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Reading Comprehension
Answer the questions.

Use the following to answer questions 1-10:

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.

The World on Your Sleeve
"The moment he walked into the room, their eyes met, and sparks flew. It was love at first sight."
At least, that's the way love happened in the old movies. Here's a more modern scenario.
"Walking in the mall, he suddenly heard ringing sound coming from somewhere near his heart.
He looked up and heard a similar sound coming from a woman nearby. He knew she was perfect
for him." Why? Because both of them were wearing "Lovegety Beepers"--little digital badges
developed in Japan. They have recorded all of the pertinent information about their likes,
dislikes, habits, careers, etc. Whenever the wearer of a love badge moves close to another badge
wearer with a similar profile, both badges will sound, alerting each one to the presence of "the

No, this is not a chapter from a science-fiction novel, but just one rather extreme example of
wearable technology. These days everything is becoming increasingly portable, cell phones,
portable music devices, personal organizers, handheld game consoles, and the list goes on. What
is the techno-addict to do? There are limitations as to how much you can carry. No one has that
many pockets. The answer is, "Wear it!" You can have a 20GB digital music player on your
sleeve or a wireless head set in your sunglasses. Microsoft, for example, has developed a
necklace-earring set with a cell phone built into it. The microphone is in the necklace and the
earrings act as mini-speakers. You control all these devices by voice, speaking your orders into a
little microphone in your collar. Oh, and don't worry about the laundry. Items embedded in
clothing can be removed before you toss the clothes in the washing machine. Just don't forget, or
you will be trouble.

In addition to keeping us all constantly connected, this technology can also be life-saving. The
military has developed devices for soldiers' helmets that keep them informed about conditions in
the field. Parts of their uniforms can send information about injuries back to the base, making
rescue and treatments quicker. European scientists are developing "intelligent textiles" to be used
by patients outside the hospital. Clothing made with these textiles measures things like pulse,
temperature, and blood pressure. This enables doctors to monitor a patient's condition constantly
when they are not in the hospital.

Granted the last uses mentioned can be truly beneficial for many, but as for the rest of it, I can't
help but ask, "Do we need to be this connected all the time? How about just listening to the birds
or the beautiful sound of silence?"

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1. What is the main topic of the article?
   A) Falling in love isn't what it used to be
   B) Military uses of wearable technology
   C) The use of "love badges"
   D) Technological devices that people can wear

2. The word pertinent in paragraph 1 means _____.
   A) relevant
   B) necessary
   C) interesting
   D) personal

3. "Lovegety Beepers"_____.
   A) are just imaginary
   B) are very common
   C) really exist
   D) were developed in the U.S.

4. How do "Lovegety Beepers" work?
   A) They activate the other person's cell phone.
   B) They beep when the "right" person get close.
   C) It's an Internet dating service.
   D) They play romantic music on mini speakers.

5. What does the term wearable technology in paragraph 2 mean?
   A) Devices that are built into clothing
   B) Clothing with a lot of pockets
   C) Devices that last for a long time
   D) Things we put on like wristwatches

6. How do users communicate with the devices they are wearing?
   A) They give verbal commands thru a microphone.
   B) They take each one out of its pocket to use it.
   C) They type commands on a mini keyboard.
   D) They program them on their home computers.

                                       Page 2
     7. What is one problem the article mentions with wearable technology?
        A) It's too difficult to answer cell phone calls.
        B) Having so many things makes the clothes too heavy.
        C) Other people will think the wearers are very strange.
        D) People forget to remove the devices when washing the clothes

     8. Which of these is NOT mentioned as a life-saving clothing technology?
        A) Helmets that provide soldiers with information
        B) Devices in military uniforms that report injuries
        C) Clothing that automatically calls emergency services
        D) Textiles that record things like body temperature

     9. Overall the tone of this article is _____.
        A) angry and confrontational
        B) a little humorous and critical
        C) informative and not opinionated
        D) very serious and academic

   10. Which of these statements would the writer be most likely to make?
       A) I want a Lovegety Beeper.
       B) I'm a real techno-addict.
       C) I don't think we need all this stuff.
       D) I think all of this stuff should be banned.

Vocabulary: Fill in the blank
Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. Be sure to use the correct forms.

Use the following to answer questions 11-16:

  acquaintances            limitations               sacrificing
  confrontation            quality                   superficial

   11. Rolando will do anything to avoid a ____________________. He'll even say yes to
       things he doesn't agree with at all.

