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									Mobile App Proposal
   - Company Name -
         July 17, 2012

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   Company Name Proposal 2012
                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

01.   Client Name

02.   Introduction

03.   Project Overview & Objectives

04.   Mobile Website / Mobile Applications Development Strategies

05.   QR Codes

06.   Analytics

07.   Secure Hosting

08.   Maintenance

09.   Client Tasks

10.   Monthly Fees

11.   White Label Contracts

12.   Billing Schedule

13.   Terms and Conditions

                     Company Name Proposal 2012
(YOUR COMPANY) is pleased to submit a proposal for the development of a
mobile app to (CLIENT NAME). The terms of this proposal are valid for up to
sixty days after being presented.

                              CLIENT NAME

Project Name: (YOUR COMPANY) will custom design and develop a distinct
mobile friendly website, (CLIENT DOMAIN), with state of the art mobile features
designed to increase mobile traffic and ultimately overall sales for (CLIENT


Dear (CLIENT),

On behalf of (YOUR COMPANY) I am happy to provide a premium mobile
website and Mobile App strategy for (CLIENT NAME).

(YOUR COMPANY) is a full service mobile marketing company specializing in
providing innovative, engaging, traffic driven, data driven and cost-effective
mobile communications. From QR codes to iPad applications to HTML 5
applications (YOUR COMPANY) delivers Mobile Apps and Mobile websites on
every platform. (YOUR COMPANY) provides an easy way for customers to
access information about (CLIENT NAME) business.

(YOUR COMPANY)’s commitment to delivering strategic, innovative and
targeted mobile communications is backed by a group of in house mobile
marketing experts. (YOUR COMPANY) has marketing experts standing by to
help (CLIENT NAME) along the way so you are never feeling like you are in it
alone. An asset to mobile apps and mobile websites is our ability to provide
analytics that are measurable by mobile responses.

Thank you for considering (YOUR COMPANY) for your next project. We are
excited to work with (CLIENT NAME) and are excited to bring some of our
creative, innovative and strategic plans to your front door.


                     Company Name Proposal 2012
Your Company contact


(YOUR COMPANY) is a mobile marketing instrument that provides you with
mobile apps for businesses, made easy. (YOUR COMPANY) makes mobile app
solutions easy by offering full white label solutions, mobile applications, mobile
websites, complete brand customization, applications for small businesses and
more. Above all (YOUR COMPANY) is the complete mobile marketing solution.
Smart business owners across the nation are utilizing the power of mobile

(YOUR COMPANY) allows you to simultaneously create, edit and manage native
iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web apps online. Our easy to use content
management system allows for stunning design, customization and functionality
across a broad range of mobile devices.

Objectives: (YOUR COMPANY) mobile strategy for (CLIENT NAME) has
following objectives:

      Increase overall brand exposure
      Increase foot traffic and revenue for (CLIENT NAME)
      Create a user mobile website that is compatible across all platforms
      Create a user mobile application that is compatible across all platforms
      Improve your social networking strategies in the social world– increase
       followers on Facebook and Twitter
      Introduce QR codes to drive and increase mobile traffic
      Obtain valuable data to support marketing strategies
      Track and analyze all mobile interactions to better market to your
      Increase mobile search engine visibility (mobile SEO)

                      Company Name Proposal 2012
                     DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

(YOUR COMPANY) will develop a distinct mobile application or mobile website
for (CLIENT NAME) including technical development, setup and custom design.

Scope of development will include the following:

      Full Design using existing brand and colors
      GPS Directions that give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions to
       your business from anywhere in the world
      GPS Coupon feature creates mobile coupons for customers to unlock by
       “checking in” at your business
      One Touch Calling from inside your app. No numbers to save or
      Tell-A-Friend feature lets your customers take your business viral with
       built in sharing capabilities over Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter
      Menu Conversion feature allows for easy to navigate optimized mobile
       menu(s). Integrate any information you would like to about your business
       including (list business services service a, service b and service c)
      A Point of Interest displays any points of interest on a map
      Event Listings feature allows you to include all of your businesses events
       on the go
      Contact Information allows you to give customers multiple ways to contact
       your business
      Email Photo feature allows customers to take or send a photo and email it
       directly to your business
      Native Image Gallery allows you to display images of your business in a
       beautiful image gallery optimized for iPhone and Android
      Set up a fan wall for your customers to leave feedback on your business.
       Manage the comments online
      Push notifications send messages to your customers whenever you’d like
       using our easy to use CMS
      Flexible Counter allows for your customers to count items related to your
       business and have them email the results to you
      Mailing List feature allows you to stay in contact with your customers by
       gathering names and e-mail directly inside your app

                      Company Name Proposal 2012
Mix and match above or add additional components here:

      Tip Calculator feature to help customers quickly calculate a tip
      QR Coupons feature allows customers to redeem coupons at your
       business by scanning a specified QR code
      Mortgage Calculator feature where you can preset an interest rate
      Blog integration integrates your RSS feed to allow your users to quickly
       and easily read your blog posts
      Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Myspace integration to connect with
       your customers through their favorite social media sites
      MyEmma, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Get Response, iContact,
       or MailChimp integration all easily allows you to import contacts gathered
       from your mobile app into your email marketing campaign service
      OpenTable integration allows you to use your mobile app for on the go
       restaurant reservations
      Podcast integration allows your users to listen on the go from their favorite
       mobile device
      SoundCloud integration allows users to listen to any audio file online on
       their mobile device
      Shopping Cart feature allows you to add and sell items through your
       mobile app via PayPal or Google Check out
      Notepad feature allows users to record text notes and email them to
       anyone at anytime
      Voice Recorder feature allows users to record voice notes and email them
       to anyone at anytime
      AdMob (Mobile Ads Feature) easily integrates ads into your app using the
       best mobile ad providers available
      Flickr or Picasa integration displays images of your business directly from
       your Flickr or Picasa photo account
      WuFoo integration allows you to easily create an appointment, order,
       feedback or contact form
      YouTube integration allows you to display hundreds of videos from your
       YouTube channel

                      Company Name Proposal 2012
                                  QR CODES

(YOUR COMPANY) will develop a QR code strategy with the following

      Creation of various QR codes for use in marketing materials. Each code
       will be uniquely created to accurately track various promotions
      Link QR code actions with Google Analytics to track various activities

QR codes will be provided in a JPEG file for easy reproduction


(YOUR COMPANY) will be able to see actionable app insights and track the
following data from mobile app, mobile web and/or QR codes activity:

      Understand how many users download your app
      Understand which platform is most popular
      Track dollars spent on items
      Track dollars spent on food orders
      Track appointments scheduled
      Track consultations scheduled
      Understand your apps ROI

Based on the mobile marketing objectives of (CLIENT NAME), various other
activities can be tracked and analyzed as well.

                             SECURE HOSTING

(YOUR COMPANY) will offer full mobile and database hosting as part of this

      Hosting of your mobile website on our mobile cloud hosting server
      Continuous software updates to ensure mobile compatibility

                     Company Name Proposal 2012

(YOUR COMPANY) will also fully maintain and update the new (CLIENT NAME)
mobile website or mobile app, ensuring that the following is completed every

      (Enter required updates for CLIENT NAME)
      Examples:
          o Weekly updates to (CLIENT NAME) menu, events and coupons
          o Quarterly design refreshes (top logo, background only)
          o 1 new mobile coupon per week, or by request (max 4/month)
          o Provide monthly mobile traffic and QR code analytics reports

                                CLIENT TASKS

(YOUR COMPANY) will require the following from (CLIENT NAME):

      Any available brand or style guides prior to design
      Any and all available content
      All existing assets files as PSD/EPS (logos, photos, videos etc.)
      Menu content in Excel format

Cost & Timeline- Based on the scope in this document, project costs are as

One-time development costs ($2000)

      Mobile website design and development
      Technical installation and custom domain masking
      Analytics setup and profile creation

                               MONTHLY FEES

Mobile Website ($29 mo)

      Maps & Directions

                      Company Name Proposal 2012
      Click-to-Call
      Update Your Site Online
      Dynamic Content & Multimedia
      Premium Appearance
      Custom Mobile Website URL
      Unlimited Mobile Website Usage
      Website Redirection Script Included
      Custom QR Code Included
      Robust Analytics
Mobile Apps ($59 mo)

Native App For iPhone, iPad, & Android

Premium Mobile Website Included

$2000 Design Set Up

      Maps & Directions
      Click-to-Call
      Update Your App Online
      Dynamic Content & Multimedia
      Premium Appearance
      Unlimited App Usage
      Robust Analytics
      Mobile Food Ordering
      Mobile Shopping Cart
      Loyalty Programs
      3rd Party Integrations
      Push Notifications
      Complete Mobile Marketing Solution

                            BILLING SCHEDULE

50% deposit establishes project start date and the remaining 50% is due upon

Monthly dues will occur on a monthly schedule as work has been completed and
expenses are accrued. These monthly dues will be invoiced and payable within
30 days.

                      Company Name Proposal 2012
                         TERMS & CONDITIONS

Tasks outside the initial scope such as SMS marketing, Creation of Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn pages, Google places, SEO and other marketing services for
(CLIENT NAME) are not included in this proposal, but available upon request.

(CLIENT NAME) is responsible for making additional payments at normal hourly
rates for changes requested by (CLIENT NAME) that extend beyond the original
scope of the project, as detailed. The developer reserves a 10% margin for time
and charges that exceed estimates and informs the client when time will be
exceeded. The client and developer will communicate directly about any changes
that affect cost.

Upon approval of this agreement (YOUR COMPANY) expects that the project will
be completed in approximately (ENTER TIME FRAME). This depends greatly on
the efficiency of receiving all the needed content and how fast a mobile strategy
is approved.

By signing this proposal you are agreeing that any communal information is
confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without (YOUR
COMPANY) permission.


__________________________                            _____________________

Your name                                             Client Contact Name

__________________________                            _____________________

Your title                                            Client Title

__________________________                            _____________________

Your company                                          Client Name




                     Company Name Proposal 2012

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