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									                       Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
                                 Agenda attached

DATE: APRIL 28, 2006                                         TIME 9 A.M.

LOCATION:    American Express

                                          MEMBERS PRESENT
                                MOSES BALL, APPRENTICESHIP COORDINATOR
                                   PAUL CITRULLO, EXECUTIVE CHEF, MFC
                                PEGGY FOLLADOR, CURRICULUM SUPERVISOR
                                   ODIS HERRING, EXECUTIVE CHEF, STC
                                            PATRICIA HENSON
                                     LOUIS LOPRINZO, CHEF, RETIRED
                                    LAWRENCE KENNY, EXECUTIVE CHEF,
                                    A.J. MCDONALD, AMERICAN EXPRESS
                                 JENNIFER MCKAY, PRO START INSTRUCTOR
                                     DARLENE MOPPERT, FOOD SERVICES
                                      GARY SPITNALE, EXECUTIVE CHEF
                                  MARTIN WILCOX, EXECUTIVE CHEF, ATC

                                                                    DECISIONS SUMMARIZED
            Welcome and Introduction               Larry Kenny called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.
                                                   and self introductions were made.

                                                   Martin Wilcox introduced AJ McDonald of the Compass
                                                   Group at American Express and thanked him for hosting
                                                   the meeting and facility tour.

                                                   AJ went on to say that his unit serves breakfast, lunch and
                                                   dinner and prepares meals for 3000 American Express
                                                   employees in the building.
Reading of Last Minutes   Members were asked to take a few minutes to read the
                          minutes of the last meeting. As no corrections were needed
                          Chef Larry made a motion to accept the minutes as written,
                          and was seconded by Gary Spitnale.

   Program Updates        Atlantic Technical Center - Reported 48 high school
                          students and 76 adults have registered for class in the 12
                          month period ending March 2006. Twenty percent were
                          program completers (who did not pass basic skills) and a
                          16% graduation rate.

                          Martin Wilcox reported that there is a disturbing
                          downward trend evident in the number of workload
                          performance points for the last two years. He said after
                          9/11 many companies let go hospitality industry personnel
                          and many entered Technical Center’s to upgrade or learn
                          new skills resulting in high enrollment numbers.

                          However, in the last two years unemployment has dropped
                          to very low levels and this has negativity impacted our
                          enrollment and workload performance numbers.

                                 2002-03 the number was 375
                                 2003-04 “ “        “ 430
                                 2004-05 “ “        “ 310
                                 2005-06 projection    215

                          ACF related classes are now offered online.

                          McFatter Technical Center—Reported 25 high school
                          students, 55 adults and 30 graduates.

                          Paul Citrullo reported the Skills USA competition was held
                          on the Florida’s west coast and his students won the

                                      Baking- Gold Medal
                                      Food and Beverages-Silver Medal
                                      Skills Competition h/school and
                                       adult-Silver Medal
    Program Updates          Apprentice Program

                             CWE Apprenticeship - Reported 22 enrolled, 8 graduates
                             and 3 Job Corp graduates enrolled in the Apprenticeship.

                             Moses Ball reported that Jessie Smith an apprenticeship
                             student who works at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in
                             Hollywood Florida was elected the kitchen employee of the
                             month. For this honor she received as follows:

                                    Hard Rock Logo Watch
                                    Filet Mignon awards dinner
                                    Plaque

      Old Business           Paul Citrullo reported the three chefs’ from the Tech
                             Centers have reviewed the 4th edition “On Cooking” text
                             book and have recommended that it be used as the official
                             text when available. The Cooking text book package
                             includes a master cook CD, cooking techniques DVD and
                             study guide.

      New Business           Purchase the National restaurant Association Education
                             Foundation (NRAEF) manage first certification program
                             Supervision , HRM guide and the Nutrition competency

                             Council on Occupational Education (COE) accreditation
                             team visit is scheduled for October 9 – 12, 2006.

  Mission Reaffirmation      Martin Wilcox stated it is required to review and read the
                             ATC Culinary Mission statement from the schools program
                             outline in order for it to be reaffirmed. The mission
                             statement was accepted as read.

Employer Verification Form   Martin Wilcox distributed and briefly explained the
                             purpose of the employer verification form. The three
                             industry advisory members present read and signed off on
                             the form.

     Standardization         Peggy Follador explained that the three Tech Centers were
                             undergoing a transition to align the culinary programs so
                             that each Center offers exactly the same supplies and
                             training at the same cost.      This also includes food
                             purchasing and catering.
  Others      Paul Citrullo and Martin Wilcox reported that Shari
              Portnoy is leaving the Tech Centers and they are looking for

              Moses Ball would also be retiring soon.

              Peggy Follador said it would be a good idea to have the
              next meeting at Coral Glades High School in order to see a
              State of the Art kitchen.

              The next ACF meeting will be held at Coral Ridge Yacht
              Club on May 8th.

              An open discussion on changing the curriculum to meet
              industry needs followed. The Dacum chart developed three
              years ago by advisory members represents a large piece of
              the puzzle that has yet to be utilized. Peggy Follador will
              look into getting the ball rolling on curriculum changes.
              She said in order to get changes made at the State level
              Broward County Schools could not do this alone, there
              would have to be coordination with other schools districts
              around the state.

              AJ mentioned that one of his chefs is enrolled in the
              apprenticeship program at Atlantic Tech Center. He said
              the chef just loved the new blast freezer and found it very

              AJ stated that being a judge at the recent Culinary
              competition he was amazed at the extremely high level of
              expertise shown by the high school teams.

              As an employer he is looking for future workers that were
              grounded in the basics, sanitation, safety, good work habits
              along with a positive outlook and dependability. Culinary
              skills can be picked up along the way providing the student
              has the prerequisites mentioned.

              Darlene Moppert said that the school Food Services
              department is always looking for workers and there may be
              some positions of interest for culinary students who are

Adjournment   The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.

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