   12. Becky is so____________________ . She only cares about her appearance and never
       thinks about what she's doing with her life.

                                                Page 3
   13. They _________________ a lot of time and money in order to keep the after-school
       program in their neighborhood open.

   14. Is Evan a friend of mine? Well, not exactly. I'd say he's just a distant

   15. If you want the business to last, you have to manufacture a good
       ____________________ product.

   16. The new plan for reorganizing the office is good, but it has definite
       ____________________. It won't solve all the problems.

Vocabulary: Fill in the blank
Complete the words. Choose the missing parts from the box.

Use the following to answer questions 17-22:

   beneficial-              discourteous-                effortless-
   disastrous-              dramatical-                  increasing-

   17. My teenage son has grown ____________________ly over the last six months. He's
       taller than I am now!

   18. While it may seem that the pianist plays ____________________ly, he's actually
       working quite hard.

   19. The series ended ____________________ly for our team. We lost every game.

   20. The Internet is becoming ____________________ly controlled by commercial interests.

   21. Those students speak very ____________________ly to their teacher. The principal
       should do something about it.

                                               Page 4
   22. That medication will act ____________________ to control the pain and cure the

Reading Comprehension
Answer the questions.

Use the following to answer questions 23-32:

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.

The Pursuit of Happyness--Movie Review
The Pursuit of Happyness is based on the real-life experiences of the main character Chris
Gardner. The movie is a modern retelling of the American Dream--that every person has the
right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Gardner (played by Will Smith) is trying to
make a living selling medical machines. He's down on his luck and living out the old saying that
"if anything bad can happen, it will." His machines are stolen, his wife gets fed up and leaves,
but through it all Chris remains determined to do two things--keep his son Christopher (played
by Will Smith's real-life son, Jaden Smith) with him and get out of poverty. [A]

Chris's lucky break comes when he has a short conversation with the owner of a flashy sports
car. What's the key to his success? The guy works for a big financial company and he tells Chris,
"All you need is to be good at numbers and get along with people." Chris decides that's the job
for him. He sees an ad in the window of a well-known investment firm and finally gets an unpaid
six-month position as an intern, with the promise of a "real" job if he's successful.

But the problem is that he has almost no money to live on. He and his son together confront
every imaginable obstacle, including homelessness and hunger. [B] The low point is the night
they spend huddled on the floor of a men's room in the San Francisco subway. The movie does a
great job of conveying the unpleasant reality of Chris's situation, life on the streets, and in the
homeless shelters. The relationship between father and son shines through the film, and Smith's
son Jaden is totally convincing in the role. [C]

The movie is well titled as a "pursuit" because Smith's character is always running after things,
hard and fast. You wonder why he doesn't collapse! He runs after the woman who steals his
machine, he runs away from a furious taxi driver when he doesn't have the money for the fare,
and he runs to countless things on the job. This and the endless bad luck and series of setbacks
become almost tedious to the viewer. After all, there's no real suspense in the movie. Everyone
knows that he's going to get the job in the end. This makes it challenging for the moviemakers to
keep up the interest in the story. [D] But it's still a good story, well acted by Will Smith and his
son--a good movie for the whole family. I give it three stars out of five. ***

                                               Page 5
23. The Pursuit of Happyness is based on ____.
    A) the life of Will Smith
    B) a novel by Chris Gardner
    C) a true story
    D) a book called "The American Dream"

24. The expression gets fed up in paragraph 1 means that Chris's wife ____.
    A) eats too much
    B) gets very upset
    C) is very hungry
    D) is satisfied with the situation

25. At the beginning of the movie Chris ____.
    A) is making a good living selling medical machines
    B) is working for a financial company
    C) has stopped trying to make his life better
    D) is having a lot of bad luck

26. From reading the article, you can guess that a job as an intern is ____.
    A) a beginning job with a low salary
    B) a training position with no salary
    C) a job in a hospital
    D) a temporary job while someone is on vacation

27. Which of these things is NOT mentioned as a problem for Chris and his son?
    A) Having someone steal their money
    B) Being hungry
    C) Sleeping in the subway bathroom
    D) Sleeping in places for homeless people

28. Where does the following sentence best fit in the text? As Christopher, he conveys all
    the complex emotions of a boy who is suddenly without a real home.
    A) In the place marked [A]
    B) In the place marked [B]
    C) In the place marked [C]
    D) In the place marked [D]

