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                WORLD BUYERS GUIDE
                (CHINESE & ENGLISH VERSION)(2012-2013) (BOOK & CD)

                    Information and Advertisement

Dear friends,

The first edition of BUYERS GUIDE was published in 2004, and it has become an
indispensable purchase reference book for metal formed parts producers ever since.

Now, we are revising the fifth edition of metalforming machinery guide, and collect latest
information and advertisement.

Content: 1000 pieces Information of Companies from all over the world that
manufacturing forming machinery, die & mould, automation & robot,
Designing/Manufacturing System, auxiliary equipment, material, etc.

Targeted Reader: Chinese metal forgings, stampings, fabricating producers, related
department of OEM enterprises, commercial companies and R & D institutes etc.

Circulation: 6000 and be revised every two years.

Publishing time: January, 2012

Distributing Channel: The book is delivered to member companies, delegates of CCMI’s
annual conferences for free, and sold at industrial events, exhibitions, website, etc.

Information input: free.
Deadline for information: 31 December 2011
Deadline for advertisement: 10 January 2012

Advertisement: Please see the attachment.

If you want to promote your products and technology via this book, please contact us.
Mr. Wang Yihu(German & English), Simon Liu(English), Mr.Tang Di(Korean & English).

Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
 Jia No.32, Zizhuyuan Road, 100048 Beijing, P.R.China
Tel: 0086 10 68465045 Fax: 0086 10 68465044   E-mail: metalform@china-metalform.com
CCMI: www.chinaforge.org.cn    MetalForm China: www.china-metalform.com

           ON BOOK & CD (2012-2013Fifth Edition)
—Advertisement Closing Date: 10 January 2012 — Information Closing Date: 31 December 2011

Please Send Your Completed Form to: metalform@china-metalform.com

Company Name (In English & Chinese):

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Address (In English & Chinese):

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Entries or Advertisements in the Buyers Guide are low-budget but effective way of advertising.
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Chinese Metalforming Industry A/C No. 0200000709014447466, Wangfujing Branch, Wangfujing
Office, Industrial and commercial Bank of China.

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 1. CANCELLATION: Ads cancelled after the closing date will be charged at the full rate.
 2. APPROVALS: Acceptance of all advertisements is subject to CCMI.

      Confederation Of Chinese Metalforming Industry           Phone: +86-10-68418862      Fax: +86-10-68465044

                  INFORMATION FORM ON BOOK & CD
   (CHINESE & ENGLISH VERSION)(2012-2013) — Closing Date: 31 December 2011

Please Send Your Completed Form to: metalform@china-metalform.com

Company Name (In English & Chinese):

Primary Person:                                               Title:
Postal Code:                     Phone:(       )                        Fax: (    )
E-mail:                                            Website:
Agency Company Name (In English & Chinese):

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E-mail:                                            Website:
Company Information (In English & Chinese): [Max 300 Words. Company logo: letterhead or any
clean copy is fine. ]

                                                                         (OR ATTACH COPY of MATERIALS)
Turnover (USD): 2009:                  2010:             Employees:                   Technicians:
Categories (Please see    “LIST OF CATEGORIES”):

Other Categories:

Please describe (In English & Chinese):

                                                                         (OR ATTACH COPY of MATERIALS)
Famous Products (Name, Specification, Function) (In English & Chinese):

                                                                         (OR ATTACH COPY of MATERIALS)
Certification information (In English & Chinese):

                                                                         (OR ATTACH COPY of MATERIALS)

      Confederation Of Chinese Metalforming Industry   Phone: +86-10-68418862    Fax: +86-10-68465044

