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                                  MECHANICAL ENGINEER – SOLIDWORKS DESIGNER
State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Masters in Mechanical Engineering                                                                             2008-10
Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering                                                              2004-08
                        Lead Design Engineer
                            Responsible for new product development and concept creation -
                               Sheet metal design, Plastic extrusion, Thermoforming, Design using
                              Design optimization - Structural design- analysis and validation,
                               thermal analysis, feasibility study, manufacturing, and Design for
                               Manufacturing (DFM).
Sollega Instarack                                                                                           New York,
                              3D renders (Keyshot, 3dvia), Graphic design for marketing, animated
Nov 2010-                                                                                                         NY
                               manuals, Engineering Documentation.
                              Solar efficiency calculations, shading analysis, layout design and ballast
                              Responsibilities include both front end (customer interaction, concept
                               design, Installation support) and back end (design, analysis,
                               manufacturing, testing) operations of the company.
                              CFD analysis, flow simulations with integrated design optimization
                        Graduate Teaching Assistant
                              Wear study and experimentation to validate Archard’s theory of wear.
                              Studied new wear theories and methods to predict wear in machine
                               components and sliding parts.
University At buffalo                                                                                          Buffalo,
                              Simulating the new wear models using FEA, surface techniques and
2009- 2010                                                                                                          NY
                               validating them with experimental results.
                              Grader for the course Manufacturing processes and DFM
                              Responsible for taking classes, preparing material for lectures and
                               conducting tests.
                        In Plant Trainee
South Central Indian                                                                                         Lallaguda,
                              Part of the Rear Axle Design, Maintenance and overhauling Team
Railways                                                                                                    Hyderabad
                              Project to streamline the overhauling procedures with the introduction             India
May - Aug 2006
                               of intranet facilities.
                        In Plant Trainee
Same-Deutz Fahr                                                                                                Vellore,
                             Used DFA and came up with various alternate methods for process
Nov - Dec 2006                                                                                                   India
Operating Systems :         CAD Programs :                  Simulation and Analysis :       Software and languages
Windows XP,Vista,7          SolidWorks 2003+                Ansys, Pro-M, Abaqus ,          :
Mac OS                      AutoCAD Inventor 2010           Comsol Multi Physics            C++, Matlab, Maple, MS
Linux Ubuntu, Redhat        ProE Wildfire 3.0+                                              Office
                         Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP) – Certificate ID: C-NXV4FRC3YK
         Certified SolidWorks Professional - Mold tools (C-7J43PRTRQ9); CSWP -Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist (C-
      UFCWBZKK2C); CSSP – FEA Specialist (C-8PPCRWVARS); CSWP –Advanced Surfacing Specialist (C-AFAZWPX9B3);
                              CSWP – Advanced Weldments Specialist (C-NEX5F23MPM)
                         Certified AutoCAD training at Autodesk Authorized Training center, India.
                       Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS at Central Institute of Tool Design, India
                                            Knowledge of ASME,ISO standards

    Design and Optimization of       Design support and New product design – Concept, Design and              2011
    the Sollega InstaRack system     Development.                                                             Team

                                     Undergrad Design Project
                                     Came up with a new design for a continuous power transmission
    Continuously variable            system which eliminates differential requirement by auto-             2007-08
    transmission (CVT) design        adjusting torque.                                                       Team
                                     Application for a patent with provisional specification filed in
                                     Turbo Machines/Fluid Dynamics Course Project
    Design of Centrifugal Pump                                                                                 2007
                                     Designed a Centrifugal Pump impeller and vortex using
    Impeller and Vortex                                                                                   Individual
                                     SolidWorks and Fluent with given specifications.
                                        MANUFACTURING / MACHINE DESIGN
                                     Undergrad Design Project-vehicle Design and Fabrication
                                     SAE Mini Baja Tech lead for 2 teams representing VIT University
                                     (USA chapter and the South African event)                             2007-08
    SAE Mini-Baja 2007 and 2008
                                     Power transmission, steering, suspension system design, FEM             Team
                                     simulation and fabrication for both the teams.
                                     Team race driver for both the teams.
                                               ANALYSIS / SIMULATION
                                      CAD Applications Course Project
                                      Performed steady state thermal analysis, transient analysis and
    Thermal Analysis and shape                                                                                2009
                                      thermal stress analysis for different models in different loading
    Optimization using Pro-M                                                                                  Team
                                      and boundary conditions which were used to run Shape
                                      optimization using the analysis results.
                                      Under Grad Defense Project
                                      Simulated the working of a CNC lathe machine.(turret lathe) - FEA
                                      model simulation and performed Coupled Field (Thermal and
    Thermo Mechanical analysis        mechanical) analysis of the simulated model-Ansys                       2008
    of a CNC lathe machine.           Identified the dimensional errors involved with thermal beh avior       Team
                                      of the machine components and built a reusable model that can
                                      predict tool tip dimensional errors with working conditions as
                                      Masters Defense Project – Tribology
                                      Experiment to validate Archard’s theory of wear.
    Cup on Disk Sliding Contact –     Developing a new wear theory to better explain wear between           2009-10
    Wear characteristics              sliding contacts of similar materials.                              Individual
                                      Simulating the new wear model using FEA techniques and
                                      validating them with experimental results.

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