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					                          Brickell Shores Condominium, Inc.
             Physical Address/Mailing Address: 1440 Brickell Bay Drive, Miami, FL 33149
               Tel: 305-358-2876 – Fax: 305-358-2861 – E-mail:

REQUIREMENTS FOR LEASE APPROVAL: Allow up to 2 weeks for processing

  1. Fill out all blanks of the application and authorization form and return the original application package.
      An incomplete application will delay the process.
  2. A non-refundable application fee payable to Michele & Associates, CAM, Inc. in the sum of $100.00.
  3. A refundable common area security deposit in the amount of ½ of one month’s rent, make check
      payable to Brickell Shores Condominium.
  4. A copy of the lease agreement must be attached.
  5. Signed and executed Lease Addendum.
  6. Copy of driver’s license or passport.
  7. Two letters of reference from two (2) individuals who are currently living on the United States and
      whom are not immediate family.
  8. Completed Occupancy Information Sheet.
  9. Signed “Acknowledgement Form.”
  10. Copy of a recent credit report including credit score(s).

  LEASE BY FOREIGNERS: If applicant(s) do not have a US social security number please provide a copy
  of the most recent passport(s) and three (3) letters of reference. One (1) letter must be from a bank, two (2)
  letters must be from individuals who are currently living in the United States. No application will be
  processed without these items.

  You may mail original application to:

              Brickell Shores Condominium
              c/o Manager
              1440 Brickell Bay Drive
              Miami, FL 33131

  Or deliver it to our office located at:

              1440 Brickell Bay Drive
              Miami, FL 33131

        All of the items mentioned above will need to be received before an application is processed.
                                                Application for Occupancy/Approval

Pursuant to the Documents of the Condominium, approval is necessary before occupancy in the building. Our goal is to maintain
updated records per unit in case of any emergencies. Please complete this form and return it with a money order or cashier check for
the processing fee in the amount of $100.00 made payable to Michele & Associates, C.A.M., Inc. Enclose a copy of the purchase or
lease agreement. The information on this form will remain confidential and within your unit file.

NOTE: Print legibly or type all information. Complete all questions and fill in blanks.

Purchase ____ Lease ____ (for how long) ____________ Date ____________                    Years at current address: ____________

Property Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Current Unit Owner Name(s) ____________________________________________________________________

Home telephone _________________ Work ___________________ Cell _______________________


Applicant’s Name: _______________________________________ Date of Birth _______________________

SS# ________________________

Current Address: ________________________________________ City _________________ Zip ____________

Home telephone _________________ Cell ___________________ E-mail ________________________________

Employer __________________________________________ Position ___________________________________

Address ___________________________________________ City/State __________________ Zip Code _______

Work __________________________


Applicant’s Name: _______________________________________ Date of Birth _______________________

SS# ________________________

Current Address: ________________________________________ City _________________ Zip ____________

Home telephone _________________ Cell ___________________ E-mail ________________________________

Employer __________________________________________ Position ___________________________________

Address ___________________________________________ City/State __________________ Zip Code _______

Work __________________________

Name for all household members (maximum of 2 people per bedroom including children):

    1.   __________________________________ Age _________ Relationship _______________

    2.   __________________________________ Age _________ Relationship _______________

    3.   __________________________________ Age _________ Relationship _______________

    4.   __________________________________ Age _________ Relationship _______________

VEHICLES (maximum of 2 vehicles per unit)

Vehicle #1 Make __________________ Model _________ Year ________ Color ___________ Tag # ___________

Vehicle #2 Make __________________ Model _________ Year ________ Color ___________ Tag # ___________


REF #1 Name __________________________ Home Telephone _______________ Work/Cell ________________

Current Address ______________________________ City/ State ________________ Zip ____________________

REF #2 Name __________________________ Home Telephone _______________ Work/Cell ________________

Current Address ______________________________ City/ State ________________ Zip ____________________


Name ___________________________________ Relationship _____________

Home Telephone __________________________ Work ___________________ Cell _______________________

I/We herby authorize Brickell Shores Condominium to make any investigation to confirm the information contained on this
application for occupancy. I/WE understand that this investigation may include, but not limited to: credit report, verification of
employment and background check. I/WE consent to the investigations and authorize and direct any employer, past or present, credit
reporting agencies, banking institutions and law enforcement agencies to release to Brickell Shores Condominium, Inc. shall be held
harmless from any action or claim by me/us in connection with the use of the information contained herein.

