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									                                                        DRAD 2230 – Construction Specifications
                                                                                        MODULE 2 STUDY GUIDE
                                                                                                    FALL 2011

MODULE 3 – Study Guide

                           THE PROJECT DELIVERY
The project delivery can be outlined as follows:


All projects require a _____________________________________, firms and companies that are responsible for
completing the design and construction of a project. The project team may be large or small, depending on the
project size and complexity.

Project delivery is the ________________________________________________ between the owner, architect /
engineer (A/E), contractor(s) and the management services utilized to design and construct a project.

Project delivery moves a project from a ________________________ to a completed _______________________.

Project delivery methods include:
     ___________________________________________________
        Design - Negotiate-Build
        Construction Management
        ___________________________________________________
        Owner – Build

Each delivery method can have variations in types of contract payments such as:
     _________________________________________________________
        _________________________________________________________
        _________________________________________________________

Each delivery method can have variations in the type and number of contracts such as:
     _____________________________________________
        _____________________________________________

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                                                           DRAD 2230 – Construction Specifications
                                                                                           MODULE 2 STUDY GUIDE
                                                                                                             FALL 2011

Competitive market forces compel most owners to select a project delivery method that will achieve a balance
between the factors of project:
         _______________________________
         _______________________________
         _______________________________

Each project will require unique services to develop a design and to construct the project into the completed
facility. These services are basically variations of design and construction services. These services usually include:
_____________________________________________________________ which may include but is not limited to:
     a.   Studies
     b.   Surveys
     c.   Master planning
     d.   Programming
     e.   Complete design
              1). Schematic Design
              2). Design Development
              3). Construction Documents.

_____________________________________________________________which may include but is not limited to:
     a. Estimating
     b. Scheduling
     c. Contracting
     d. Construction
     e. Management services
     f. Project Management (CMa and CMc)

Contracting services are usually __________________ OR ____________________________________ and involve
the construction of a design in accordance with the contract documents prepared by the A/E.

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                                                          DRAD 2230 – Construction Specifications
                                                                                         MODULE 2 STUDY GUIDE
                                                                                                          FALL 2011

The primary factors of __________________________, _______________________ (schedule) and ____________
(budget) will establish the quality of a project and its component parts.

The magnitude, form function and complexity of a project will have a direct bearing on the
_________________________________________ method and the number and role of the participants.
     Simple jobs – fewer services.
       Complex jobs – many different services.

    Usually expressed in number of days (calendar days).
    Defined in the conditions of the contract.
    Completion means substantial completion.

The time required for project completion is dependent upon the efficiencies utilized to sequence and schedule the
     ____________________________________________ – perform work, one portion prior to another.
       _____________________________________________ – estimating time frames and dates for activities.
        This is a master schedule that includes a variety of participants and their involvement in the project.
       _____________________________________________ may include but is not limited to:
        a. Program development (Owner’s requirements)
        b. Site acquisition
        c. Separate contracts for remedial measures such as hazardous materials removal
        d. Different design phases
        e. Construction
       ________________________________usually used in conjunction with a CM project delivery method,
        separating work into multiple contracts based on project scheduling to ensure project completion in a
        condensed period of time.

        Fast track overlaps activities to permit portions of construction to start prior to completion of the overall
        design. Design and construction may occur concurrently.

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                                                           DRAD 2230 – Construction Specifications
                                                                                         MODULE 2 STUDY GUIDE
                                                                                                          FALL 2011

         Fast track documents include:
         a. Permits
         b. Demolition
         c. Site preparation
         d. Foundations
         e. Long lead time items ( elevators, escalators, boilers)
         f. Structural systems
         g. Mechanical systems
         h. Electrical systems
         i. Exterior envelope systems
         j. Interior finishes
         k. Landscaping
         l. General Construction

A number of different methods are used for determining and stating amounts of ________________ OR
________________________________ within agreements. When a contract is bid or negotiated, the basis of
payment that will be used in the contract is clearly stated in the RFP (Request For Proposal) or
___________________________________________________. When the contract is executed, the bid or
negotiated basis of payment is included in the contract.

        ___________________________________ (also known as a lump sum) including the cost of the work and
         the contractor’s overhead and profit.

