AVID TUTORIAL WORKSHEET                                      Total Score: ____________
 (Must be filled out before class.)                          AVID 9th Grade

Name:__________________________________            Date: ____________________________

Class: _______________________             Period: _______              Teacher: _________________________

1. Monitoring Student Progress:

Why did you choose tutoring in this class?_________________________________________

What grade do you presently have in this class? A            B          C       D      F

Do you have any missing assignments or homework? (If so, explain.)                     Yes      No

Are your Cornell notes for the class complete?                                         Yes      No

Is your binder for the class up-to-date?                                               Yes      No

Are you passing all tests and quizzes? (If no, explain.)                               Yes      No

Have you been absent? (How often? Give reason.)                                        Yes      No

2. Critical Thinking: Write 1 challenging question, and label the level of thinking using Costa’s Levels
of Questioning.
Level of Thinking      Question (Write anything you know or start solving if you can)

Where did the question come from?                  Explain what you have done to try to answer the
                                                   question. Where did you look for help? Also write about
                                                   what you DO understand and/or where you get confused.

Book/Notes      Interaction      Tutorial Notes            Prepared Questions          Reflection

_________       _________        _________                  _________                  _________

Tutor Signature __________________________________
Write a REFLECTION HERE. Include: Content: What do you understand after tutorials that you did not
understand before? Process: How did you come to this understanding? Continued improvement: Make a
personal commitment in this subject area. What is one action you will do to improve your learning this week?
REFLECTION Grading Scale
Scores          What I learned                   How I Learned                    My actions
      0         Learned “nothing” or doesn’t     Doesn’t address                  Doesn’t address
      1         States the topic of tutorials.   Says: “Learned in group or       States one action AVID student
                (Today we had tutorials on       from peers”                      should already be doing
      2         Says we learned about. . Or      Explains whose question led      States an action, but doesn’t give
                we learned how to. . .           to understanding                 specifics (I’ll study for test)
      3         Explains ONE knowledge-          Explains process that was used   Gives action and explains how it
                level idea learned               to gain understanding. (---      will be accomplished and why it is
                                                 asked me questions, I looked     necessary
                                                 in notes/book)
      4         Fully explains EXACTLY           --------------------             -------------------
                what was learned compared to
                what student knew previously

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