ACCU-SWISS Inc.
                                544 Armstrong Way, Oakdale, CA 95361
                                Phone: 209-847-1016, Fax: 209-847-8362
                      Subject:       Manufacturing Internship program at Accu-Swiss
                      Titles:        Manufacturing Intern
                      Reports to: Production Manager/President
                      Starting date: Summer 2011(at least 3 months)
Background/Company Profile
ACCU-SWISS INC. is a small and rapidly growing industrial and outsourcing manufacturing company.
Founded in 1977, Accu-Swiss Inc. is one of the Central Valley leaders in manufacturing of CNC and Swiss
machine products.
Our high quality parts are used by all sectors of the manufacturing industry in multiple applications, like:
     Electrical components
     Hydraulic and pneumatic test valves
     Bio-Medical/Dental equipment
     Aerospace/Automobile sub-components
     Semi-Conductor equipment
Our fast paced and close-knit operation offers outstanding opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and
personal growth.
Accu-Swiss is an equal opportunity employer.

Assignment: Your assignment will be to work for Accu-Swiss, Inc. as an Intern Engineer. Since our
Company is growing and due to inherent dynamic nature of manufacturing, this position must be very
flexible. Hence you will be exposed to the following duties/assignments (in no order of priority)
   1. Implement CAD/CAM- to improve efficiency in Operation, programming and setup of CNC
   2. Develop mfg procedures/methods/processes
   3. Enhance existing ERP system –implement Tool room management, inventory system
   4. Web Design and management, implement web information system for customers
   5. Set up and develop e commerce(Ebay, craigslist etc)
   6. Enhance and secure company network
   7. Developing and implementing of manufacturing Databases
        This position may have other duties and or assignments that are not listed above.
  Education: High school diploma with course work in production and/or machining and current
  enrollment in Bachelors/masters program at an accredited university.
    Personal Characteristics Required
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • High levels of energy, enthusiasm, and persistence.
    • Organized, prepared, and results-oriented; a self-starter.
 • Salary commensurate with experience and education.

Sohel Sareshwala
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