        _____________________________A price can be stipulated or quoted by a bidder or proposer for a
         single, specified unit of work. Unit prices are useful where the type of work is defined, but the extent of
         the work is not known or is likely to change. Unit prices are also utilized when quantity allowances are
         specified, providing a means of adjusting the contract sum once the full extent of the work becomes
        ________________________________ (Cost plus overhead and profit) - Cost of the actual direct expense
         of construction work plus a fee for overhead and profit usually based on partially completed construction
         documents for a defined scope of work. The fee can be fixed, a percentage of the actual direct cost, or
         some other arrangement.

        ________________________________ (GMP = Guaranteed Maximum Price) - The prospective
         contractor’s price includes the cost of the work as defined in the procurement documents and the
         prospective contractor’s fee for administering construction, including overhead and profit. The
         contractor’s fee can be stated as a stipulated sum (fixed fee) or as a percentage of the cost of the work.
         The cost of the work combined with the contractor’s fee can be established as the GMP.

        Penalties, Bonuses and Incentives (Contract Clauses).

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                                                        DRAD 2230 – Construction Specifications
                                                                                       MODULE 2 STUDY GUIDE
                                                                                                       FALL 2011

       _________________________________________: Amount per day deducted from monies due the
        contractor for failure to substantially complete the work within the stipulated time. Note: There must be a
        bonus clause for early completion if incorporating Liquidated Damages clause (according to law).

The ____________________________________________ for a project are necessitated by the project delivery
method. As the project delivery method is determined, the fundamental decision to be made is whether to use a
single-prime contract or multiple-prime contracts. __________________________________ is a term that implies
a direct contract with the owner as opposed to subcontracts that a contractor may issue. In many cases the scope
of multi-prime contracts may be similar to subcontracts and on occasion are referred to as

       ________________________________________is a term that implies a direct contract with the owner as
        opposed to subcontracts that a contractor may issue.

       _____________________________________ Several organizations have standard agreement forms that
        are compatible with their respective contract conditions and are tailored to specific types of project
        delivery and basis of payment.

       The _________________________________ is the written document signed by each party and is the legal
        instrument binding the parties to the contract. The agreement defines the relationships and obligations
        existing between the parties. By reference, the agreement includes all other contract documents, such as
        the drawings and specifications.

      __________________________________________ A common form of construction contracting involves
       a single contract. The selected contractor and the owner enter into an agreement formalizing their
       relationship and their obligations. The contractor then constructs the project in accordance with the
       contract documents. Typically, the contractor will have a portion or perhaps a majority of the work
       performed by subcontractors.

       ___________________________________________________: In a multiple-prime construction project,
        the work is divided among several contractors, and each enters into a separate contract with the owner.

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                                                         DRAD 2230 – Construction Specifications
                                                                                         MODULE 2 STUDY GUIDE
                                                                                                         FALL 2011

__________________________________________The traditional method of moving a project from conception to
completion. It is a linear sequence of activities generally occurring in the following order: project conception,
design (including schematic and design development) construction documents, competitive bidding, and then
construction. The basis of this delivery method is that design is completed prior to bidding/pricing and

_______________________________________________________If only one contractor is involved in developing
the costs and negotiating a contract to construct a project, the process is referred to as design-negotiate-build.
Although the design negotiate build is similar to design-bid-build, it is a more informal process and may not include
specific procurement requirements or specific rules of engagement.

_________________________________________________________is the process of professional management
applied to a construction project from conception to completion for controlling project time, cost, and extent.
Construction management involves a construction manager who can serve as an adviser _____________ or
perform construction as a contractor ______________.

In acting as ________________ (as agent), the construction manager provides all of the construction contract
administration services typically provided by the owner and may provide many of the construction contract
administration services typically provided by the A/E.

The construction manager as ______________________________________ is engaged to provide construction

In the _________________________________________________ delivery method, the owner contracts with a
single entity for the complete design and construction of a project. The design-builder may consist of one or more
firms associated in a variety of ways. Regardless of its composition, the design-builder provides complete design
service and performs the construction under a single contract with the owner.

______________________________________________The owner is involved in aspects of contracting for every
portion of a construction project. Because the owner acts similarly to a contractor, the construction contracts are
between the owner and the specialty contractors (subcontractors).

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                                                    DRAD 2230 – Construction Specifications
                                                                                 MODULE 2 STUDY GUIDE
                                                                                                FALL 2011

Extra Credit
Explain, in your own words, the following(worth .5 points each).





ESSAY (3 points): Explain the Project Delivery and the importance of the Project Delivery in the Project
Life cycle:

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