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to do shopping                   vásárolni
to buy                           vásárolni
second-hand clothes              használt ruha
to sell sold sold                eladni vlmit
women's suit /su:t/              kosztüm
customer /kstm/               vásárló
suit                             öltöny
assistant /’sistnz/            eladó
trouser-suit /trauz su:t/       nadrágkosztüm
ready-to-wear clothes            konfekció
denim suit /denim su:t/          farmeröltöny
pullover /pul:v/               pulóver
skirt /sk:t/                    szoknya
cardigan /k:dign/              kardigán
blouse /blauz/                   blúz
sweater /swi:t/                 swetter
waistcoat /weistkut/            mellény
jacket /dkit/                  zakó, dzseki
coat /kut/                      kabát
winter coat //                   télikabát
fur coat /f: kut/              bunda
raincoat //                      esőkabát
hat /ht/                        kalap
cap /kp/                        sapka
scarf /scarves/ /sk:f/          sál
tie /tai/                        nyakkendő
underwear /ndwe/              fehérnemű
bra /br:/                       melltartó
vest /west/                      férfi trikó
slip /slip/                      kombiné
T-shirt /ti: s:t/              póló
sweat shirt /swi:t :t/         hosszú ujjú póló
underpants /ndöpnts/           alsónadrág
panties /pntiz/                 bugyi
tights /taits/                   harisnyanadrág
stockings /stkis/              harisnya
shirt /:t/                     ing
socks /sks/                     zokni
night dress /nait dres/          hálóruha
pyjamas /p’d:ms/             pizsoma
boots /bu:ts/                    csizma, bakancs
jeans /di:nz/                   farmer
trainers /treinz/               edzőcipő
high-heeled shoes /hai hi:ld/    magasarkú cipő
sandals /sndls/                 szandál
low-heeled shoes /lu hi:ld/     alacsonysarkú cipő
size /saiz/                      méret
What size are you?               mi a mérete

silk /silk/                         selyem
cotton /ktn/                       pamut
wool /wu:l/                         gyapjú
linen /linn/                       vászon
leather /le/                      bőr
artificial leather /:’tifil/     műbőr
material /m’ti:ril/               anyag
velvet /velvit/                     bársony
to measure sy /me/                megmérni vlkit
to wrap sg up /rp/                 becsomagol vlmit
jewellery /dulri/                ékszer
necklace /neklis/                   nyaklánc
earrings /iris/                   fülbevaló
bracelet /breislit/                 karkötő
ring /ri/                          gyűrű
bathing suit /beii su:t/          fürdőruha
evening dress //                    estélyi
track suit /trk/                   szabadidő ruha
handkerchief /hndk:tif/          zsebkendő
perfume /p:’fju:m/                 parfüm
lipstick /lipstik/                  rúzs
patterned /ptnd/                  mintás
checked /tekd/                     kockás
plain /plein/                       egyszínű
striped /straipt/                   csíkos
flowery /flauri/                   virágmintás
to fit /fit/                        passzol /méretre/
dotted /dtid/                      pettyes
the shoes fit me /fit/              a cipő jó /méretben/
to match sg /mt/                  megy vlmihez
to suit /sut/                       illik, jól áll
to go with sg                       illik, jól áll
to try sg on /trai/                 felpróbálni vlmit
fitting room /fiti ru:m/           próbafülke
loose /lu:z/                        tág, bő
tight /tait/                        szűk
to be in fashion /fn/             divatos
casual wear /kjul/               alkalmi viselet
collar /kl/                       gallér
button /btn/                       gomb
pocket /pkit/                      zseb
belt /belt/                         öv
sleeve /sli:v/                      ujj
buckle /bkl/                       csat
to dress in layers /leiz/          rétegesen öltözködni
polo-necked sweater /pulu nekd/   garbó
swimming trunks /trnks/            úszónadrág
breeches /bri:tiz/                 bermuda nadrág


1. Which of the clothes are worn mainly by women and which are worn by women or both?

        Pieces for men                   Pieces for women           Both (men and women)

2. Give definitions of the following or put them into sentences!
ready-to-wear clothes      made-to-measure clothes        size               fashion magazine
tailor                     dressmaker                     fashion model

3. Give the opposites of the following!
       1. to get dressed               a well-cut dress
       2. to put on                   b. ready-to-wear
       3. to take in                  c. loose
       4. to let down                 d. fashionable
       5. to slip out of a coat       e. second- hand
       6. to do up the buttons        f. short-sleeved
       7. to go out of fashion        g. high-heeled
       8. to shorten                  h. dark coloured
       9. comfortable                 i. miniskirt
       10. well-dressed               j. in bad taste
       to take in - ruhát szûkebbre venni to take up - rövidebbre vesz, felhajt
       to let down - leenged , leereszt       to let out - kiereszt, kienged

4. Describe your mother’s, friend’s favourite dress using one of the phrases in each line!
      a. long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless
      b. side pockets, front pockets, no pockets
      c. front zip, hidden zip at the back (on the side)
      d. a collar, no collar, poloneck
      e. machine washable, crease resistant, non iron, colour fast

