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									                           LESSON PLAN
Course Title:                 Emergency Evacuation Planning

Course Number:                EMP201

Course Description:           Provide emergency planners with guidance and information
                              in the development of evacuation programs and floor warden
                              training. Session will cover plan organization, duties and
                              responsibilities, assembly areas, accounting for employees,
                              inspections, employees that require assistance during an
                              evacuation, as well as the scheduling and evaluation of
                              evacuation drills.

Target Audience:              Site Emergency Coordinators, Site Facility
                              Managers/Coordinators, Site Loss Prevention Coordinators

Course Duration:              2 Hours

Standards Addressed:          Phoenix Fire Code 404.3, 406.3
                              OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38
                              AZ RS R2-10-207-4

General Goal(s):              To assist designated emergency planners in developing their
                              emergency evacuation programs

Specific Objectives:          Attendees will receive training to assist in:
                                   Developing their own emergency evacuation plan
                                   Training floor wardens
                                   Identifying assembly areas
                                   Conducting inspections
                                   Scheduling and evaluating evacuation drills

Required Materials:           Training room, LCD projector, Fire video, Handouts, Sign in

Opening/Introduction:         Show “Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire” Video go over why
                              it is important to have an evacuation plan in place

Step-By-Step Procedures:         1.   Intro
                                 2.   Objectives
                                 3.   Purpose – Show Video, Case Studies
                                 4.   Organization and Responsibilities
                                 5.   Floor Warden Training
                                             6. Evacuation Procedure
                                             7. Employees Requiring Assistance
                                             8. Evacuation Drills
                                             9. Drill Evaluation Checklist
                                             10. Fire/Safety Inspections
                                             11. Emergency Response Plan

Plan for Independent Practice:            Provide emergency evacuation plan template

Conclusion:                               Summarize purpose and objectives

Assessment Based On Objectives:           Give test

Possible Connections to Other Subjects:   Crisis Management, COOP, Emergency Preparedness,
                                          Fire/Life Safety Inspections

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