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23 JULY 2009                                                Annexe 1


                    EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN

                            13 September 2009

Author: Samantha Whitehead – Change & Development Manager

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                                    ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                              Annexe 1
1.       Event Details

All events are different in style and characteristics; however the basic structure of an event
management plan is the same. Event Managers are responsible for ensuring the safety of event
and all personnel involved. Because of this it is important to have plans that are detailed.
Complete clear and well documented, as well as being distributed to all necessary stakeholders.

1.1      Event Details

     Name of the event:     Nonsuch Park Awareness Day
     Date of the event:     13 September 2009
     Venue:                 Nonsuch Park
     Address of Venue:      Ewell Road, Cheam, Surrey
     Capacity of Venue:     Expected to attract an additional 500 visitors to the park
     Start:                 1100                      Finish:                 1600
     Set Up:                0830                      Take Down:              1730

1.2      Event Manager

     Event Manager:          Samantha Whitehead - Lead
     Organisation:           Epsom & Ewell Borough Council
                             Operational Services
                             Longmead Depot
                             Blenheim Road
                             KT19 9AP
     Telephone:              01372 732520
     Fax:                    01372 748663
     Email:                  swhitehead@epsom-ewell.gov.uk
                             Peter Steel – Senior Gardener
     Assisted by:
                             Nicola Kearns – Let's Get Active Coordinator

Contact(s) during the event:

     Samantha Whitehead
     Peter Steel
     Nicola Kearns

1.3      Description of the event

      The aim of the event is to celebrate and educate on the wide range of activities the Park plays
      host to over the course of a year. It is also the aim to promote harmony and understanding
      between park users and instil a sense of unity.

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                             ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                       Annexe 1
 List details of the type of entertainment being provided

Activity                                                     Group                                              Location
   Dr. Bike check ups for your bicycle
   Promotion of cycling etiquette and safety
                                                             CTC - lead by Shirley & Colin Quemby               London Road Dog Free Area
   Guided cycles tours around the park
   Promotion of cycle training for adults and children

Walking                                                      Healthwalks - Organised by Nicola Kearns - Let's
                                                                                                                Cheam Dog Free Area
 Guided walks around the park                               Get Active Coordinator, EEBC

 Family orienteering exercises                              Mole Valley Orienteering                           Front of Mansion House

Dog Walkers
   Dog Health Checks
                                                             Frean & Smythe Vets
   Dog Goodie Bags
                                                             Nonsuch Park dog walking community
   Police dog demonstrations                                Trophy Pet Foods
                                                                                                                Sparrow Farm Area
   Dog training tips and tricks                             Surrey Police
   Launch of the Dog Owner Code of Conduct

 Information from the NCT                                                                                      Cheam Dog Free Area
                                                             Fit 4 Baby
 Buggy Mums fitness classes
                                                             Lower Mole Project?
 Information on the bio diversity found in Nonsuch Park                                                        ?
                                                             Nonsuch Watch?
 Guided conservation walks – Nonsuch Watch

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                               ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                         Annexe 1

 Opportunity to speak with the gardening staff                 Nonsuch Park Staff                            Formal Gardens
 Guided walks around the formal gardens
 Heritage Day – Mansion House open for tours             Friends of Nonsuch
                                                                                                              Mansion House
 Museum                                                  Bovingdons – Nonsuch Mansion Caterers
                                                                                                              Banqueting Site/Palace Site
 Nonsuch Gold - abbreviated version of Nonsuch Gold with Jeremy Harte – Museum Curator
  two historical walks planned for morning and afternoon
 Opportunity to speak with running club representatives      Organised by Nicola Kearns - Let's Get Active
 Information relating to organised runs around the park – as Coordinator, EEBC
Other attractions
 Tai Chi demonstrations –Cheam Dog Free area
 Sutton Film Officer/Sutton Film Makers – to be based in the
  Formal Gardens                                                Tai Chi Clinic
 Epsom & Ewell Leisure Development and Sutton Leisure Sutton Film Officer
                                                                                                              Cheam Dog Free Area
  Development representatives                          Epsom & Ewell Borough Council & London
                                                                                                              Formal Gardens
 Meet the Joint Management Committee Members – to be Borough of Sutton Officers and Councillors              Apiary
  based in the Formal Gardens                          Nonsuch Bee Keepers
 Visitor Survey – Ranger Service to be based on grass
  triangle at the Mansion House Car Park
 Nonsuch Bee Keepers - demonstration

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                                       ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                                 Annexe 1
2.       Operations

2.1      Police contact

     Name:                PC Diane Walker
     Station:             Epsom
     District:            Surrey

2.2      Licences

     Will alcohol be available at the event?             Alcohol will only be available from the
                                                         licensed caterer
     Will an application for an Events Licence be         TBC

2.3      Public liabilit y Insurance

     Have you investigated public liability and          In progress
     duty of care issues and obtained appropriate
     Event is underwritten by:                           Zurich
     Policy Number:

2.4      Health and Safet y Risk Assessments

TO FOLLOW for individual activities

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                                      ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                                Annexe 1
3.       Consultation w ith Key Stakehol ders

3.1      Consultation regist er

 List the names of individuals and organisations you have consulted with in planning this event.