                                             IST OF CATEGORIES

1. Forging Equipment &                            heat-treatment                          09 Blank feeding units
   Technology category                        03 Coal furnace                             10 Robots for sheet metal
A. Forging equipment & auxiliary              04 Box electronical heating furnace & gas      working/handling
01 Hot mechanical forging press, press            generator                               11 Transfer facilities
   for trimming, punching                     05 Manipulator for furnace, nozzle,         12 Feeding and loading equipment,
02 Multi-station hot forging press.               pre-heating system                         general
03 Multi-station cold former (ball former,    06 Refactroy                                13 Magnetic workpiece fixing devices
   nut & bolt forming)                        07 Energy saving technolgy                  14 Vacuum fixing plates
04 Friction screw press                       08 Electronic Controls                      15 Storage of sheet metal parts
05 Screw press (direct driven, hydraulic      09 Energy Utilities                         16 Storage of coils
   or clutch type)                            10 Heat Treating                            17 Storage of blanks
06 Coining & straightening press,             F. Import/Export Services                   18 Tool handling
   extrusion press.                           G. ISO/QS 9000 Registration &               19 Assembly technology
07 Spinning press                                Certification                            B. Separation technology
08 Universal hydraulic press                  H.Machine Repair & Rebuilding               01 Strip slitting units/systems
09 Hydraulic extrusion press                  I.Process Design & CAD CAM                  02 Edge trimming equipment
10 Hydraulic forming press for powder         J. Forging Test & Inspection                03 Trimming machines
   and plastic parts.                         01 Metallograph microscope, electronic         (manual/automatic)
11 Hot former (Multi station)                     scanning microscope, deep hold          04 Fine blanking presses
12 Automatic screw rolling machine                spying-scope.                              (manual/automatic)
13 Screw-hobbling machine                     02 Measurement device, records and          05 Blanking
14 Bending former, automatic spring               control screen for furnace              06 Laser cutting machines
   former                                         temperature, pressure, flow,            07 Plasma jet cutting machines
15 Chamfering machine for bolt.                   proportional adjustment; magnetic       08 Cutting to length and slitting machines
16 Spring spacer forming                          flaw detector, hardness separator       09 Flame cutting equipment
17 Drawing and pulling machine                03 Ray, X-ray, and isotope fault finder     10 Slitting lines
18 Air hammer                                 04 Painting check machine, super-sonic      11 Cutting-off grinders
19 Steam air hammer (driven head,                 detector                                12 Section, billet, ingot shears
   hydraulic driven head)                     05 Material tester and recorder             13 Circle cutting shears
20 Hydraulic hammer and pneumatic –           06 Size measuring device for hot and cold   14 Curve cutting shears
   hydraulic hammer                               forgings, and automatic tester and      15 Slab shears
21 Counter blow hammer                            inspection system                       16 Rotary shears
22 Upsetter                                   07 Portable optical pyrometers              17 Special shears and cutting machines
23 Wedge rolling machine, multi-station       08 Hardness testers                         18 Guillotine shears
   forging machine                            09 Fatigue test and creeping test           19 Length cutting machines
24 Spinning machine, rolling machine          10 Process control and quality control      20 Band sawing machines
25 Ring rolling machine, die forging lines    11 Control and adjust                       21 Circular sawing machines
26 Radial forging machines                    12 Measuring, test and marking machine      22 Other sawing machines
27 Open-die hydraulic forging presses         13 Test / measurement / inspecting          23 Cutting machines for hollow shapes
28 Hydraulic direct driven presses                device and system                       24 Water cutting systems
29 Orbital forming presses                    14 Data treat system (hard/soft ware)       25 Nibbling and notching machines
30 Electronic upsetter                        K.Forging Auxiliaries                       26 Punching presses
B.Automation                                  01 Billet cutter, precision billet shear    27 Precision blanking presses
C. Consulting Services                        02 Abrasive wheel saw                       28 High performance feed presses
D. Forging tooling & its manufacturing        03 Electrode cutter                            (autom.)
materials and equipment                       04 Large section flame cutter               29 Turret punch presses
01 Forging die                                05 Forging cleaning machine, cleaning       30 Punching machines
02 Extrusion die                                  cylinder and cabinet                    31 Turret presses
03 Roll forging die                           06 Blast cleaning machine, polishing        32 Automated notching machines
04 Upsetting die                                  machine                                 33 Perforating machines
05 Orbital forging die                        07 Stress releasing machining               34 Specialized presses for
06 Calibration die                            08 Forging manipulator and robot               punching/notching/stamping
07 Coining die                                09 Tool handle machine                      C. Tube/section cutting & forming
08 Sizing die                                 10 Forging loading and unloading            01 Tube/section cutting and trimming
09 Precision forging die                          machinery                                  (incl. Punching/stamping)
10 PM compacting and forging die              11 Conveyor                                 02 Tube/section forming (incl. Bending
11 Trimming die                               12 Sawing / Shearing                           and CNC equipment)
12 Piercing die                               13 Lubrication & Equipment                  03 Tube/section end forming and
13 Hot forging die steel                      14 Material Handling                           deburring
14 Cold forging die steel                     15 Finishing & Operations                   04 Tube/section measuring systems
01 Profiling milling boring machine           16 Forging Materials                        05 Other tube/section working equipment
02 Vertical milling machine                   17 Foundation Systems                       D. Flexible sheet metal fabricating
03 CNC-high speed milling machine             18 Hydraulics                               technology
04 Wiring cutting machine                                                                 01 Trimming and forming machines
05 Pneumatic, electronic grinding tools       2. Sheet Metal, Tube fabrication,           02 Sheet metal working centers
06 Computer tech. & inspection & test         Stamping, Forming Equipment &               03 Bending centers
   machine                                    Technology Category                         04 Cutting centers
07 Other die-making machines                  A. Handling Technology                      05 Combined laser cutting/forming
08 Die Materials/Die Blocks                   01 Coiling/uncoiling equipment, reels          machines
09 EDM, Tool & Die, Machinery Services        02 Stop systems                             06 Feed presses and automatic bending
10 Tooling Equipment                          03 Pass line control system                    equipment
11 Welding & Equipment                        04 Feeding/discharging equipment            07 Transfer presses
E.Forging & heat-treatment furnace &          05 Stacking devices                         08 Bending and folding incl.
energing saving technolgoy                    06 Ejecting devices                            Workpiece/tool handling
01 Induction heater, coil repare              07 Workpiece insertion units                09 Joining incl. Workpiece/tool handling
02 Air-control heater for forging and         08 Feeders                                  10 Can making machines

