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									                    Research Methods in Social Psychology

Databases for Locating Journal Articles

      PsycInfo (most important resource for journal articles)

      PsycArticles (subset of PsycInfo that is searchable full-text)

      Web of Science (Citation index)

      Google Scholar (easy to use, but searching and content are unstructured)

To Retrieve Full text

      Click on GetIt to find out if CMU has the journal online or in print

      If Carnegie Mellon doesn’t have the item, use ILLiad for interlibrary loan.

Reference and Background Sources

      Use Cameo, the library catalog, for the latest books on your topic.

      Encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks in psychology are on the first floor
      of Hunt Library, in the BF section. A great online reference source for social
      sciences is Sage eReference,

      Online guide to APA style is available from the U. of Wisconsin at

      Psychology Research Guide links to resources in social psychology at

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             Hunt Library Reference,, 268-2442

         Chat/IM Reference (1-8 Monday-Thursday, 1-5 Friday) under Ask a
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