                 Stakeholder                 Organisation
                 Police Service              PC Diane Walker
                 Local Council               Various departments
                 Ambulance Service           St John’s Ambulance
                 Fire and Rescue Authority
                 Hire company                Loos for Do
                 Security Personnel          Nonsuch Rotary Club
                                             Territorial Army
                 Licensing Division          EEBC
                 Local Businesses            Trophy Pet Foods
                 Media                       EEBC Communications Team
                 Catering                    Bovingdons
                 Heritage                    Friends of Nonsuch
                                             Jeremy Harte
                 Cyclists                    CTC - Shirley & Colin Quemby
                 Walkers & Runners           Nicola Kearns - Let's Get Active Coordinator
                 NCT                         Noreen Siba
                 Fit 4 Baby                  Penny
                 Nonsuch Dog Walkers         Cheryl Wales
                 Tai Chi                     Tony Hardiman – The Chi Clinic
                 Surrey Beekeepers           Mrs Forbes

3.2      Planning meeting

     A series of planning meetings will be conducted with the key stakeholders in the run up to the

3.3      Briefing – before event

A briefing (Immediately before the event) will be conducted with the key stakeholders on:

     Date:                  13 September 2009
     Time:                  1000

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                           ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                     Annexe 1
   Venue:              Nonsuch Park – Front of Mansion House

3.4    Debriefing – after event

A debriefing (after the event) will be conducted with the key stakeholders on:

   Date:               TBC

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                                       ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                                 Annexe 1
4.       Event Planni ng

4.1      Selection of a venue

     Describe any modifications or special       A selection of small marquees may be used by
     temporary structures being added to          different organisers to protect them from
     the venue for this event                     inclement weather.
     In what way will access to the site         All three car parks will be used with an overflow
     need to be modified for the duration         parking facility on Church Field. The car parks
     of the event? Eg. Road closures              will be marshalled.

4.2      Site Plan

A site plan will follow which will include:
 The surrounding area
 All entrances and exits
 Emergency access routes
 Paths used by vehicles
 Shared Paths
 Parking
 Activity locations
 Security and police locations
 First aid posts
 Lost children/property
 Catering
 Toilet facilities
 Communication centre / command post
 Refuse containers

4.3      Event promotion and ticketing

     What is the focus or purpose of the          Activities that will appeal to all sections of the
     event?                                        community and visitors to Nonsuch Park
     How is this explained in the promotion       This will be communicated in all media coverage
     and publicity for the event?                  of the event
     Where is the event to be publicised
                                                  The event will be publicised in local newspapers
     and promoted? ) eg. Radio, posters,
                                                   and in Nonsuch Park
     print media)
     What is the ticketing process for the
     event? (Eg. Tickets at gate, pre-sold        The event does not require tickets
                                                  An event guide will be published and available to
     Other promotional material

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                                     ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                               Annexe 1
4.4     Signage

    What signs will be used                      Low key signs will be used to mark out activity
                                                  areas and parking facilities.

4.5     Noise

    List the provisions you have made to         This is a low key event which will not generate
    minimise and monitor the level of             significant noise intrusion.

4.6     Weather

    Detail the contingency plans in case of      Inclement weather will have an impact on visitor
    bad weather                                   numbers. Stakeholders will be encouraged to
                                                  provide small marquees to protect themselves,
                                                  but it is accepted that this is an outside activity.


4.8     Information centre and communication

    Will an information centre be clearly        The main event area will focused around the
    identified and available to patrons at        Mansion House, but there will marshals available
    the event?                                    at other strategic locations around the park, to
                                                  assist the public. All marshals and event staff
                                                  will be contactable by mobile phones (a list of
                                                  key numbers will be published).

4.9     Food

    What catering provision will be              It is envisaged Bovingdons will provide a level of
    available?                                    catering to the public; this still needs to be
                                                  discussed in more detail.

4.12    Toilets

    How many toilets will be provided?           The public toilets which include disabled facilities
                                                  will be available and prices for portaloos are
                                                  being obtained.

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                        ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                  Annexe 1
4.13     Entry and exit det ails

Checklist to ensure that entrance and exit arrangements:

    provide for supervision, marshalling and directing crowds
    provide exit and escape routes
    provide access for emergency services
    have access for wheelchairs
    separate walking and vehicular traffic
    keep entries clear of all other activities
    ensure barriers, fences, gates are suitable and sufficient
    check placement and function of exit signs
    Event staff, security, police, catering all informed patron exit times

6.       Health and Safet y I ssues

6.1      Securit y

Describe security arrangements:

     Event security:                                  Nonsuch Rotary
     Commence at:                                     TBC
     Conclude at:                                     TBC

6.2      First aid and emergency medical servi ces

     Who is supplying the first aid service?          St Johns Ambulance
     Start Time:                                      TBC
     Finish Time:                                     TBC
     Number of first aid personnel:                   TBC
     Number of first aid posts:                       TBC

6.3      Emergency procedures

     What is the process to ensure that all          TBC
     event staff, security staff, police and
     emergency services will be informed of
     the emergency evacuation plan?
     Who is the nomination person to                 TBC
     authorise an evacuation?
     Name:                                           TBC
     Contact details during the event:               TBC

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NONSUCH PARK JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE                                                  ITEM 05
23 JULY 2009                                                                            Annexe 1

8.       Compile a File

8.1      Keeping documents and information

     Has a filing system been established?                   YES
     Who is responsible for maintaining the file?            Samantha Whitehead

8.2      Documents to be kept

Complete the following checklist to ensure that all records are included in the file:

    Event plan
    Stakeholder contacts
    Record of meetings
    Licences/Insurance
    Inward correspondence (including faxes and emails)
    Outward correspondence (including faxes and emails)
    Emergency plan
    Media Plan./press articles/Promotional material – posters, flyers
    Event program
    Site plan
    Accounts
    Quotes for service or products
    Photos

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