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                      Draft Minutes - Health Cluster Coordination Meeting
                            Thursday 1st December 2011 10:00 a.m
                                     WHO Confrence room

Name                         Organization            E-mail address                   Telephone
Mohamed Abdullahi Omar       WHO                     Mohamedabdulahi2000@yahoo.com    061554553
Abdi Hersi                   H. Cluster              Hersi1959@yahoo.co.uk            0618712932
Dr Mohamed Mohamud Abdinor   IRC                     Sahal33@hotmail.com              0615127878
Mohamed Ali Hassan           WHO                     cholerala@yahoo.com              0615549607
Farhan Bashir Hassan         WHO                     farhanjubba@gmail.com            0618222897
Mohamed Hussein Omer         UNICEF                  mhomer@unicef.org                0615549607
Ali Hussein Yusuf            SOPHPA                  Sophpa2001@yahoo.com             062373381
Ahmed Farah Roble            OCHA                    roblea@un.org                    0615115824
Dr Mohamud Mohamed Hersi     Hijra                   Hirsi91@hotmail.com              0615554866
Hassan Abukar Abdi           DMF                     Umulqura88@hotmail.com           0615510114
Zeilici Muse                 DMF                     Dr-adan@hotmail.com              0615562159
Dr Mohamed El Hefnawi        Arab Medical Union      somalia@arabmu.com               0618943601
Dr Ahmed Alam Eldeen         Arab Medical Union      somalia@arabmu.com               0618943612
Nasra Ahmed Mohamed          SHARDO                  Shardo95@yahoo.com               0615536583
Yasir Mohamed Ahmed          Mercy Malatia           mr.vission2015@hotmail.com       0618309457
Dr Fowzan Ali Ahmed          PASOS                   Passo97@hotmail.com              0615962020
Bukharin Sahal Qasim         Patients Helping Fund   phfsomalia@gmail.com             0615930103
Dr Shafie Mohamed Jumale     Banadir hospital        Jimale07@gmail.com               0615528685
Dr Ahmed Abdi Aden           CPD/SC                  Health.cpdsomalia@gmail.com      0615388990
Mohamed Hussein              Somali Aid              Somaliaid@hotmail.com            0615538752
Dr Osman G. Amir             SOADO                   soadongo@hotmail.com             0615384774
Abshir Aweys Yusuf           SOADO                   Soadongo@hotmail.com             0615303918
Dr Hussein Hirey Kulane      CESVI                   Husseinhirey@cesvioverseas.org   0615543882
Mohamud Shere Mohamed        WHO                     mohamud-shire@yahoo.co.uk        0615549875
Dr Bashir Sabrie Halane      ARC                     sabriehalane@hotmail.com         062967030
Abdulqadir Mohamed Dahir     WARDI                   wardiorg@hahoo.com               0618701120
Dr Mohamed Abdirahman        PHF                     phfsomalia@gmail.com             0618930100
Dr Mahad M. Hassan           WAMY                    Drmahad60@hotmail.com            0615557979

     1. Welcome and Introduction
     2. Update on previous action points
     3. Updating HFs and gap analysis
     4. Update on outbreaks and response (Measles, AWD/Cholera and Malaria)
     5. Surveillance system and reporting plan
     6. Finalization and flow up of the 3ws matrix
     7. AOB
1. Introduction
The meeting was chaired by the new health Cluster focol point, Dr Abdi Hersi, who welcomed
the HC members to the meeting and introduced the agenda. Hersi asked members to introduce

2. Review of previuos meeting minutes.
The meeting minutes was distributed to the members through e-mail asking their comments.
During the meeting, the chair asked if there are any comments. The members endorsed the
minutes as correct.

3. Updates of health facilities in Mogadishu and gap analysis
Although there are many humanitarian agencies which are currently implementing
health activities in Mogadishu, the quality of health care is very poor. The health cluster
focal point (Dr Hersi) has explained the role of the cluster which is coordination and
technical support. Some organizations presented to the meeting the type and number of
health facilities they suport and their locations.

Dr Ahmed Abdi of CPD/Save the Children (partner with Save the children) informed that
they are running 4 OPDs in Mogadishu and continues an Integrated Health and
Nutrition program.

