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									         POWER TO CHANGE: YWCA Honduras Strategic Planning 2010-2012
                                November 2011
   Prepared by: YWCA Honduras Board of Directors & Norma Brito, General Secretary

Andrea Gradiz, Finance Committee and Elvia Brito, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, two
young women board members of YWCA of Honduras, will travel to Canada for two weeks in
January or February 2012 to receive capacity building training in communications and fundraising.
Andrea and Elvia are responsible to share their new acquired knowledge with the members and
Board of Directors of YWCA Honduras to develop activities and strengthen the organization.
YWCA Canada will be seeking Member Associations with Spanish-language capacity to host Andrea
and Elvia and provide training. There is budget to support visits to several cities.

  TOPIC 1: Online public relations: Effective tools and innovative strategies for communications,
                 public relations and marketing. (Elvia to be trained in Canada)

OBJECTIVE: Develop and implement traditional, electronic and social media strategies to increase
external and internal visibility.

   1. Develop a YWCA Honduras online blog
   2. Develop a YWCA Honduras website
   3. Develop an e-newsletter
   4. Develop online communications with community and e-bulletin providing updates on
       YWCA Honduras activities
   5. Develop a plan and strategies to increase visibility in the community

 TOPIC 2: Fundraising: Train the Board of Directors and specifically the finance committee in raising
                  funds for YWCA of Honduras. (Andrea to be trained in Canada)

OBJECTIVE: Raise funds to sustain the function and activities of YWCA Honduras.

   1. Develop a system to collect allocation funds from YWCA Honduras’ members
   2. Develop strategies to build a solid and credible system to raise funds for YWCA Honduras
       and create awareness in the community about the direct impact investing in the YWCA has
       in addressing social issues in society.
   3. Train the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee to manage YWCA Honduras
       finances in a transparent and accountable manner and be able to demonstrate to the
       donors how their donations are spent.

As part of the project, two YWCA volunteers will travel to Tegucigalpa in Honduras in January or
February 2012 to conduct training with members and Board of Directors of YWCA Honduras in
violence against women & girls prevention programs and in developing a culture of volunteering.
The volunteers must be Spanish-speaking. The project will cover all expenses for the trip, but will
not cover wages for the period.

                      TOPIC 1: Violence against women & girls prevention programs
                                         (Training in Honduras)

OBJECTIVE: Deliver violence prevention programming for women and youth. There are no public
or private institutions that deliver violence prevention programs in Honduras.

   1. Train YWCA of Honduras members and the Board of Directors on fundamental knowledge
       of violence against women, prevention programs for youth and raising public awareness
   2. Deliver violence prevention programming for youth and women
   3. Deliver the project “Identifica tu mejor futuro” focused on the student population and
       teens in Tegucigalpa’s public school.

    Healthy relationships                                   Sexual health
    Body image                                              Self-esteem
    Mental health                                           Decision-making

                                       TOPIC 2: Volunteering
                                       (Training in Honduras)

OBJECTIVE: As volunteer culture does not exist in Honduras, the question of volunteering needs
discussion among the board and members of YWCA of Honduras to build a body of volunteers for
the organization. YWCA of Honduras currently has one half-time staff person.

   1. Highlight the benefits of volunteering and of community engagement through meaningful
       activities with the Board and members of YWCA of Honduras
   2. Raise the participation from the board and members and the development and delivery of
       YWCA Honduras’ programs and community activities


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