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CME Accreditation
Activity Approval

The American Academy of Family Physicians CME Accreditation Department and the Commission on
Continuing Medical Education (COCME) would like to thank you for providing AAFP CME credit for
your activity Internal Medicine Update application number 11237 with a beginning date of 07/12/04.
The COCME has determined approval for AAFP CME credit for your activity. Printed credit
announcements for an activity granted approval by the AAFP must be presented as follows in this exact
form and no other without approval from the AAFP CME Accreditation Department.

                 This activity has been reviewed and is acceptable for up to 17.75 Prescribed
                             Credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
     When reporting CME credit hours, AAFP members should report total Prescribed and Elective hours
     earned for this activity. It is not necessary for members to label credit hours as evidence-based CME
                               Prescribed or Elective for CME reporting purposes.

    Approval for AAFP credit does not confer or imply authorization to use the AAFP corporate seal or the
     registered family practice symbol on CME activity materials or otherwise in conjunction with CME
     activities, or to use AAFP’s name in any association with the activity other than the credit statement.

                         If you have any questions concerning approval of your activity
                         please contact Candice Reynolds at 1-800-274-2237 ext. 6544.

What’s New

         In an effort to streamline the AAFP accreditation review process, 39 AAFP constituent chapters have opted
          to transfer review responsibilities for state audience CME applications to AAFP headquarters. Effective
          September 2, 2003, CME accreditation applications for state audience should be mailed to AAFP
          headquarters EXCEPT for the following constituent chapters: Colorado, Delaware, District of
          Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New
          York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Visit for

       While most applications are received through the mail, the AAFP CME Accreditation Department also
          accepts applications by fax if credit card payment information and all supporting materials are included.
          Please DO NOT follow up with a hard copy through the mail. This can result in duplication and may delay
          your application.

                               “Accrediting quality CME for family physician”

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