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                 Disability Officer - Roles and Responsibilities
Role:                                      Organise coaching and playing opportunities for players with

Approximate time commitment:               To be agreed with club
Useful skills and experience:              Previous experience working with people with a disability
                                           Good communicator
                                           Reliable and responsible
                                           Good knowledge of local schools
                                           Friendly and approachable
                                           Knowledge of school sport structure
                                           Experience in coaching

Support / Training:                        Support from the club
                                           Opportunity to gain a UKCC qualification
                                           Disability specific support via ECB or other partners such as National
                                           Deaf Children’s Society or English Federation of Disability Sport.

   To ensure the facilities of the Cricket club are accessible to all
   To represent the club at schools cricket festivals
   Communicate with the schools to integrate the school players who have a disability into the club.
   Communicate and promote clubs activities within the schools
   To promote the club and the disability activities within it to the County Board
   To be aware of the pathways open for cricketers with a disability
   To lead by example and be an agent for culture change within cricket in terms of inclusive practice.

Benefits of volunteering:
   A brilliant CV booster – working with the England and Wales Cricket Board
   Development of your interests to become a profession
   Disability cricket is one of the fastest growing parts of the game – be a part of it.
   Support your portfolio
   Satisfaction from doing something to make a difference within your local community
   Development of your interests to become a profession.
   Physical and social benefits – a chance to get out, have fun and meet some new people – enjoying the
    traditional social life that cricket clubs generate
   Supporting your local community – putting something back into your community, personal satisfaction
    knowing you have helped others.

             If you would like further information or wish to apply for this opportunity please contact:

                                  Contact details of volunteer coordinator

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