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									                               ORION & THOR - ORDER FORM

Date: ________________________________
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________ State: __________________ Zip: ______________
Home Phone: __________________Bus.: ___________________ Cell: __________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________________
Order Information: Linkwitz Lab Products
                         Item                          Quantity       Price                   Notes
Orion Documentation, Electronics, & Cables,
Documentation                                          1          $200        Required for any order
AT6012 amplifier, 12 x 60W                                        $1,835
Domestic Crossover with 115 VAC Power Supply                      $800
International Crossover with 90-250 VAC Power Supply              $918
2 x 20' with Speakon & banana connectors                          $270        Speaker to Amplifier connection
RCA interconnects (6 + 2Y + 2)                                    $100        Crossover to Amplifier connection

Orion Speaker Cabinets - per pair Finished Complete    1          $           Typically priced from $5200 to
(Made of Solid Wood) - with revision 0.1 midrange                             $6500 depending upon wood type
mounting, Rear Tweeter, internal wiring, & woofer                             and finish selected.
cabinet grills. Drivers (10) including mounting.
Side panel wood type –                                            inc
Baffle panel wood type -                                          $           If Special - example Quilted Maple
Ebony Trim on Baffle Edges                                        $200
Finish - Oil/Urethane included in price                           inc         Other finishes available.
Grill cloth color for front and rear woofer cabinets              included    Specify color –
Dress panel grill cloths (option)                                 $220        Specify color –
Packaging & Handling                                              $250
Shipping from Zip Code 95448                                                  TBD
CA Sales Tax (if applicable)
Total                                                             $

Thor Documentation, Electronics, & Cables
Documentation                                          1          $73
AT1802 amplifier                                                  $840
Crossover/Equalizer w/3’ DIN Cable                                $673        For connection to Orion xo/eq
Cabinets in Maple Ply - per pair (2)                              $700
Solid Wood Top                                                    $200
Cabinets in Solid Wood per pair (2)                               $
Legs – Round Maple (8)                                            $40
Legs - Optional Wood or shape                                     $
Ebony Corner Trim                                                 $100
Drivers per pair (2)                                              $430        Includes binding posts & wire
Speaker Cables – 20 Ft. (2)                                       $32
RCA cable – 1.5 Ft.                                               $16
Packing per pair                                                  $100
Shipping from Zip Code 95448                                      $           $25.00 minimum for crossover +
                                                                              actual shipping cost of containers
CA Sales Tax (if applicable)                                      $
Total                                                             $

                            ORION & THOR - ORDER FORM

Payment Information:

We accept personal check, Bank Check, Money Order, wire transfer or PayPal (d419naples@comcast.net)
Please add 3% for domestic PayPal payments and 4% for international PayPal payments. For wire
transfers, please add $35.00 per payment. California residences please add 9% for state sales tax.

International customers: There may be some additional costs for shipping cables and such. We do offer
to bundle shipments with the speakers so the total shipping cost is lower then shipping individual pieces
such as the amplifier, crossover, documentation, cables and speakers. At times, our shipping price for
shipping the entire system has been less than shipping just an amplifier as we use an international shipping
company and not FedEx.

Important information:

   1. Are there any special requirements for delivery?

   2. Documentation you receive will be a user’s manual not a build manual.

   3. The tweeter and mid-range drivers can be protected with dress panel grills. These should be
      removed (lift off) when doing any detailed listening.

   4. The deposit is 80% down and balance is due upon shipping. This is part deposit for the speakers
      and payment (passed to Linkwitz Lab) for the electronics and cables.

   5. Standard woods offered for side panels and baffle panels include: Hard Maple, Bubinga, African
      Mahogany, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Black Walnut, Sipo Mahogany. Others may be


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