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					CENES Department Members & Office Hours - Term 2 2011W
as of: Jan 16 2011

NAME                    TITLE                            OFFICE     PHONE          EMAIL                                OFFICE HOURS                   ADDITIONAL INFO
Pailer, Gaby            Department Head                  BuTo 225   604-822-4042   pailer(at)                by appointment
Gerbrandt, Sandra       Dept. Administrator              BuTo 222   604-822-6403   adm.cenes(at)                  Mon-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm
O’Connor, Colleen       Graduate Program Assistant       BuTo 222   604-827-3550   cenes.dept(at)                 closed for lunch 12:30-1:30    Admin Assistant; Webmaster

Baer, Ursula               PhD Student German; GTA   BuTo 296       N/A            ursula(at)                                                 by appointment
Chitnev, Veta              Russian Instructor        BuTo 214       604-822-6604   vchitnev(at)              Tues             9:00-9:30     and by appointment
Deschamps, Bernard         German Faculty            BuTo 216       604-822-6489   Bernard.Deschamps(at)          Fri              1:00-2:00
Dahlmann-Resing, Andrea PhD Student German                                         andrea.dares(at)
Faller, Florian            German Instructor         BuTo 211       604-822-6329   fallerflorian(at)             TR               12:30-1:45    or by appointment
Ganzenmueller, Petra       German Lecturer           BuTo 210       604-827-5590   pegacom(at)               MWF              12:00-12:45   200-lvl Germ co-ord; Business German
Gassner, Florian           PhD Student German                       N/A            floriancmgassner(at)
Grunberg, Michael (Mischa) MA Student German                        N/A            mischa.g123(at)
Hallensleben, Markus       German Faculty            BuTo 206       604-822-5140   mhallen(at)               N/A                            on leave 2011-2012
Hempen, Daniela            German Instructor         BuTo 201       604-822-5133   hempen(at)                MW               1:00-1:50     or by appointment
Hoellering, Tim            PhD Student German                                      tim.hoellering(at)
Iuraşcu, Ilinca            German Faculty                                          iurascu(at)               N/A                            on leave until May 2012
Kage, Melanie              PhD Student German                                      melanie.kage(at)
Karlström, Lena            SCAN/Swedish Lect.        BuTo 202       604-822-5119   lenak(at)                 MWF            2:00-2:30       or by appointment
Karwowska, Bożena          Polish, Russian Lect.     BuTo 213       604-822-5956   bozena(at)                TBA                            Polish placement, Russian minor
Klibadze, Dali             PhD Student German; GTA   BuTo 296       n/a            dali81(at)         M              11:00-11:45
Kremer, Roberta            German Instructor         BuTo 205       604-822-5546   rkremer(at)               TR             2:15-3:15       and by appointment
Kudzia, Helena             Polish Teaching Assistant                               kudzia(at)         Thurs          12:30-1:30
Kumar, Uma                 German Instructor         BuTo 201       604-822-5133   umakumar(at)              Thurs 3:30-4:30; Fri 10-11     or by appointment
Laszlo, Eszter             MA Student German; GTA    BuTo 296                      leszter(at)        M              2:00-2:45
LeBlanc, Richard           MA Student German                                       philosophish(at)
Lima, Tadeo                MA Student German; GTA    BuTo 296                      tlima(at)          Fri 11:00-11:45
Liu, Shuo                  MA Student German; GTA    BuTo 296                      shuoliu(at)        Mon             3:00-4:00
NAME                                   TITLE                                      OFFICE     PHONE          EMAIL                            OFFICE HOURS                  ADDITIONAL INFO
Maslennikov, Igor (Maslenikau, Ihar)   German Instructor                          BuTo 211   604-822-6329   igor.mas(at)              Tues Thurs     5:30-6:30      or by appointment
Monrad, Jens                           Danish/Scan Lecturer                       BuTo 208   604-822-5411   jmonrad(at)           MWF           10:15-11:00
O’Brien, Adelheid                      German Lecturer; Reading Course Co-ord.    BuTo 226   604-822-5457   adelheid(at)              M W 2:00-3:00 & W 5:00-6:00   or by appt.; Reading Course Co-ord.
Pashan, Sara                           MA Student German; GTA                     BuTo 296                  ubcsara8(at)   W             2:00-2:45
Petro, Peter                           Slavic Faculty                             BuTo 212   604-822-6431   petro(at)             MF            12:30-1:30      Russ. minor & Modern Euro. Studies advisor
Polissky, Olena                        Russian Lecturer                           BuTo 214   604-822-6604   olenap(at)            MW             1:00-1:30      Russian placement
Prykhodko, Dariya (Dasha)              Russian Lecturer                           BuTo 205   604-822-5546   dariyap(at)           MWF            2:00-2:30      or by appointment; Russian placement
Redlich, Jeremy                        PhD Student German; GTA                    BRKX 154                  jredlich(at)   W              12:00-1:00
Reed, Rebecca (Becky)                  PhD Student German                                                   becksreed(at)
Revell, Stephanie                      MA Student German; Grad Rep MA                                       stephanie.revell(at)
Rieger, Caroline                       German Faculty; 300-lvl Ger lang co-ord.   BuTo 207   604-822-5156   carolin(at)           M              12:05-12:45    and by appointment. 300&400-lvl german lang co-ord
Salumets, Thomas                       German Faculty                             BuTo 215   604-822-5158   salumets(at)          N/A                           on study leave 2011-2012
Sanders, Travis                        German MA Student; GTA                     BuTo 296                  tks13(at)      W              11:00-11:45
Schenkel, Guido                        German PhD Student; GTA                    BRKX 154                  schenkel(at)   Tues           1:00-2:00
Schulz, Susanne                        German Instructor (PAD)                    BuTo 217   604-822-5165   Susanne.Schulz(at)         W              10:00-11:00
Spreter, Christine                     German Instructor                          BuTo 228   604-822-5154   cspreter(at)          W              8:50-9:50
Stenberg, Peter                        German Faculty                             BuTo 203   604-822-5118   psten(at)             WF             4:00-5:00      or by appt; Graduate Advisor
Struch, Angelika (Gela)                German Lecturer; 100-lvl Germ co-ord       BuTo 209   604-822-2169   angelika(at)          MWF            12:00-1:00     Germ. Placement Exams; 100-lvl Germ co-ord
Svanidze, Tamari                       PhD Student German; GTA                                              tamuna83(at)                                 on leave Jan 1 2012- Dec 31 2012
Taubeneck, Steven                      German/Cens Faculty                        BuTo 204   604-822-2798   taubenst(at)          TR             11:00-12:00    or by appointment
Toor, Gorsharn                         Germ. Instr. /PhD Student                                            gorsharn(at)          n/a
Winthrop-Young, Geoffrey               German Faculty                             BuTo 227   604-822-5155   winthrop(at)          Tues           1:00-1:45      German/Scan Undergrad Advisor
Zaenker, Karl                          German Faculty                             BuTo 228   604-822-5154   kzaenker(at)          TR             12:30-1:15     or by appointment
Zheng, Siqing                          German MA Student; GTA                     BuTo 296                  siqing(at)     M              12:00-12:45

Goetz-Stankiewicz, Marketa             Emerita                                                              marketa(at)
Mornin, Edward                         Emeritus                                                             mornin(at)
Petersen, Klaus                        Emeritus                                                             klausp(at)
Turner, Chris                          Emeritus                                                             cjturner(at)
Wieland, Norma                         Senior Instructor (Retired)                                          nwieland(at)

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