_______________________________             _______________________________              ___________________
Applicant’s Name                            Applicant’s Signature                        Date

_______________________________             _______________________________              ___________________
Co-Applicant’s Name                         Co - Applicant’s Signature                   Date

Please include a copy of a photo ID. Please provide a copy of the “Warranty Deed” to the Association’s Manager if the transaction is a
purchase once closing is made.
                                    AUTHORIZATION FORM

APPLICANTS: Most banks, financial institutions, mortgage companies and employers require your
signature and name to verify information. Please complete the form below.

Your are hereby authorized to release information to MICHELE AND ASSOCIATIONS C.A.M. Inc. Any and
all information they request with regards to verification of my bank account(s), credit history, residential
history, criminal record history, employment verification and character references. This information is to be
used for my/our credit report for my/our Application for Occupancy.

I/We hereby waive my privileges. I/we may have with respect to the said information in reference to its release
to the aforesaid party. Information obtained for this report is to be released to the Association for their exclusive
use only.

I/We further state the Application for Occupancy and Authorization Form were signed by me/us and was not
originated with fraudulent intent by me/us or any other person and that the signature(s) below are my/our proper

I/We certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

_______________________________        _______________________________          ___________________
Applicant’s Name                       Applicant’s Signature                    Date

_______________________________        _______________________________          ___________________
Co-Applicant’s Name                    Co - Applicant’s Signature               Date
                                      Brickell Shores Condominium, Inc.
                                            LEASE ADDENDUM

THIS LEASE ADDENDUM, entered into this _____ day of ______________ 20____, by and between
____________________________________, as Owner of Unit No. __________ of BRICKELL SHORES
CONDOMINIUM, INC. (hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”), and
__________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Lessee”), supplements and
modifies that certain Lease Agreement dated ________________ by and between Lessor and Lessee. The
parties hereby agree as follows:

         1. RULES AND REGULATIONS.               Lessee and his guests, invitees, licensees and servants, agree to
take subject to, assume and abide by the Prospectus and Declaration of Condominium and all their exhibits
incorporated thereto, of BRICKELL SHORES CONDOMINIUM, INC., and by execution of this Lease
Addendum, Lessee acknowledges that they have received copies of the foregoing documents. Lessee
specifically but without limitation acknowledges that he has received the rules and regulations of the
Condominium and Lessee understands that he takes subject to same and agrees to abide by such rules and
regulations as same may be amended from time to time, and that the breach by Lessee (or his guests, invitees,
licensees and servants) of any such rule or regulation, or of any of the terms, conditions and covenants of the
Declaration of Condominium or the exhibits thereto, shall constitute a breach of a substantial obligation under
this Lease. Failure of Lessee to abide by said condominium documents and/or rules and regulations of
BRICKELL SHORES CONDOMINIUM, INC. (the “Association”) shall entitle the Association to all the rights
of Lessor to terminate this Lease and evict Lessee. In the event Association brings any action, proceeding or
litigation to terminate this Lease and/or evict Lessee, Association shall recover from Lessor and/or Lessee all
costs and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred therefore.

        2. USE AND OCCUPANCY.              The premises shall be used solely as a private resident for Lessee, and
the following individuals, as listed below:

      (List each occupant stating name, age and relationship to Lessee)

The premises shall not be occupied by more than two (2) persons per bedroom of said condominium unit. For
example, in the event the subject condominium unit contains two (2) bedrooms, not more than four (4) persons
shall be permitted occupancy. In no event shall more than five (5) persons be permitted to occupy a unit. No
more than two (2) guests will be allowed in any unit at any one time. Guest stay must be limited to two (2)
weeks. Lessee agrees not to use the leased premises, or permit the lease premises to be used, for any illegal,
immoral or improper purpose. Lessee agrees not to make, nor permit to be made, any disturbance, noise or
annoyance of any kinds which is detrimental to the premises or to the comfort of any of the inhabitants of the

        3. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING.                  Lessee shall not assign, sublet, mortgage or encumber the
leased premises. Lessor may assign this Lease at any time, without Lessee’s approval, subject only to Lessee’s
right to occupy the lease premises pursuant to this lease.