5. Answer the questions, using the following words: drip-dry, coloufast, shrinkproof, crease
   resistant, non-run, non-iron
a. Do these nylon stockings ladder easily? No they are …
b. Will it shrink in the wash? No, it’s …
c. Does it crease easily? No, it’s ..
d. Do I have to iron it? No, it’s …
e. Shall I wring it out before hanging it up? No, it’s …
f. Will the colour in this material fade? No, it’s …


1 JULY 2002
Paris is playing host to the spring/summer 2003 menswear collections at the moment, with 40
shows programmed over four days drawing top international designers. Looks offered so far range
from a matador-inspired collection by Gaultier to a far less restrictive line of sportwear from Louis

This year, designers have chosen the most striking venues in Paris to stage their latest collections.
Belgian designer Dries Van Noten presented his show on a small island on the Seine to give his
collection, which included cotton and linen trousers cut above the ankle, a Caribbean-like
atmosphere. Kenzo´s men´s designer, Dane Roy Krejberg, chose a wing of the Louvre as the stage
for his collection. As electronic music blasted out of the speakers, models stepped onto the catwalk
from a hidden staircase.

The bad boy of Paris, Jean-Paul Gaultier presented his latest spectacle on Saturday. Continuing to
explore Latin influences, his latest muse is the macho world of bullfighting. His latest collection
consists of tight bullfighting trousers and red scarves tied around models’ shoulders and waists.

Moreover, Jean-Paul continues to show his interest in pop culture as he did years ago with Madonna
and her infamous, pointy bras. This year he has chosen another pop icon - Marilyn Manson. Models
with straight, long black hair paced up and down the catwalk, sporting black skirts over black

Louis Vuitton presented a relaxed sporty collection which include baggy, multi-coloured trousers,
cotton tank tops done in pastel hues, and windbreakers just in case the summer turns sour.

1. a Write the proper name next to the statements!
Jean-Paul Gaultier       Dries Van Noten           Louis Vuitton              Dane Roy Krejberg

He is from Belgium.
He is interested in pop culture.
He is the bad boy of Paris

b. Fill in the chart!

Designer                           Collection                        Pieces of clothes
                                   matador impressed


                                   Latin influenced

                                   relaxed sporty

2. Make your own collection and give a description!



I. Clothes and fashion
1. What do you wear according to weather? In general: dress in layers
a. in winter: warm clothes: fur hats or knitted hats and gloves, a scarf, winter boots, a coat, a fur
     coat, a pullover, a polo-necked sweater
b. in summer: short sleeved shirt, blouse, breeches, a pair of shorts, swimming trunks on the
     beach, T-shirt
what pieces of clothes
     a. does a man usually wear?
         Underpants, vest, shirt, suit, trousers, tie, socks, sweat shirt
     b. does a woman usually wear?
         a pair of tights, trouser-suit, skirt, women's suit, blouse, bra, slip, dress
         A well-dressed woman always appears elegant. She usually wears a suit with golden buttons
         and a white blouse. The skirt is mini. She may also wear tight trousers which show off her
         figure well.
      c. do you usually wear? Why?
         For every-day use: jeans, trainers, T-shirt, sweat shirt, jacket,
         comfortable, practical, attractive, something can be worn with everything
      d. do you usually wear for occasion?
         To be dressed in suit, tie, , a pair of shoes, shirt,
      e. do you usually wear at home?
         To be in underpants, track, suit, T-shirt
II. Buying clothes
1. Do you buy: ready-to-wear, made-to-wear, second hand clothes?
2. About how much money do you spend on clothes a year?
…. Fts, it’s enough, would spend more, I can’t afford to buy new clothes
3. Do you like buying new clothes? Why?
Like, don’t like hate, dislike
To wear fashionable clothes, to be attractive, waste of time and money, I like wearing a clothes until
it rots off me
4. How often do you buy new clothes?
Always, often usually, sometimes, seldom, hardly ever, occasionally, once/ twice a ….,
5. Where are some good stores to buy clothes in this area? Where do you usually buy clothes?
Shopping centre, ladies’ wear shop, men’s wear shop, second hand shops
III. Fashion
It looks all right, I like …, it suits me, I look it very nice in it, nice/ smart/ fashionable, to be in
1. Why do you think fashion change quickly?
Interesting, exciting, not boring
2. What’s the latest fashion? Do you follow the fashion?
Personally,/ to tell you the truth I don’t care much about fashion. /it’s important because
Maxi, mini, high-heeled, low-heeled, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, sleeveless, tight, lose,
Plain, patterned, striped, dotted, flowery.
2. What’s your opinion of make-up for women?
Personally, I like/ don’t like.., make sy beautiful/ ugly, natural beauty
4. Why do you think women are more interested in fashion than men?
Attractive, fashionable, well-dressed
5. Do you wear beard or a moustache or a long hair or sideburns?
6. Do you read fashion magazines? Which?

