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									                                Gloucestershire Rugby Football Union
                                                      Patron: HRH The Princess Royal
                                                         President: Gordon Selwyn

                                                                                                      Geoff Davies
                                                                                              Discipline Chairman
12 September 2011                                                                                    19 Field Lane
                                                                                                    Glos GL11 6JF
                                                                                      Home tel no: 01453 546410
                                                                                        Mobile no: 07767 627970

Dear All


I hope you have had a good summer and have returned with renewed vigour for the new season. As with last
season, I would like to communicate some changes and set up our key initiative for 2011/12. I also want to build
on the relationship we started to develop where dialogue between ourselves was most productive and beneficial.


    1) A communication from the I.R.B. on dangerous tackles
    2) An update of RFU Regulation 19

Both of these will be communicated to you directly from the County Office and for the record will be posted on
the GRFU website.


Many have heard me say that “prevention is better than cure” and I have not wavered from the belief that this
must be the way forward. If growth and development of our game is our ultimate aim then the image we (the
game) portray is very influential in achieving this goal.

Changing behaviour both on the field and the touchline is not going to be easy but we must start somewhere. I
suggest the following:

Whitehall Rugby Club had occasion to review the disciplinary section of their Club Constitution. They found that it
did not meet current needs and set about rewriting this section. This is an example of good practice and a copy is
posted on the GRFU website.

PUBLICISE - Ensuring that everyone in your club and visitors are aware of the expected standards of behaviour
will help to prevent unacceptable activity. It also leaves them with no excuse when discipline ensues.
Tewkesbury RFC has produced a large sign which is prominently displayed; they have a template which can be
customised. They are happy to produce any orders at cost price. Contact Ken Watkins at Tewkesbury RFC on

INCENTIVES - You may initially consider various incentives to kick start your initiative. I am considering a County
Award for which I would welcome suggestions. I know that Referee Societies are also proactive in this area.

POLICING - Reacting to bad behaviour is an essential part of the package and I think that every Club Member has
a part to play. How you establish the right environment will vary from Club to Club.

Good luck, I would appreciate some feedback; especially successes.

County Office: Old Stone Cottage, Orange End, Inglestone Common, Badminton, South Glos, GL9 1BP
Tel: 01454 299215       Email:
Website:    Registered No: IP29240R

You should all be aware of RFU Regulation 19.1.4:

    “Every Club shall appoint a Disciplinary Panel charged with the responsibility of maintaining the standards of
    discipline within that Club. They are further required to take appropriate action in accordance with these
    Regulations and, unless set out to the contrary in these Regulations, shall be responsible for the conduct of
    their own members and for investigating allegations of foul play and/or acts of misconduct which have taken
    place on Club premises or as part of Club activity.”

As no Constituent Body has the power or right to further delegate its powers any action taken by a Club
Disciplinary panel will not preclude any action taken by the County Disciplinary Panel but will be considered in its

As you are all getting familiar with the “sanction list”, which I think is important given the above regulation, I
would ask you to communicate as follows:

Disciplinary measures taken by any Club -

          No Club imposed sanction will be recognised by the GRFU until the details have been communicated to
          the GRFU Disciplinary Secretary and GRFU County Administrator. The details will then be posted on the
          GRFU website and removed when the sanction is completed. Sanctions applied by the GRFU or the RFU
          Disciplinary process will also be posted on the website as above.

Again to improve familiarity with the disciplinary process, Club Disciplinary Chairmen are invited to observe at the
County Panel sitting. Please contact Dave Parry Jones.


Illicit Drugs - We will not be taking our eye off the ball as far as the use of illicit drugs is concerned. We had one
report last season which was investigated but no evidence could be found. I ask you all to remain vigilant.

Abuse of Officials - Again “abuse of officials” will not be tolerated. I am currently discussing levels of sanctions
with the RFU and will communicate any changes.

School & Youth Discipline -

Jurisdiction: If a player is sent off or cited in a school match, then that player’s head teacher shall be responsible
for taking action under the guidance of the CB Schools and Youth Disciplinary Secretary (CBSYDS)

If a player is sent off or cited in a club youth match then that player’s Club Secretary (via the Club Disciplinary
Panel) will be responsible for taking action under the guidance of the CBSYDS.

It is vital that Referees’ reports and details from the responsible person for discipline at Club Youth and Schools
are sent to the Schools and Youth Secretary as soon as possible.

Finally in anticipation I thank you all for your co-operation and wish you every success for the coming season.


G L Davies
Chairman of Discipline

Distribution: Club Chairmen, Club Secretaries, M & Y Contacts, Referees Society

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