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     ‘RECYCLE’                                            September issue
    2 Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandals go
     completely green
    Power homes through solar energy
    Sun free solar power?
    TMC needs to focus on processing
     Solid Waste.
    Dump plastic. Show your eco-chic.
    Rid corruption through proper means
    Why Govt. lost public trust?
    Why Catholics are unhappy with
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                                   Thought for the week …
 “We need to repent of our willing cooperation in our money-centered
culture, which is depleting the natural resources that God designed for
all humankind. He gave us a good earth. Let us serve him by helping to
 preserve it for our children. ‘A good man leaves an inheritance for his
                 children’s children’ (Proverbs 13:22 ).”
                                  — Paul Brand, surgeon and Christian author

 Mumbai's got a new buzzword Recycle
   They are the makeover men. A small tribe of evangelists who are recycling
  filth and reaping the benefits. Pandurang Mhaske and Ashutosh Shukla meet
      the urban revolutionaries to find out why recycling is the city's future.
                                 Pandurang Mhaske and Ashutosh Shukla, DNA
People are going gaga over garbage. Next time you see dirt, don't run away from the menace. Figure
out ways to recycle what you detest. Contribute to cleanliness. Become a green citizen. Make use of
every atom of filth. And, if you do turn your nose away from the proliferating unhygiene, remember:
you are keeping your nose out of out of the future. For, recycling is urban India's, and Mumbai's,
cleanest solution.
Of course, some individuals have risen to this urban challenge, and are infecting others with their good
work. These makeover artists are spreading the message of urban renewal from different corners of
the city. This is not a refuse revolution; the movement is yet to gain momentum.
But the impact is palpable, if not widespread. Welcome to Mumbai’s bold new Refuseniks.
Your garbage is my manure. Take the
case of Dayanand Jadhav, a man on a
mission. He recycles garbage and
makes compost out of it. Jadhav's
aggressive        campaign      against
litterbugs, and his commitment to
recycling, has earned him a nickname,
Kachra Jadhav. Interestingly, Jadhav
was introduced to the garbage-in-
garbage-gone idea by a BMC officer,
Seema Redkar. After spending months
training himself. Jadhav set up
 vermiculture plant at his Santacruz home, in his           Development Corporation for a common cause.
housing society. It was just a matter of time before        "We need to segregate biodegradable waste like
other residents of the society saw the benefits in          food, vegetables, plants, human and animal
Jadhav's relentless toil. Buoyed by his success,            excreta, and biodegradable plastic. This organic
Jadhav set up Triratna Prerna Mandal, an                    waste can then be compressed at a plant into
organisation that converts garbage into compost             biogas, which, in turn, can be converted into
and trains people in vermiculture. Every day, the           electricity. Biogas plants are particularly useful in
mandal collects 10-15 kg of garbage from each               urban areas where small households generate a
centre, isolates the waste, and produces compost            considerable amount of waste."
using earthworms. The manure is either sold or
given away free. Three years later, the mandal              Six years ago, the Bhabha Atomic Research
has two branches, in Santacruz and Kanjurmarg.              Centre (BARC) set up a biogas plant at their
Beams Jadhav: "The best part is that vermiculture           Govandi premises at a cost of Rs 9 lakh. At
is not at all expensive."                                   present, the plant recycles garbage from 10,000
                                                            households. Every day, three metric tonnes of
Yes, you can convert realty to reality                      organic waste yield 200-300 cubic meters of gas
Realty feeds on realty. Just imagine the tonnes of          and 10 percent manure. Explains Prof Sharad
dust produced by the massive construction activity          Kale, of BARC's pesticide residue and soil
in the city and the civic problems it creates. Now,         science section: "Dumping garbage in any area of
two youth organisations are tackling the problem            the city is unfair to other residents of that locality.
with a debris-recycling plant at Kharghar. The              Setting up two biogas plants in each ward can
plant--installed by Cidco and the Youth for Unity           take care of this problem. This will also bring
and Voluntary Action--converts construction waste           down the transportation cost." Kale believes
into paver blocks, bricks, hollow and solid blocks,         garbage recycling can take off only if people
and mortar. "We get debris from developers in               recalibrate their mindsets.
Navi Mumbai. But we also buy debris from the
market when the developers can't meet our
demand," explains Bejoy Davis, a technical
advisor. Although the process started seven years
ago, debris recycling is still a small activity. It still
hasn't built up the kind of scale to transform it into
a mainstream business. Points out Davis: "Yes,
people are interested in it; so, there's a market.
Developers do call us to their construction sites to
recycle (waste). Indeed, we need a plant on an
industrial scale. But no one is willing to fund the
                                                            The green canopy on D-Road, Marine Drive,
project." That is the challenge of recycling: it has
