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 Core 4                        Int’l Assistance
             Grant Opportunities
SightFirst                         Emergency

    LCIF Grant Programs -- Overview
         (Non-Disaster Grants)

   Standard Grants: Matching grants of up to
    $75,000 for local humanitarian service
    projects. (2 per district)
   Core 4 Grants: Funds special projects in
    eyesight, disability, health, and youth (1 per
    district). Grants up to $200,000.
   SightFirst Grants: Blindness prevention and
    sight restoration projects in neediest areas
   International Assistance Grants: Supports
    club twinning projects; Grants up to $30,000
    (1 per district)
            Standard Grants
   Broadest category of LCIF funding
       151 grants in LY 2000-01 for $7.1 million
   Matching funds up to US$75,000

   Supports larger-scale Lions humanitarian projects
       too big for local clubs to do alone

   Bottom Up: Lions districts identify and develop
   Two allowed per district at a time
Typical Standard Grant Projects

              Mobile   Health Units
              Hospices,   Nursing
              Street   Children’s Homes
              Medical   Units
              Blindand Disabled
              Welfare Centers
              EyeClinics and
              Research Centers
              Schools    in Developing
        Standard Grants: Key Criteria

    Funding parameters                 Key Rules:
 Primarily capital funding    Many clubs need to be
only (bricks and mortar)      involved (min 2-3)
 Funding is for specific      Application must be
projects (not general         endorsed by district cabinet
operating support)
                               Budget must show
 Must address important
humanitarian need             significant funding from local
                              Lions organizations
 Serves a large population
                               Project must have a strong
 Cost must be beyond local
                              Lions identity and Lions
fundraising capabilities
                              volunteer involvement
 Cost-effectiveness imp.
         District Governors’ Review:
     What should you look for in a budget?
    Budget Parameters          Income
                               15 clubs (collected)    $12,000
Income and expense budget
needed                         District (pledged)        2,000
                               Community (collected)      500
Budget must balance                       (anticipated) 1,500
                               LCIF request            14,000
Lions funding should be
                               TOTAL                   28,000
itemized (# clubs?)
Indicate Status of each
funding source                 2 vision testers       $11,000
                               1 hearing machine        8,000
Invoices required for items
                               Refurbish exam room      9,000
listed in the expense budget
                               TOTAL                   28,000
Standard Grant Review and Approval
    Applications due 60 days before board mtg;
     those received early have a faster review
    Staff pre-reviews applications; clarifications
     and changes may be requested
    LCIF Exec. Committee reviews applications
     that meet all preliminary requirements.
    Applications are either approved (sometimes
     with conditions), tabled (pending further
     information) or denied
    LCIF Grant money is not disbursed until local
     funds are collected
      Core 4 Grants
   Narrower focus than Standard grants
   Supports special initiatives under the four
    primary service commitments of Lions:
          Preserving Sight Promoting Health
         Serving Youth Combating Disability

   1 to 2 funding priorities adopted under each
    of the 4 areas on a rotating basis
   Grants are given on a 3-to-1 matching basis
    in most instances (25% local funding)
  Current Core 4 Funding Priorities
Preserving Sight
   » Low Vision Projects
   » Children’s Eye Photoscreening
Combating Disability
   » Partnership with Habitat for Humanity
   » Partnership with Special Olympics “Opening Eyes”
Promoting Health
   » Diabetes Prevention and Treatment
Serving Youth
   » Lions Quest (moratorium)
              How does Core 4
   Grants can only be awarded to the board-
    designated Core 4 Funding Priorities

   Funding priorities target urgent needs and
    new opportunities for humanitarian service.
   Separate grants forms exist for each funding
    priority (Contact LCIF or go to
   Some funding priorities are limited to multiple
    and single districts
   Unlike Standard grants, Core 4 can fund
    some project operating expenses; also local
    monies can be raised over life of project
International Assistance Grants
   Smaller grants to support international
    twinning-type projects
   Lions club/districts in 2 countries join together
   Sponsor club raises some funding and
    applies for grant; host club helps implement
   Grants are between $5,000 and $30,000;
   Grants $10,000 and under reviewed
Typical IAG Projects

             Eyeglass and medical missions
             Clean water and wells
             Equipment for Blind
              and Disability Rehab Ctrs
             Environmental Protection
             Rural Development
              Emergency Grants

 LCIF’s first-line response to
disaster situations
 $10,000 available to districts
affected by natural disasters
 Lions purchase supplies to
meet immediate needs:
    » food, water
    » clothing, bedding
    » medicines
    » hygiene products
     Regulations for Emergency Grants

 Disaster must be large in
scope, displacing or affecting
many people (50 or more)
 LCIF funds Lions-led relief
  Grant must be requested
within days of disaster
  Funds must be spent
within 30 days                   Taiwan: Bedding for Quake
One   grant per disaster            Victims in Shelters

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