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									                            Sensual HobbiesHobby Idea
Just like women, men can woo with their extra skills. Dudes can do things that’ll make any
woman weak in the knees, even out of the bedroom. A woman on the other hand, needs to
express herself in the full glory of her being.

She needs to be pampered and cared for and she needs to feel loved. She is your bold female
who stops at nothing to get her way and yet she is your tender nurturer who cares over the
smallest detail to protect her man. Perhaps this is the time to take a reality check and prioritize
your life and think about what interests or hobbies make people look and feel sexy. The sexiest
man alive, James Bond 007, what you think makes him so sensual? Or Kate Middleton, the
Duchess of Cambridge, the most revered female on the planet right now.

Take a moment and think about what simple types of hobbies or interests would make you look
more sensuous to the opposite sex?James Bond`s hobbies and interests would seem simple
such as:

•He definitely works out to get those 6 pack Abs.

•Playing Polo: Riding horses in its self is sexy, but playing a sport while riding is super sexy.

•He can fly airplanes and helicopters.

•He`s McGuyver, he can rig or craft stuff, he is his own private handy man.

•He`s a Daredevil: There’s just something irresistible about a man who takes risks, lives on the
edge, goes with his gut.

•He can speak several languages.

•He can play as many sports as you can think of.

•He defiantly makes knowing how to dress for the occasion one his hobbies.These are just
some of the hobbies that the ladies find sensuous in a man and there would be hundreds
more.I don’t normally like to call them ‘hobbies’ for woman, but rather, passions. Hobbies sort
of seem like the things you do just to pass the time. Passions sound a lot more interesting. But,
hobbies, passions, and interests – whatever you like to call them; they’re extremely important
in a woman’s life too!Some of Kate’s hobbies would be simple too but more glamorous such as:

•Definitely horseback riding. The saddle makes the butt look sexy.

•Dressing for the occasion: With the most trend setting clothes, shoes, and perfumes. Very
•Ballroom Dancing: This is something that would be a must Kate.

•Cooking: When the servants would let her, fixing that perfect meal herself for William would
to me seem very sensual.

•Running/Jogging: Running would be a great way for Kate to escape in to her own world for a

•Definitely learning and speaking a foreign language.

•Definitely public speaking courses.

•Music: I don`t know for sure but I’ll bet Kate would play the piano, very sexy.

•Instead of flying around in the Queen`s jet all the time, maybe she knows how to fly
herself.Although women sometimes tend to be more attuned to their other senses, like sounds
and smells, than men, visual triggers are just as important to them too.

These are only some of the many hobbies that would allow you to become a more sensuous
person and enhance any relationship. I`m not saying that doing one or all of these hobbies
would transform you into a super star, but fact alone will tell you these things make for sensual
people because most people aren’t often sexy by looks alone.Cruising in your sports car is a
great hobby also and if I found a woman who wanted to ride in my convertible with me and let
her long hair be blown about in the wind as we drove along, I think I'd find that to be rather
sensual too.Thanks for listening, G Wells

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