DEAN PRICE
                   MEMORAL SERVICE
               Stockham Family Funeral Home
                     McPherson, Kansas                            D        ean Price was born Lyle Dean Price,
                                                                           the sixth of nine children, and the first
            Friday, November 4, 2011, at 2:00 PM                 of four boys born to John and Marie Price. His
                                                                 mother often referred to the children by their
                                                                 middle names; so he was always known as
                                                                 Dean. Later in life, the military took exception
                        OFFICIANT                                to him having two first names, and asked him
                       Mr. Gary Butler                           to choose one. He chose Dean. He joined the
                                                                 military by exaggerating his age when he was
                                                                 only 14. A few years later, his age caught up
                      SPECIAL MUSIC                              with him and he lost a couple stripes because
                     “The Lord’s Prayer”                         of that exaggeration. In July of 1951, we met on a blind date. We only
                  Jim Pauls, vocalist/pianist                    saw one another five times before he picked me up at the grocery store
                                                                 where I worked and headed to the chapel where we were wed on
                                                                 December 22, 1952; with the usual “It’ll never work”, nearly 59 years
                                                                 ago. Three daughters, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild
                        INURNMENT                                later, we felt like we’d made it! In our later years we loved to travel in
                  Crestwood Memorial Park                        our little motorhome all over the country. So much to see, so much new
                     McPherson, Kansas                           food to try, but most of all Dean loved the family times, most especially
                                                                 the holidays. Only a few Christmases went by that not all of the girls and
                                                                 their families returned home. He was my friend, my partner, my
                    MILITARY HONORS                              husband and my love….. Love, Alma
Members of V.F.W. Post #2715 and American Legion Post #24
will conduct the Military Honors at Crestwood Memorial Park.     While growing up, Dad played a song by Mike Douglas over and over
                                                                 and some of the lyrics from this song have stuck with me. The song titled
                                                                 “The Men in My Little Girls Life” is the reflection of a daughter growing
                                                                 up, with “new men” coming into her life. As dad aged and I grew up he
                 MEMORIAL DONATIONS                              took each one of the “new men” (boys, boyfriends, steadies, husbands
The family suggests that memorial donations be given to          and sons) in my life in stride, (sometimes just shaking his head) but there
McPherson Hospital Volunteer Services or Hospice Care of         through it all. Dad was my “go to guy.” It didn’t matter if it was helping
Kansas in loving memory of Dean.                                 roof a house, trying to teach ”HIS” fine points of remodeling and
                                                                 rewiring (just keep the coffee pot on and full) to occasional babysitting or
                                                                 helping pick up pieces when tragedy struck, whatever he could do for
                      APPRECIATION                               one of his girls. Thanks Dad for being the first man in my
                                                                 life………….Love, Gaylene
On behalf of the family, we wish to express their sincere
appreciation for all your kindnesses, evidenced in thought and   Dad & I got to know each other as adults when we spent three weeks
deed, and for your presence at this service.                     together in New Zealand in 1993. He had responsibilities as the
               Stockham Family Funeral Home                                                  (continued on back)
                                                                            Dean L. Price
Sergeant of Arms for the International Association of Arson
Investigators National Conference the first week we were there and I saw
his business side. We spent the next two weeks on a tour of New
Zealand. Two weeks sharing a seat on the bus and a room in the
evenings was a lot of time to spend together! We talked a lot – mostly at
the evening “happy hours”. (And if you knew Dad – you know who did
most of the talking!) For the first time, I listened and I learned the
history that made my Dad who he was. We talked of his childhood, his
siblings, his Mom & Dad. We talked about the Army, and early years
with Mom. We talked of the difficulty of college with a wife, two kids
and a full time job. I wish I would have taken a tape recorder, as the
stories that I heard on that trip, I have never heard again. Well… happy
hour does that! Even though the trip was challenging, we became closer
and came back friends as well as Father and Daughter….. Love, Carla

So much of my childhood is filled with memories of time spent as a
family. We went camping nearly every weekend, and with that came
fishing; hours and hours of fishing together. When I was a teenager, we
took our first trip to Bennett Springs, a place that would later become
Dad’s favorite vacation place. We were all psyched up to fish, and early
one morning Dad and I were found standing in the frigid waters waiting
to throw our lines in when the horn sounded. We didn’t even have a
nibble that morning, but by nightfall we’d learned a lot more about trout
fishing, the importance of waders and 3 lb. test line! By the second day,
we were pros, pulling out our limit early in the day; we spent the next
several years in search of that elusive lunker. Dad and I always shared a
love of music; he had an amazing voice when he was younger, and it was
always fun to listen to him and sing along, especially in the car. One
Christmas I had planned something special, and Carla and I sang
“Daddy’s Hands” to him. I’d never really seen my dad get emotional
before; but tears glistened and I know I’ll never forget the love in
Daddy’s hands…….. Love, Pam

He will be missed by all, but we know he’d expect us to stand strong as a
family and love and support one another through this, and any other trial
that comes our way. Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather,
Brother, Uncle or Friend, we’re all family based on our love and respect
for Dean.                                                                    1934 ~ 2011

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