                                           Page 6
   29. Which of these does the review mention as a positive feature of the movie?
       A) The acting of Will Smith's son
       B) The realism of the scenes on the streets
       C) Both A and B
       D) Neither A nor B

   30. Which of these is mentioned as a negative feature of the movie?
       A) Will Smith's acting
       B) The relationship between Chris and his son
       C) The story is unrealistic
       D) There isn't enough suspense

   31. In paragraph 4, what does this refer to in the phrase This and the endless bad luck ...?
       A) Not paying the taxi driver
       B) All of the running the main character does
       C) The machine that is stolen
       D) The job Chris is trying to get

   32. Why does the reviewer give the movie three stars?
       A) Because he thinks it has more good points than weaknesses
       B) Because he thinks it isn't a very good movie
       C) Because it's a movie that will only appeal to children
       D) Because he thinks it's an excellent movie

Vocabulary: Fill in the blank
Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. Be sure to use the correct forms.

Use the following to answer questions 33-38:

  appreciative                manual                    salon
  at the mercy of             outcome                   swapping

   33. Fran has just opened a new beauty ____________________ near her home. We should
       go there and get our hair done.

   34. You have to take action to solve the problem. No matter what the
       ____________________ is, you'll know that you tried.

                                               Page 7
   35. I told the manager I wouldn't want to ____________________ my job for his. Being a
       manager is too stressful.

   36. Rose thought she'd lost her wallet, so she was very ____________________ when
       someone returned it to her.

   37. A boss can feel that he's ____________________ his employees. If they don't perform
       well, the problem is his.

   38. Plumbing, construction work, and landscaping are all examples of
       ____________________ labor.

Vocabulary: Fill in the blank
Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. Be sure to use the correct forms.

Use the following to answer questions 39-44:

  amusing         comedy             point out
  bond            eased              samples

   39. I heard a very ____________________ story last night. I'm sure you'll find it funny.

   40. Yesterday's speaker ____________________ that laughter seems to reduce stress.

   41. Do you think that they should ____________________ some of the restrictions on
       airplane flights?

   42. After going through such difficult experiences together, the two women
       ____________________ and became good friends.

   43. If you can't afford the medication, the doctor may have some free

                                               Page 8
44. The advertisements said that movie was a ____________________, but the audience
    didn't find it very amusing.

                                       Page 9
Reading Comprehension
Answer the questions.

Use the following to answer questions 45-54:

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.

Audiences Behaving Badly
In the year 1600, a play by Shakespeare in the famous Globe Theater was a lively event. The
audience would, in the words of one theater-goer from that time, "shout and clap at every pause."
If they didn't like what they saw, they would hiss at the actors. This is very different from the
fairly quiet audiences at theaters today. [A] In different times and places, people behave
differently at public performances.

Take, for example, musical events. [B] When Beethoven heard his own works performed, he
expected the audience to jump to its feet and applaud at the end of every movement or section of
a piece. If they didn't, he'd be disappointed, afraid that his music had not pleased them. In
classical concerts in most places nowadays, audiences are expected to clap only at the end of a
piece. Some musicians will even get irritated if they are interrupted by applause. At the end of
the piece, the amount of clapping shows how people feel about the performance. For an
extraordinary performance the audience will give the performers a "standing ovation" with cries
of "Bravo." [C]

In most places the clapping has no special rhythm, but the European nation of Hungary has a
different custom. There after the final notes of a piece, the clapping begins and as it grows
stronger it develops a rhythm, until everyone in the audience is clapping in perfect unison.
However, just about everywhere, hissing or booing performances in the Shakesperean style, is
very bad manners. [D]

Spectators at sports events over much of the world are famous for behaving badly. In the U.S.,
baseball and football fans scream and shout and may boo unpopular players or bad plays on the
field. At their worst, fans get into fights, throw things onto the field, or in rare cases run onto the
field to try to attack a player. Ice hockey fans are especially known for their noisy, often violent
behavior. It's considered OK by some to scream insults at the players.

In Japan, by contrast, at least at baseball games, one reporter finds their behavior noisy but much
more courteous. When fans enter the stadium, they are divided according to the team they are
supporting. This automatically eliminates a lot of the fights between fans of opposing teams. The
crowd is very noisy during the game, but there are no boos, no insults. Instead fans use drums
and chants or songs to encourage the players. Each song has different words and rhythm and the
fans know them all. Everyone has a great time--even without the fights!