        4. RIGHT TO RENT.         In the event Lessor is delinquent in his obligation to pay to the Association any
general or special maintenance assessments, or any installment thereof, Association shall have the right, not the
obligation, to require Lessee to pay said rental installments, or the portion thereof sufficient to pay said
delinquent maintenance assessments, directly to Association, upon Association giving written notice of the
exercise of such right to Lessee and Lessor. This right of the Association is cumulative and in addition to any
and all other rights or remedies Association may have against Lessee or Lessor.
        5. COMMON AREA SECURTIY DEPOSIT. The parties acknowledge that the Association has the
power to impose and has required that, as to one half (1/2) month’s rent be collected, said security deposit shall
be held in an escrow account maintained by the Association and will be used to offset the cost of any damage to
Association property or the common elements of the condominium caused by Lessee, his family, licensees,
invitees or guests. Payment of interest, claims against the deposit, refunds, and disputes regarding the deposit
shall be governed by Part II of Chapter 83, Florida Statutes. Lessee shall pay to the Association said common
area security deposit upon execution hereof. The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that if the security
deposit is insufficient to cover damage to Association property of t the common elements, Lessee and Lessor
shall be jointly and severally liable for the cost to correct any such damage over and above the amount of the
security deposit.

         6. ASSOCIATION. Nothing contained in the Lease, this addendum, or the condominium documents
hall in any manner (i) be deemed to make the Association a part to the Lease or this addendum (expect to the
rights hereunder or under the condominium documents), (ii) create any obligation or liability of the Association
to Lessor or Lessee (including, without limitation, any obligation as a landlord under applicable law or any
liability based on the Association’s approval of Lessee pursuant to the Declaration of Condominium, such
approval being solely for the benefit of the Association), or (iii) create any rights or privileges for Lessee under
Lease, this Addendum, or the condominium documents in or as to the Association.

       7. AMENDEMENT. There shall be no modification or amendments to the Lease or this Addendum or
any extensions or renewals thereof without the prior written approval of the Association.

        8. INVALIDITY. In the event any term or provision of this Addendum is determined by a court of
competent jurisdiction to be illegal or otherwise invalid, such provision shall be given its nearest legal meaning
or be construed as deleted as such authority determines, and the remainder of this Addendum shall remain in
full force and effect.

       9. All other terms, conditions and provisions of the Lease shall remain in full force and effect, except as
modified herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties thereto have hereunto set their hands and seals this _________ day of
______________________________, 20_____.

Signed, sealed and delivered
In the presence of


________________________________                              _______________________________________


________________________________                              _______________________________________
                 Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations
       For Brickell Shores Condominium at Key Biscayne Condominium
I hereby agree for myself and on behalf of all who may use the apartment which I seek to Lease:

       1) I will abide by all the restrictions contained in the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations,
          and restrictions which are or may in the future be imposed by BRICKELL SHORES
       2) I may not bring a pet nor may any guest or visitor bring a pet into BRICKELL
          SHORES CONDOMINIUM, INC. nor acquire one, either temporarily or permanently
          after occupancy.
       3) I understand that sub-leasing or occupancy of this apartment in my absence is
       4) I understand I must be present when any guests, visitors, or children who are not
          permanent residents occupy the Apartment and swimming pool.
       5) I understand that any violation of the terms, provisions, conditions, and covenants of
          BRICKELL SHORES CONDOMINIUM, INC. documents provide cause for
          immediate action as therein provided or termination of the leasehold under
          appropriate circumstances.

I understand that the acceptance for Lease of an apartment at BRICKELL SHORES CONDO is
conditioned upon the truth and accuracy of the application for occupancy and upon the approval
of the Board of Directors. Any misrepresentation or falsification of information on these forms
will result in the automatic reject of this application. Occupancy prior to approval is prohibited.