        Confederation Of Chinese Metalforming Industry                Phone: +86-10-68418862      Fax: +86-10-68465044

11 Roll forming equipment for special can          section/thread forming, angled rolling,    04 Mechanical controlling devices
    necks and covers                               flow-forming rollers)                      05 Pneumatic controlling devices
E. Stamping & forming technology               05 Spinning/pressing/straightening (incl.      06 Other controlling/regulating devices
01 CNC-presses                                     Thread forming, flow forming and flow      07 Control systems
02 Double-sided presses                            turning tools)                             08 Marking and measuring machines,
03 Eccentric presses                           06 Lancing/plunging/burring tools (incl.           surface plates
04 Foot lever presses                              Die-plates, rollers, flow-turning tools)   09 Precision measuring instruments
05 Hydraulic presses                           07 Forming-by-raising tools,                   10 Marking, reading, tracking
06 Toggle lever presses                            bending-by-bulging tools                   11 CNC measuring machines, CNC
07 Crank presses                               08 Stretch-forming/embossing tools                 inspection and measuring systems
08 Mechanical presses, general                 09 Edge coiling tools (rollers for rounding    J. Safety environment protection
09 Pneumatic presses                               bending, section forming)                  01 Waste gas treatment
10 Presses, general                            10 Folding tools (edging, folding,             02 Extraction/filter devices/booths
11 Blow forging presses                            rounding, creasing, bordering tools)       03 Waste water treatment
12 Specialized presses                         11 Tools for die-sinking presses/press         04 Body protection
13 Fly presses                                     brakes                                     05 Noise and vibration protection
14 Bench presses                               12 Stacking/clinching tools                    06 Air treatment/smoke and dust filters
15 Die spotting presses                        13 Follow-on tool sets                         07 Planning and consultation services
16 Four column presses                         14 Transfer tool sets                          08 Environmental technology
17 Two column (open gap) presses               15 Other tools                                 09 Accident prevention systems/devices
18 Sheet metal profile rolling machines,       16 Templates                                   10 Coolant/lubricant recycling
    spinning and flow forming machines         17 Standardized components, guide              K. Workshop and warehouse equipment
19 Sheet metal forming machines                    elements                                   01 Factory/warehouse equipment,
20 Extruding presses                           18 Lubricating equipment                           general
21 Thread rolling machines                     19 Jigs                                        02 Process/running materials,
22 Cold extrusion presses                      20 Heat treatment of tools/hard coatings           consumables
23 Coining presses                             21 Clamping systems                            03 Tube stacking and bunching devices
24 Knurling machines                           22 Tool changing systems                       04 Packaging, strapping band machines
25 Tube end forming machines                   23 Blanking tooling                                and equipment
26 Rollforming machines for hollow             24 Trimming tooling                            05 Balances and weighing apparatus
    components                                 25 Fine blanking tooling                       06 Counting devices (electronic,
27 Roll-forming operations, general            26 Bending tooling                                 mechanical)
28 Corrugating machines for sheet metal        27 Drawing tooling                             07 Heat/cold protection
29 Drawing/ironing machines                    28 Tool and die making steel                   08 Containers and accessories
30 Spinning machines                           29 Tool and die making & measuring             09 Conveyors
31 Stretch wrap forming presses                equipment                                      10 Gripping devices
32 Deep drawing presses                        30 Welding equipment                           11 Lifting platforms
33 Bending machines                            H. Surface technology for sheet                12 Stacking trucks, fork lift trucks
34 Bending/straightening presses               metal/plate                                    13 Hoists (electric, mechanical)
35 Sheet metal leveling machines               01 Chemical surface treatment                  14 Magnet systems (lifting,
36 Sheet metal bending machines                02 Electrolytical surface treatment                transportation, sheet separation etc. )
