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									The Fastspot Project Questionnaire
Fastspot is passionate about planning, designing, and building amazing Websites
and applications. Thank you for considering Fastspot for your project!

We thought we’d tell you up front that Fastspot projects typically start at $50,000 to
$60,000 USD. Occasionally we are able to work with a smaller budget if you are an
existing client or a non-profit, or if you have something really juicy we simply can’t resist.

We've put together this questionnaire to help you describe your vision for the project.
While we realize this will take some time to fill out, we need this information to
determine if we're a good fit for each other.

Please answer each question in a clear and concise manner, and skip any questions
that don’t pertain to your project. The more information you can give us, the better we'll
be able to respond.

Once you’re happy that your responses clearly describe the project requirements,
please email the questionnaire to, and we’ll work out the right
solution for you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response.

About You
What's the name of your organization?

Describe your organization.

If this is a Website project, is it a completely new site or a redesign of an existing
site? If it is a redesign, please provide the site's URL and date of the last update.

If this is an app project, please briefly describe the app or point us to its current

Describe the concept/product/service your site will provide.

Who is the main contact for this project, and what is his/her role?
When would you like to start the project?

When does it need to be completed?
NOTE: Fastspot typically requires several months to complete projects. We do not work under rush

Is there a specific reason for these dates?

What is your project budget? Your budget dictates how much time we can devote
to your project.
NOTE: It is our experience that you will get wildly different cost estimates from different agencies.
Knowing your budget range before you start will help you narrow your focus and help us all make the best
use of our time. If you don't have a firm budget, please indicate a range. Fastspot is unable to work with
budgets that can't support our process and the amount of time we feel is critical to deliver outstanding

Background Details
How did you hear about Fastspot?

Have you been through a Website redesign or application development project
If yes, how long ago, and what role did you play?

Are you working with an existing content management system that you wish to
keep in place with the new Website?

Does your organization require that we develop in a certain language or use a
certain type of database setup or server configuration?

Project Details
What are the main reasons for undertaking your project?

In order of importance (most important first), what are the business objectives for
your project?
(e.g., improving sales rate, improving brand impression, increasing user experience, reducing time
searching, etc.)

What are you hoping to achieve? How will your organization determine whether
the project is successful?
(e.g., 20% increase in sales, more applications, increased online donations, etc.)

What aspects of your current site work well, and why do you think they are

What's not working well and why?

What Websites or apps do you consider competitors? What are their strengths
and weaknesses?

Please describe any ideas for unique features for your project.
(e.g., interactive virtual tour, social media aggregator, online forum, etc.)

If you would like us to include BigTree Content Management System as part of
our proposal, what features will you need the CMS to provide?
(e.g., ability to manage editors and publishers, unique templates for various departments, easy
photo/video integration, etc.)

Have you already created the site’s content? If not, how soon do you anticipate
having it ready?

Does your project require search engine optimization? If yes, please describe
your intended outcomes.
(e.g., must come up on first page of Google when searching for "amazing chair," etc.)

Does your project require social media elements such as Facebook integration,
blogs, integrated Twitter feeds, embedded YouTube videos, Flickr photo feeds,

Target Audience
Who is visiting your site or using your app? Describe the different types of
visitors or users.

How do you think your audience currently perceives your organization or brand?

For what do you imagine people will use your site or app? What will they want to
do there?

Why will people choose your site or app over others?

Additional Comments
Please add any extra information you think will be helpful.

We will review your information and get back in touch with next steps as soon as
possible. Thank you again for your interest in working with Fastspot, and we look
forward to speaking with you soon!

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