8.Do you wear jewellery? If so, what kind of jewellery do you wear?
Bracelet, necklace, earrings, golden silver, made of
9. What’s your favourite colour?
10. What do you think of body piercing?
Do you have pierced ears?
Do you know anyone with a pierced nose?
Would you ever pierce your tongue?
10. Would you like to be a fashion model?

                                                       WHAT A NICE DRESS!

A: What a         nice                   skirt       you've got!
                  beautiful               suit       you're wearing!
                  smart                   coat
                  pretty                 raincoat

B: Does it look all right?
Do you really like it?
Does it suit me?

A: Yes it looks fabulous                      and I like   the colour        very much. It    matches
       it suits you beautifully,                           material                           goes well with
         it's very pretty,                                 style
         you look very nice in it,
your     hat,      too

B: Thank you.

A: Did you buy it or did yon have it made?

B: Well, I     bought it.           It's so    comfortable to wear.
               had it made.                    easy        to take care of.

By the way, have you any idea what I          wear          for the party?
should                                        put on        this evening?

A: Well, why don't you           put on       your green evening dress?
                                 wear         light blue dress?
                                              black suit?
You look so       Pretty        in it.

B: Ah, but you see,        I've put on some weight                 recently          and now it's   a bit      tight.
                            I've lost some weight                  lately                           too.       loose


                          fashions have slightly changed                                                 long.

A: Well, I can      alter it             for you, just let me           take your measurements.
                    let it out/down
                    take it in/up                                       measure you.

B: Thank you, that's      awfully      sweet        of you.
                           very        kind

                                              I’D LIKE TO MY COAT CLEANED

A: Can I help you?
    Are you being served?

B: I'd like to have have my           coat            cleaned                   Can you do it!
                       g this         jacket.         pressed
                       e              dress           repaired
                                      suit            mended
                                      jumper          died.

 A: Certainly,      sir.

B: When will it be ready?
When can I collect it?
How soon could you do it for me?
When can you do it for?

A: When would you like to        collect it?
                                 get it back?
                                 fetch it?
                                 pick it up?

B: Well, I'd like it by   six this afternoon,       if possible.
                          lunchtime tomorrow,
                          Tuesday morning,
                          the end of the week,
                          next week,

A: All right.    We'll have it ready for you.       Will that be all?
That's fine.                                        Anything else?
Very good.

B: That’s all.

A: Good. What’s the name, please?

1. a. Put the lines in order!


                                          IN A CLOTHES SHOP
A. Can I try it on?
B. Mm, that’s nice.
C. Medium.
D. Can I help you?
E. Is it the right size?
F. How much is it?
G. Have you got something bigger?
H. By credit card.
I. This one’s a bit darker.
J. What size are you?
K. No, thanks. I’m just looking.
L. Yes, the changing rooms are over there.
M. Blue.
N. Yes, it feels fine.
O. It’s a bit too big/ small/ long/ short.
P. 19.99 pounds.
Q. Yes, I’m looking for a jumper.
R. No, I don’t like the colour.
S. What about this one.
T. That’s the last we’ve got, I’m afraid.
U. I’ll have it, please.
V. I’ll leave it, thanks.
W. What colour are you looking for?
X. Thank you. How would you like to pay?

    b. Make conversations!

2. You ‘re a tailor. A customer has ordered a winter coat. At the first fitting he/ she asks you to
change a lot of things. You’re willing to do the first three of the suggestions, but not all of them.
Persuade your customer that pockets is not in fashion, and a wide belt and a big collar wouldn’t suit
him/ her.
     You’re having a winter coat made at the tailor’s. At the first fitting you find that:
        a. the sleeves are too long
        b. it’s too loose at the waist
        c. the bust/ chest is too tight
        d. the collar is too small
        e. the belt is too narrow
        f. there are no pockets on the coat.
        Politely ask your tailor to change the things you don’t like. Try to persuade him and
        especially insist on having pockets.
Use the following expressions:
A: I would prefer/ rather, I don’t think I would like that, I think you are right, I think I’d like, that’s
a good idea.
B: how about…, What about…, Why don’t you …, I think you should …, I think you ought to …,
If I were you I’d …, Perhaps you should …., : Don’t you think......, Actually ........,You see..........,
You know........



1. An Englishman lost his hair, so he went round to all the beauty parlours and spent a fortune on
hair-restoring creams, ointments and mixtures.
      A Scotsman lost his hair. He immediately sold his comb and brush.

2. There are three brothers, all of them Scotsmen. One of them leaves for America and doesn't even
write one letter for 30 years. Then out of the blue he writes a letter saying that he is arriving the
following week.
     His two brothers meet him at the station. The newcomer is surprised to see that his two
     brothers have beards reaching to their knees.
       "What does this mean? Why have you got such long beards?" he asks. One of them answers
       "You took the shaving kit with you:'

3. Little Johnny went to a party in a new suit. When he came home mother saw big holes' in his new
suit. "What have you done with your new suit?" asked mother. "We played at being in a grocery
store2 and I was a piece of Swiss cheese, ' was Johnny's answer.


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