I understand that the Board of Directors of the BRICKELL SHORES CONDOMINIUM, INC.
may cause to be instituted such an investigation of my background as the Board may deem
necessary. Accordingly, I specifically authorize the Board of Directors or Federico N. Padovan,
manager, to make such investigation and agree that the information contained in the attached
application may be used in such investigation, and that the Board of Directors and Officers of
BRICKELL SHORES CONDOMINIUM, INC. itself shall be held harmless from any action or
claim by me in connection with the use of the information contained herein or any investigation
conducted by the Board of Directors.

_____________________________________                        Date________________________

Print Name

_____________________________________                        Date________________________

Print Name
            RULES AND

           MIAMI, FL 33133
                                  GENERAL RULES

1.    Every unit Owner is responsible for prompt payment of maintenance fees, late payment
      charges, assessments, fines or other charges authorized by the Association. Maintenance
      is due the first of each month; a late of 10% is due after the 10th of each month.

2.    All employees are hired by and remain under the direction of the Property Manager or
      Condominium Association. They are all assigned to specific duties and may do not other
      work unless they have a work order issued by the Manager.

3.    No Unit Owner shall be permitted to give direct orders or directions to any employee of
      the Association. All requests for service shall be directed to the Manager. Except in
      Emergency Situations, the Property Manager shall transact all business between Unit
      Owners and the Association in the office on Monday Through Friday between 9:00 A.M.
      and 4:00 P.M.

4.    The Employees shall not leave his duties except in EMERGENCIES.

5.    Before a Unit is to be occupied by guests in the absence of the Unit Owner, a written
      guest identification notice listing names and length of stay must be sent to the Property

6.    No Unit Owner or Occupant may alter, change or remove any furniture, furnishings or
      equipment in the Common Elements.

7.    A Unit Owner shall be liable for the expense of any maintenance, repair, replacement or
      damage to the Common Elements rendered necessary by his or her acts or by those of any
      member of such Unit Owner’s family or the guests, employees, agents or leases of the
      Unit Owner or his family.

8.    Disorderly conduct of any kind is prohibited and is grounds for ejection from any
      portion of the Condominium Property.

9.    At no time shall than two people per bedroom be allowed to live, reside, etc, in a Unit.
      For this purpose, a Convertible Unit is deemed to be a two-bedroom apartment.

10.   No Unit Owner or leases shall invite in his absence any person not in residence to use the
      Condominium facilities.

11.   ALL RESIDENTS shall exercise extreme care at all times about making noises and using
      musical instruments, radios, televisions, and amplifiers that may disturb other residents.

12.   No food or beverage shall be consumed in any of the hallways, lobbies, or other common
      areas of the building.
13.      No outdoor cooking (Terrace or Balcony) is permitted, or hanging garments.

14.      Resident and guests must not tamper with the air conditioning vents in the common areas,
         foyers, etc.

15.      The Association or its employees will not accept registered mail addressed to residents
         unless the addressee gives prior permission for such acceptance.

16.      No children under seventeen years of age are permitted to occupy a Unit unless their
         parent(s) or another adult is in residence in the Unit at the same time.

17.      Tradesmen or workers of any craft to store size or cut any material or object of any kind
         MAY NOT USE HALLWAYS. All such work and any related clean-up work must be
         accomplished within a Unit or the lower garage level.

18.      NO DOMESTIC ANIMALS are allowed in the Condominium Property.

19.      No one allowed with swimsuits in Lobby, you must use back door.

20.      The Condominium Association has the first Right of Refusal, to lease or Purchase any
         private Dwelling as per Condominium Documents.

21.      Before any Unit is sold or leased, said Unit Owner must receive the Approval of the
         Condominium Association and must receive a letter of clearance before such transaction
         can close.

22.      All Condominium Units shall be and remain the same exterior design, shape, color and
         appearance as other Condominium Units of the same class or type.

      We suggest, a professional, to prevent any damage to the property, should do any job
      inside the unit. Also, provide the Administration a key to be used only in case of an
      emergency in your absence to prevent forcing and damaging your door. THE

      Signature _____________________________           Date _______________________

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