SPORTS ADVISORY BOARD

                               Minutes of April 21, 2008

      The meeting was called to order by President, Charlie Muracco, at 7:07 p.m. at
the Washington Township Municipal Building.

       The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was recited.

      Sports Advisory Board members in attendance were Lisa Collins, Frank
Ragozzino, Rich Silvesti, Trey Slough and Kayden Stanzione. Jim McKeever, Director
WT Municipal Services was also in attendance.

        Sports board members in attendance were John Daly, Soccer; Renee Iannace,
Softball; Mike Mullin, Football; Al Piccoli, Baseball, Debbie Poolos, Carolyn Webster,
Football Cheerleading; Dave Robins, Lacrosse; Rocco Siravo, Track and Field; and Steve
Vitola, Basketball.

              Mrs. Collins moved to approve the minutes of the March 17, 2008 meeting
              circulated. The motion received a second and was approved.

-Mrs. Iannace told those present that the program had a minor cast of lice among the 10
and 7 year old girls. All helmets have been thoroughly checked and cleaned.
-Fields look good. Opening Day is Saturday, April 28, 2008.
-Building is up

-Pitch, Hit and Run will be held on April 8; Opening Day on April 12.
-On Thursday, the board will meet with those involved in the Guarracino matter.
-The board is working on the Memorial Day tournament.

A listing of those suspended during the 2008 season was distributed to each board.

-The Booster Club Financial Report will be emailed to the SAB’s Secretary as well as the
coaches’ list.
-Spring Football is going well.
-Football had an early registration this month and will have another in June.
-Football bylaws were tabled until the May meeting.

 -The program presented an addendum to their bylaws.
        Each squad will receive 2 allowances for registration of board members’ children
in the program.
        If a member does not have a child in the program, they are forfeited and cannot be
passed on to
        someone else. Coaches must pay for all equipment needed to participate.

       Program to provide a competition squad using only the cheerleaders from the
WTYCA. A tryout
       would take place in mid September. There would be 2 squads formed based on 2
age groups.

       The cheerleading will no longer cheer at away games. They will be assigned to
squads by age
       groups and will attend all home games and cheer for whichever team is home that
week. A
       uniform will be provided.

Mr. Stanzione stated that the addendum should be reviewed after the sign ups at Super
Saturday. A second flyer will be distributed.

Their bank statement was submitted for review.

- The Spring Tournament was successful. There were no field issues. 108 Teams
participated. They had to turn away 12 teams shutting down registration one week early.
The tournament generated a profit of $25.000.00.
-Spring Soccer is in its 4th week. Games had to be rescheduled due to conflicts with
District Baseball games and tryouts for Fall Soccer travel teams conflicted with Baseball
-900 have registered online to date. 80-90% of travel team players have registered.
Tryouts for Travel Soccer will be held Saturday and Sunday. A third party has been
hired to evaluate the players. 353 have tried out.
-Uniform bid went out with the uniforms being provided by AMPRO.
- Sports ‘n Motion Photography has yet to give the Soccer Board the profit made on the
photos. A letter from the Township’s Solicitor is being sent.
-With the proceeds from their fundraisers, Soccer will be redoing all four (4) fields at the
County House Complex. Soccer’s goal is to take the kids off the school fields and have
them use the fields at this complex.

-A very successful home meet was held with over 1,000 children participating.

       Mr. Silvesti moved to approve the 2008 Track and Field coaches. The motion
received a
       second and was approved.
        Mrs. Collins moved to approve the Track and Field picture fundraiser provided
Sports ‘n
        Motion is not the vendor. The motion received a second and was approved

       Mr. Silvesti moved to approve Track and Field running the snack stand during
their meets.
       The motion received a second and was approved.

-The program will be purchasing a defibrillator at a cost of $8,000.00
-Custodial fees are being charged on Saturdays. The track is used three (3) nights a week
for practices and three (3) weekends for meets.


       Ms. Collins moved to approve the Lacrosse coaches for the 2008 season. The
       motion received a second and was approved.

Lacrosse will move off the football field May 1 so it can be ready for Football. The
program will use Johnson Road fields; however, the fields there need work. There are
too many holes that may cause injuries to the players.

WRESTLING - No one from this program was present.


MEGAN’S LAW: The Kanka fund which is a State Agency can make direct payment to
the fingerprinting firm and they will pay $18.35 per coach with the Township picking up
the remaining $8.25 per coach.
There would be no expense to the coaches. It was suggested that each person screened
should be given a lanyard with a card stating they have had a background check. The
screening is good for three (3) years.

TASK FORCE – At this point it is unsure whether the referendum to provide funds for
sports facilities will be on the ballot in November. Taxes are going up and it may not be
a good time to ask voters for more money. The decision on the referendum will be made
by July.

-A discussion among the boards regarding the contribution from each board of $25,000
toward a turf field took place. This field would be placed at the Football Complex on
East Holly Avenue. Mike Mullen will call a meeting with all the boards to discuss this

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Mary Schneider, Secretary

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