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					Multidisciplinary Senior Design
 Rochester Institute of Technology
    Dresser-Rand Painted Post

MSD II Update Presentation
           Phil Eaton (ME)
          Alex Frenkel (ME)
          Rachel Koch (ME)
           Pete Lowry (ISE)
             Yi Xie (ISE)

            Faculty Guide:
          John Kaemmerlen
• Expectations
• Project Status
• Machine Configuration
    – Change of Scope
•   Cell Layout
    – 3P
    – Layout Proposal
• Process Improvement
• Material Handling
• Project Plan
• Discussion
   •   Feedback on current status
   •   Suggestions for improvement
   •   Different thoughts/points to consider
   •   Clear view of next steps
• Decisions to be made today
   •   Discontinue CNC VTL?
   •   Continue with automatic Fit Up?
   •   OK on proposed layout?
   •   Timeline for layout
        • Maintenance, Move, Start Up
   Project Status Overview
   • Time Frame
         • MSD II: Mar. 8, 2010 – May 14, 2010

                        Customer    Concept     Concept     Concept     Detailed
                         Needs     Generation Improvement   Selection    Design    Test   Build

Machine Configuration

Cell Layout

Process Improvement

Material Handling

Material Storage
             Machine Configuration

          o Currently we are waiting for Morris Great Lakes
            to present 2 machines to us for consideration.
          o We are still waiting for time studies to be
            conducted on the shop 1 VTL for comparison to
            current machining times.

R· I· T                               Mechanical Engineering Department
          Fit Up Booth

R· I· T            Mechanical Engineering Department
          Fit Up Booth

R· I· T            Mechanical Engineering Department
          Fit Up Booth

R· I· T            Mechanical Engineering Department
3P (Production Preparation Process)
• Goal
   –   Compress liner cell into 1 location (Manage by sight)
   –   Improve flow of products
   –   Reduce process time
   –   Support lean principle of visual controls
• Dates: 3/26-4/2
• Attendees: 1st & 2nd shift liner cell, John Woedy,
• Main outcomes
   – Retain all machines in liner cell
   – Utilize 3 sections of shop 6
   – Bring in Cincinnati Gilbert (dedicated porting)
3P Event
3P 5 Phases- Where we are
Original layout
Proposed Layout
Proposed Layout w/flow
    New Layout Justification
Liner    Current    Proposed   Diff      Walking   Cost     2009   Cost
Type     Travel     Travel               time      saved/   Prod   saved/
         Distance   Distance             saved     liner    Run    liner

Lrg Prod 1890 ft    881 ft     1009 ft   3.8 Min   $6.65    45     $299.25
Sml Prod 1952 ft    868 ft     1022 ft   3.9 Min   $6.83    426    $2909.58
Lrg Serv 2464 ft    1881 ft    583 ft    2.2 Min   $3.85    34     $130.90
Sml Serv 1745 ft    1046 ft    906 ft    3.4 Min   $5.95    50     $297.50

                                           Total Cost
                                           savings: $3637.23
                    Process Improvement
   • To move towards a more lean manufacturing cell
     starting with use of visual controls
   • Short term activities (1-2 weeks from now)
          –   Process Control Board
          –   Waste Tracking Sheet
          –   Flow Analysis/Action Resolution (courtesy Don Mills)
          –   Machine D/T board
          –   Training with operators and supervisors on lean
   • Planned long term activities (3-4 weeks from now)
          – Training with supervisors on lean management
          – Performance Improvement Plan and Performance
            Analysis activities with supervisors and continuous
            improvement team
R· I· T                                     Mechanical Engineering Department
                     Visual Controls
• Process Control Board
   – Quick visual status update of line flow
   – Helps determine priority and issues
• Machine D/T Board
   – Central location for machine failure info
   – Status of D/T made clear
• Waste Tracking Sheet
   – Identify true process flow of liners
   – Identify waiting time between processes
• Flow Analysis Action/Resolution
   – Team effort to solve problems
   – Facilitates continuous improvement
       Visual Control System Design
                 Long Term    Immediate    Hidden
                 problems      Problems   Problems

                 Machine      Process      Waste
                   D/T        Control     Tracking
                  Board        Board       Sheet

          Material Handling

R· I· T             Mechanical Engineering Department
                            Test Plan
      • Pallet Specs:
          – 42” x 42” pallet with 1.5” x 3.5” pine top deck boards
      • Test will be pass/fail since a fracture will render
        the pallet unusable
      • Verify that the prototype can withstand loading
        of two liners (if possible)
      • Failure Criteria
          – Pallet slat fracture under load
          – V-block fracture under load
          – Strap or strap connection point fails under load

R· I· T                                   Mechanical Engineering Department
                             Test Plan
      • Phases of Testing
          – Check pallet before test, be sure it is fit for service
             • No initial fractures
             • V-blocks installed correctly
          – Load liners onto pallet
          – Strap liners down to secure them in place
          – Check pallet components for fracture
          – Check clearance for tow-motor forks
             • V-block pins are not protruding into fork path

R· I· T                                     Mechanical Engineering Department
Updated MSD II Project Plan

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