                                                Page 10
45. What is the main topic of the article?
    A) Correct behavior at concerts
    B) Different types of audience behavior
    C) Bad behavior at sports events
    D) Comparison of audiences in the past with now

46. How can you probably guess the meaning of the words hiss and boo?
    A) by their spelling
    B) because of their similarity to other words
    C) from the way they sound
    D) by going to a baseball game

47. According to the article, what seems to be true of audiences in the past?
    A) They were about the same as theater and concert audiences today.
    B) They were quieter than theater and concert audiences today.
    C) There were fewer people in the audience there are today.
    D) They were noisier than theater and classical concert audiences today.

48. How does the audience at a classical concert today show that they like a performance a
    A) They stand up and clap loudly.
    B) They hiss and boo.
    C) They clap quietly.
    D) They scream loudly.

49. Another word for clapping is _____.
    A) bravo
    B) ovation
    C) rhythm
    D) applause

50. How do people clap differently in Hungary?
    A) They clap more quietly.
    B) They all clap together in the same rhythm.
    C) Each person claps with a different rhythm.
    D) They don't usually clap after a performance.

                                          Page 11
   51. In what area of the world is it good manners to boo or hiss at concerts?
       A) in Asia
       B) in Europe
       C) in the Americas
       D) nowhere

   52. How is the behavior of American baseball fans different from that of Japanese fans?
       A) The Japanese are quieter.
       B) The Japanese are more polite.
       C) Americans don't throw things onto the field.
       D) Americans make more noise at the games.

   53. Where does the following sentence best fit in the text? In fact, theater-goers of 1600
       sound more like teens at a rock concert of today!
       A) In the place marked [A]
       B) In the place marked [B]
       C) In the place marked [C]
       D) In the place marked [D]

   54. Which of these ideas would the writer of the article probably agree with?
       A) Audiences nowadays behave worse than audiences in the past.
       B) Audience behavior is better now than it was in the past.
       C) Audience behavior is different in different cultures.
       D) There's nothing wrong with throwing things on the baseball field.

Vocabulary: Fill in the blank
Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. Be sure to use the correct forms.

Use the following to answer questions 55-60:

  assured              possessions             respective
  incident             resolve                 terms

   55. He left the house and took all of his ____________________ with him. The closet is

                                               Page 12
   56. When the bell rang, the students all went to their ____________________ classes and
       settled down to work.

   57. The contract outlined the ____________________ of the agreement for the work.

   58. After last Saturday's ____________________ with the roller coaster, people will think
       twice before going on that ride.

   59. Our parents talked things over calmly and soon ____________________ their

   60. Let me ____________________ you that I will finish the work on schedule.

Vocabulary: Fill in the blank
Complete the words. Choose the missing parts from the box.

Use the following to answer questions 61-66:

   dis-    im-      over-     re-    un-

   61. We have been unable to do anything because of their _____willingness to make a

   62. Laura felt some _____comfort in the meeting as she didn't know any of the other people

   63. _____cleanliness in a home can be just as much of a problem as messiness. Neither is
       comfortable to live with.

   64. Booing at a concert is an example of _____proper audience behavior.

                                               Page 13
65. When I returned home after many years abroad, the _____entry into my home culture
    was very difficult.

66. His _____patience is driving us all crazy. I wish he'd just calm down and wait quietly.

                                         Page 14
Answer Key
   1.   D
   2.   A
   3.   C
   4.   B
   5.   A
   6.   A
   7.   D
   8.   C
   9.   B
  10.   C
  11.   confrontation
  12.   superficial
  13.   sacrificed
  14.   acquaintance
  15.   quality
  16.   limitations
  17.   dramatically
  18.   effortlessly
  19.   disastrously
  20.   increasingly
  21.   discourteously
  22.   beneficially
  23.   C
  24.   B
  25.   D
  26.   B
  27.   A
  28.   C
  29.   C
  30.   D
  31.   B
  32.   A
  33.   salon
  34.   outcome
  35.   swap
  36.   appreciative
  37.   at the mercy of
  38.   manual
  39.   amusing
  40.   pointed out
  41.   ease
  42.   bonded
  43.   samples
  44.   comedy

                          Page 15
45.   B
46.   C
47.   D
48.   A
49.   D
50.   B
51.   D
52.   B
53.   A
54.   C
55.   possessions
56.   respective
57.   terms
58.   incident
59.   resolved
60.   assure
61.   unwillingness
62.   discomfort
63.   Overcleanliness
64.   improper
65.   reentry
66.   impatience

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