                                                            which offers comfort from the scorching sun, has
enough promise, but not everyone is fully
                                                            its roots in a garbage recycling initiative that
convinced. But, as the city grows bigger, the one
                                                            started 10 years ago. The Marine Drive Residents
thing that people won't flee from is stench.
                                                            Association, D-Road (above), has been
Garbage can make me, and you, powerful.                     composting over 150 kg of garbage daily to make
Hear what green activist Shrinivas Kasulla has to           manure which feeds plants on that stretch of land.
say on urban filth: "Garbage offers one of the              It all started when Anil Bhatia, the association's
easiest solutions to our energy needs as it can be          secretary, along with others thought of getting rid
converted into biogas at a low cost." No wonder             of the stench. "We have come a long way since,"
Kasulla helps housing societies and firms set up            says Bhatia. Members of the society go about
biogas plants. "It is important to look at holistic         collecting organic waste from flats and nearby
management of solid waste. At present, 6,500                restaurants and convert it into "black gold"
metric tonnes of waste are thrown at BMC's                  through vermicomposting.
Deonar dumping ground. This waste can be put to
                                                                                 E-Forward by Anand Castelino
better use," says Kasulla, who has joined hands
with the Maharashtra Economic
           Two sarvajanik mandals go completely green
                                                  Clara Lewis | TNN
Mumbai: A wave of green is steadily making its presence felt this
Ganeshotsav. This year, Mumbai will be home to at least two eco-friendly
Sarvajanik Ganesh idols-at Vile Parle (E) and Jogeshwari-both made from
tissue paper. The idols have been made by sculptor Digambar Mayekar.
But he is not the only sculptor spreading the message of an eco-friendly
festival. At Bhandup, Sainath Keluskar has shipped two idols to Solapur
and Nashik. Both Mayekar and Keluskar said that this year, several
mandals had approached them with orders for eco-friendly idols, but they
had to turn many clients away as the orders were placed too late. We got
requests to make eco-friendly idols a month ago, but work on paper idols
begins in December as it requires sunlight. In the monsoon it is not
possible to make these idols, said Mayekar. For the last three years, the
Bal Gopal Mitra Mandal at Vile Parle (E) has been a proponent of green
Ganesha. This year we have ensured that every part of the idol is eco-
friendly, including the paraphernalia, said Vijay Naikude, secretary of the
In Mumbai’s oldest Marathi enclave, a green Ganeshotsav is not a new fad, but an age-old tradition. Our idol
has always been made from clay. It means we have to be extremely careful while installing and taking the idol
for visarjan, but we never use Plaster of Paris,?said Nitin Shedekar, a resident of Mugbaug, Girgaum.
Residents of Nikadwari and Khattar Gully follow a similar tradition. Professor Shyam Asolekar from the
department of Earth Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, said people are slowly becoming
aware of the fact that the manner in which the festival is being celebrated is causing ecological harm. But the
message has still to hit home. Many societies are not comfortable with the idea of an ecofriendly idol. On
Wednesday, residents of 40 buildings of Abhyudayanagar at Kalachowkie abandoned their ecofriendly project.
We had nearly completed the project but there were objections on the ground that it would crumble or tear,said
Sanjay Desai of the Abhyudayanagar Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandal.
Times View
Ushering in Ganeshotsav with an eco-friendly Ganpati idol is not a fad, but a pressing need. Idols made of
Plaster of Paris with toxic lead- and zinc-based paints pollute water bodies and endanger marine life. They are
a threat to the already fragile ecosystems. We need to ask ourselves if we can afford this colossal damage to
our environment. The government should create more awareness and offer incentives to those mandals
celebrating our most popular festival in an eco-friendly way. HOW TO MAKE AN ECO-FRIENDLY GANESHA
Sculptor Digambar Mayekar, who made a 14-foot-tall Ganpati using tissue paper, shares his recipe
A mould or dye of the Ganesh idol is made from Plaster of Paris. The mould is then sprayed with a soap
solution so that the model comes out easily It is then plastered with two types of gum?a green gum known as
Ghati gum and tree gum commonly called Dink Tissue paper is then applied on the mould. In all, 16 coats of
tissue paper are applied. It is then kept in the sun for two days so that it dries. Later, it is cut into pieces and a
coat of tar is applied on the inside to hold up the tissue paper .In all, 34 parts, including the Ganpati’s mouse,
are made. These are then joined using cloth and metal wires at the joints A few days before the festival, the
idol is painted with water colours and adorned with eco-friendly fabric. It weighs approximately 30-35 kg and
takes three months to be made. It costs around Rs 35,000 and requires 12,000 tissue papers. During
immersion, it takes only five minutes for the statue to dissolve in water. The paper idol cannot be offered fresh
flowers at this time as the tissue paper dissolves fast .A Plaster of Paris idol of the same height and dimension
takes only a fortnight to be made, but it weighs two tonnes and costs approximately Rs 1 lakh.
                                                                                       E-Forward by Anand Castelino