WAMY has opened new health centre in Abdiaziz district of Banadir region in
September 2011. So far staff training was conducted (IMCI), Free ampulance service is
provided and WAMY welcomes the cluster members willing to utilize this service,
WAMY has collaboration with King Fahad Charity which supports WAMY financialy.
WAMY is planning to expand the health centre and will create Mother and children
hospital (small) in Abdiaziz. WAMY has also assessed Yaqshid districts and will share
the results with the cluster.

Mr Osman Gedow of SOADO informed that they opened one MCH in Abdiaziz district
and they have an agreement with UNICEF.

Dr Hirey of CESVI confirmed that CESVI has opened health centre in Wardhigley
district and planning to increase the number facilities and mobile clinics. CESVI plans to
open CTC in Wardhigley locality and will start Ambulance services.

Dr Mohamud confirmed that HIJRA is running 2 MCHs (one in Lafole and one in
Dharkenley) and recently started one mobile clinic in Bondhere district. HIJRA plans to
open a Referral Health Centre in Badbado IDP camp. HIJRA also supports Banadir
hospital by providing hygiene and cleaning materials.
Patients Helping Fund (PHF), a Sudan based NGO, has opened OPD in Hodon district
(Tarabuunka) at IDP camps. PHF is planning to conduct IMCI traing to health workers in
Mogadishu, Banadir hospital is their firs target (Dr Mohamed has mentioned).

Arab Medical Union (AMU) suports one Health centre in Hodon. Minister of Health TFG
visited the centre ealier and promised to send technical people from MOH to evaluate
the facility. AMU requested WHO to provide medical supplies.

Most of the obove mentioned facilities are mainly OPDs and health posts and few
implement EPI and Antenatal care. Some of them are not using Somalia treatment
guidelines. Dr Hersi requested to UNICEF and WHO to prepare brainstorming
presentation in the next meeting.

4. Updates on outbreaks
High number of AWD , Measles and Malaria cases were reported by different agencies
in Mogadishu. Banadir hospital admits most of the cases and reports to the cluster
regularly. In week 46 (14 – 20 November), the hospital reported 291 cases of AWD with
4 deaths; in the same period 63 cases of measles and 133 cases of Malaria were
reported from the hospital. In week 47 (21-27 November), Banadir hospital reported 263
cases of AWD (with 7 death), 53 cases of measles and 77 cases of Malaria. The data
reported by Banadir hospital and confirmed by surveillance data showed reduction of
cases in week 47 comparing week 46.

Dr Shaficie of Banadir hospital informed to the health cluster that the majority of
patients come from Hodan, Wardhigley, Howlwadag and Wadajir districts. The doctor
informed that there are some patient relatives who cough the infection while in the
hospital or immediately after they left the hospital. This is due to the poor sanitation and
the shortage of cleaning materials and chlorine at the hospital.

The reports from main partners (including Islamic Releif, WARDI, HIJRA, CPD/SC,
MANHALl, Mulim Aid, WAMY,CESVI, Banadir hospital and SOADO among others) are
summarised bellow:

WEEKS                           AWD       Bl. Diarrhea   Measles   Malaria
 W46 (14 -20 November 2011)       748         133          105       337
 W47 (21-27 November 2011)        713         116          79        223
            Total                 1461        249          184       560

5. Suveillance system and reporting plan
Dr Abdi Hersi requested to all cluster members to submit their reports one day before
the cluster meeting. The cluster agreed to use standardized reporting format. The chair
requested to prepare data collection template asking if there are some volunteers who
draft one and share with the members (See the action points).

6. Finalization and flow up of the 3 W matrix
Mr Mohamed Abdullahi of WHO remined the members to fill the 3 W matrix within 3
days. Mr Ahmed Farah Roble of UNOCH suggested to fill the form as soon as passible
as the deadline has already passed.

7. Action points
   a. Preparation of cluster reporting template and submition before the next meeting,
      Wamy, CESVI, HIJRA together with Cluster focal point volunteered to prepare
      the form.
   b. Partners fill 3 W matrix and submit to the cluster by Monday 5th December

The next health cluster meeting will be held on Thursday 15th December at 10:00 AM at
WHO conference room.

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