37 Curling machines                            03 Mechanical surface treatment                15 Vacuum lifting/transport appliances
38 Seaming machines                            04 Surface protection                          16 Marking machines
39 Flanging machines                           05 Dip-coating processes                       17 Drilling machines
40 Die sinking presses/press brakes            06 Descaling                                   18 Machine brushes
41 Straightening machines and                  07 Cleaning appliances, general                19 Brushing tools
    equipment                                  08 Washing/degreasing equipment                20 Deburring/edge chamfering machinery
42 Bending rolls/circular lamination           09 Drying equipment                            21 Surface grinding machines
43 Folding machines                            10 Lubrication (incl. Preparation)             22 Tapping machines
44 Roll-formers                                11 Corroding                                   22 Hand held tools (also electric and
45 Rounding off equipment                      12 Belt grinding machines, general                 pneumatic)
46 Sheet metal deburring machines              13 Grinding machines for vessels               23 Machines, devices, general workshop
47 Plate edging machines                       14 Pickling                                        equipment
48 Edge trimming machines                      15 Wide belt grinding machines                 24 Workshop access. /furnishings
49 Plate edge bevellers                        16 Brushing machines                           25 Tool and cutter grinding machines
50 Internal high pressure forming              17 Eroding                                     26 Drawing machines and systems
51 Cold, warm and hot forming of profiles      18 Long belt grinding machines                 L. Data processing (hard and software)
    and plate                                  19 Polishing                                   01 Integrated solution for sheet metal and
F. Machine elements                            20 Grinding                                        section working (CAD/CAM)
01 Drive technology/drive units                21 Grinding machines                           02 Integrated design solution (2D/3D)
02 Turning rolls, turning and tilting tables   22 Shot-blasting                               03 Other CAD/CAM/CIM applications
03 Flexible machine mountings                  23 Vaporizing                                  04 Process simulation
04 Cooling agents and systems                  24 Melting                                     05 Interlacing and development
05 Light barriers/light curtains               25 Electro-surfacing                           06 Process control, measuring and
06 Motors, generators and accessories          26 Electrophoresis                                 guidance systems
07 Blanking impact absorbers                   27 Electrostatic powder coating                07 Other applications in manufacturing
08 Vibration absorbers                         28 Electrostatic spray systems                 08 Data service and administration (incl.
09 Spraying plants and equipment               29 Hot-dip zinc plating                            Data conversion, graphics storage and
10 Two-hand trip guards                        30 Hot-dip tinning                                 warehouse control, integrated factory
11 Linear guidance systems                     31 Flame/laser spraying                            solutions)
12 Energy supply and guidance systems          32 Galvanizing                                 M. Services, information and
   (cable ducts, hoses, flexible energy        33 Powder reclamation equipment                communication
   conduits)                                   34 Sinter coating                              01 Research and development institutes
G. Tool & die and its manufacturing            35 Diffusing                                   02 Engineering and consultancy offices
material for sheet & plate/ tube & pipe /      36 Diffusion annealing                         03 Maintenance and refurbishment of
section / wire metal working                   37 Hardening                                       machines
01 Knives /shear blades                        38 Consolidating                               04 Associations, institutions
02 Cutting/punching tools (incl. Transfer      I. Process control and quality assurance       05 Specialist publishing houses
    tools, perforating tools, grooving         01 Components for control devices              06 Investment financing /leasing
    tools)                                     02 Electric/electronic controlling devices
03 Carbide tools                                   (CNC)
04 Roll-forming tools (leveling,               03 Hydraulic controlling devices

         Confederation Of Chinese Metalforming Industry             Phone:+86-10-6846 5045 Fax:+86-10-68465044

      Confederation Of Chinese Metalforming Industry   Phone:+86-10-6846 5045 Fax:+86-10-68465044

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