquancy, punch*, relish, salt, sapidity, sapor, savor,
        savoriness, smack, sour, sting*, suggestion, sweet, tang, wallop,
        zest, zing, zip
        astringency, bitterness, essence, extract, gusto, hotness, piquancy,
        pungency, relish, saltiness, sapidity, sapor, savor, seasoning, smack,
        sourness, spiciness, sweetness, tang, tartness, twang, vim, wallop,
        zest, zing
Smell   aroma, bouquet, emanation, essence, flavor, fragrance, incense, perfume, redolence,
        savor, scent, spice, stench, stink, tang, trace, trail, whiff, aroma, odor, redolence, scent,
        sniff, whiff; attar (also otto), bouquet, fragrance, fragrancy, perfume; ambrosia,
        lusciousness, savor (also savour), savoriness, spice, tang; acridness, fetidness, fetor,
        foulness, funk, gaminess, malodor, noisomeness, rancidity, rankness, reek, stench, stink;
        aromaticity, odoriferousness, odorousness; incense, musk

Touch   blow, brush, caress, collision, communication, contact, contingence, crash, cuddling,
        embrace, feel, feeling, fondling, graze, grope, handling, hit, hug, impact, junction, kiss,
        lick, manipulation, nudge, palpation, pat, peck, perception, percussion, petting, push,
        rub, rubbing, scratch, shock, stroke, stroking, tap, taste, touching,

        You could also use how it felt to touch in a sentence: The plate was very warm when I
        got it out of the dishwasher.

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