Monitoring the quality and success of the program implementation by sSO47VQ4



1. Until 2010
Up to now, the issue of monitoring the quality of the program and the participation of students in
its evaluation was done in the following way:
a) by conducting detailed survey among students about classes and teachers which was organized
and analyzed at the level of the University of Split;
b) by monitoring and analyzing parameters of student success;
c) by confirming that the classes were held by personal signatures of teachers in an adequate
d) by organizing a Teaching supervision committee which makes unannounced visits to randomly
selected sample of classes and submits a report to Dean for Academic Affairs;
e) students have their representatives in the School Council and the School Committee for Quality
Improvement and at the university level;
f) students have a continuous and prompt access to the dean and vice dean for education; g) all
student comments and questions, written or oral, are settled promptly and in accordance with
either relevant committees or Dean's board;
g) School website ( are active, rich in contents, bring new information on time and
take care of the needs of informing students.

2. New
Students actively participated in the creation of this program, it was delivered both to them and
the teachers for consideration and discussion, and it was voted on at the meeting of the School
Council (it was unanimously approved). From 1 October 2010, with the implementation of this
program, the following elements and procedures for monitoring the quality of programs and
students participation in its evaluation are added:
a) student survey will be completely computerized so the students will be able to fill it in when
they want (when they have more time) and the proportion of students who fill in the survey will
be increased; during the academic year 2010/11, the process of monitoring and evaluation of
teaching will be fully computerized so that from the beginning of the academic year 2011/12 (1
October 2011), all necessary information can be obtained by pressing one computer key; this
includes everything from the information on the work of teachers through student surveys to
automatic printing of the Diploma Supplement.
b) A student advisory centre will be opened and systematized administratively, and presented to
all students. Psychologist Slavica Kozina, MA, will be at disposal to students who experience
difficulties in studying.
c) Assistant dean for student affairs will be appointed.
d) Results of student surveys will be included in a formal and quantitative manner in the
(teaching) criteria for selection and advancement of teachers (NB: prerequisite for this is the
already described computerization of all educational processes and outcomes).
e) At the School website there is a system of discussion, debate and consultation of students and
f) At the School website there is a system of representation of all students, by generations, linked
to the official School of Medicine e-mail; after graduation, the data will be transferred to the
system (Association) of former students of the School, with the idea of their lifelong connection
with the School and following of their careers.
g) In addition to information on the School website, at the first lecture (the first day of the
program), all students receive a memory stick with all the information about the School, and a
number of teachers presents the programs and the School as an institution and instructs them on
basic rules, warns of possible difficulties and ways of asking help and support, as well as how to
proceed after graduation and how the School can help them further in their careers. All this was
implemented for the generation of 2010.
h) For the first three years of the program, after the second examination period (July) "a week for
consultation" is scheduled for students who did not pass certain exams in the second attempt, in
order to help them on time to pass the exam in the fall examination period.

3. Other
Apart form everything that has been listed so far and in the broader context of the topic, we quote
the following:
a) From 1 October 2010 (implementation of this program on the first four years of study)
student’s individual work and achievement are systematically and prospectively monitored and in
relation to their individual characteristics at the time of enrolment.
b) The described a system of linking elective courses and student mobility open new horizons not
only in relation to the world, but also to the possibilities of directing career after graduation.
c) Comprehensive exams I and II and Objective structured clinical examination for the entire
generation will bring information that will allow improvements of the Program and modification
of elements that prove to be less effective.
d) The School regularly informs the public about their study programs, learning outcomes and
opportunities for students and graduates, primarily on their website, but also directly in the
supplement to the daily "Slobodna Dalmacija" under the name of "Universitas", which was
established by the University of Split and the School established an excellent collaboration with
its editorial board.

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