akamai edge justification letter by dttaol1D


									Edge 2012 Proposal


Re:     Akamai Edge 2012 Conference Proposal

Dear [boss's name],

I've been invited to attend the Akamai Edge customer conference
Oct 8-12th, in Las Vegas and would appreciate your approval to attend. Attending would
give me the opportunity to learn from industry experts and bring back to [company] best
practices to grow the business, reduce costs and stay ahead of the competition.

By attending Akamai Edge I'll gain insight into some of megatrends like cloud, mobile,
media and overcoming security threats, ultimately maximizing our Akamai investment.
I'll be able to interact with other Akamai customers from around the globe, discussing
new business models and attend sessions which are in line with many of the initiatives
I'm currently working on or plan to address in the near future.

Discounted room rates are also available.

You can view the agenda and pricing information at www.akamai.com/edge


[insert name]

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