IMAGINE power consumers turning                                                 further development of technology
into power generators. West                Now, generate                        it would fall to around Rs 6 in next
Bengal Green Energy Development                                                 five years, Mr Chaudhuri said.
Corporation (WBGEDC) has made               solar energy                        Consumers in cities like Gurgaon,
it possible with a technology that                                              Ghaziabad, Noida around NCR pay
will help you generate your own                                                 up to Rs 10 a unit on diesel-fuel
personal power and also give the                                                captive power sets. The
surplus to the grid. WBGEDC has                                                 corporation has also recently
developed solar photovoltaic                                                    signed a deal with DLF to build 800
systems, through which people                                                   such houses in Kolkata. As per the
can generate electricity on their                                               deal, DLF will invest Rs 700 crore
rooftops. While they can utilise the                                            while the technology will come
energy generated in their home,                                                 from WBGEDC. "We are expecting
the excess can be sent to the                                                   the houses to be ready by 2010,"
state grid. The facility includes        on rooftops to                         said Mr Chaudhury. The rooftop
installation of a solar module, a                                          solar photovoltaic technology is
grid interactive inverter to push
                                         power homes                       already in use in developed
                                              Sushmi Dey NEW DELHI
off surplus energy to grid and a                                           nations like Germany, Spain and
net meter to calculate the bill.                                           also in California, US, which allow
According to WBGEDC managing director and special 100% generation of solar energy in houses. While
secretary-power, government of West Bengal, S P Kolkata is the first to start with such technology, the
Gon Chaudhuri, a house can generate solar energy corporation is ready to share it with other states.
up to 90% of its own utility and can also supply up to "Gradually, solar computers and portable solar
10% to the grid. This would mean if you consume 200 generators are also becoming popular but in a
units, you can send 180 units to the grid and get it country like India solar photovoltaic market is still
adjusted in your bill.                                    small. We should try to make use of the huge solar
                                                          potential that our country possess," he said.
The corporation has already allotted 25 such houses Interestingly, the corporation has also installed
in Kolkata and is also in talks with builders to develop small meters in these houses to measure the
more such houses. The cost is estimated at about Rs reduction in carbon dioxide emission due to use of
45 lakh per house. While the cost would work out to solar energy.
around Rs 12 per unit initially, it is expected that with E-Forward by Anand Castelino

          Sun-free solar power?
Researchers have created photovoltaic cells that don’t need
 the sun to generate electricity, relying instead on a heat
source for power. These devices once perfected could run
                 your phone for a week

 Mumbai Mirror Bureau                           A variety of the micro-reactors developed by
                                                                               the MIT team. Each of these have external
                                                                                     tubes for injecting fuel and air.

                                                            often into electricity – such as using fuel to boil water
A      new photovoltaic energy-conversion system            to turn a turbine, which is attached to a generator. But
developed at MIT can be powered solely by heat,             today’s mechanical systems have relatively low
generating electricity with no sunlight at all. While the   efficiency, and can’t be scaled down to the small sizes
principle involved is not new, the team have created a      needed for devices such as sensors, smartphones or
new material to convert heat into precisely tuned           medical monitors. “Being able to convert heat from
wavelengths of light – selected to match the                various sources into electricity without moving parts
wavelengths that photovoltaic cells can best convert to     would bring huge benefits,” says Ivan Celanovic,
electricity. The key to this fine-tuned light emission,     research engineer at MIT, “especially if we could do it
described in the journal Physical Review A, lies in a       efficiently, relatively inexpensively and on a small
material with billions of nanoscale pits etched on its      scale.”
surface. When the material absorbs heat – whether
from the sun, a hydrocarbon fuel, a decaying                To achieve this goal the team used a slab of tungsten,
radioisotope or any other source – the pitted surface       engineering billions of nano pits on its surface. When
radiates energy at these carefully chosen wavelengths       the slab heated up with butane, it generated bright
of light. Based on that technology, Massachusetts           light with an altered emission because each pit acts as
Institute of Technology researchers have made a             a resonator, capable of giving off radiation at only
button-sized power generator fuelled by butane that         certain wavelengths. Mike Waits, an electronics
can run three times longer than a lithium-ion battery of    engineer at the US Army Research Laboratory, who
the same weight; the device can then be recharged           was not involved in this work, says this approach to
instantly, just by snapping in a tiny cartridge of fresh    producing miniature power supplies could lead to
fuel. Another device, powered by a radioisotope that        lighter portable electronics” .The button-like device
steadily produces heat from radioactive decay, could        achieves a fuel-toelectricity conversion efficiency three
generate electricity for 30 years without refuelling or     times greater than that of a lithium-ion battery of the
servicing – an ideal source of electricity for spacecraft   same size and weight, Celanovic is confident that with
headed on long missions away from the sun.                  further work his team can triple the current energy
                                                            density. “At that point, our generator could power your
CAPTURING WASTED POWER                                      smartphone for a whole week without being
                                                            recharged,” he says.
Most of the energy we use on a daily basis involves
converting heat into mechanical energy, and then                                     E-Forward by Anand Castelino
                                show     your
                                eco-chic side
                                       Richa Pinto

                               While most people are cribbing about how they
                               have to pay for every plastic bag most clothing
                               stores and supermarkets are providing them with,
                               there is still a category of youngsters who seem to
                               be "happy" about government's new notification.
                               Many youth and especially young girls are of the
                               opinion that now is the time when they could carry
                               with them all the trendy and fashionable jute, cloth
                               and paper bags which they earlier never thought
                               of using. Many stores are providing jute bags to
                               customers on a refundable basis as well. This
                               means that the customer can get their money back
                               if they return it (bag) to the store. Kalyan resident
                               Nikita Sanghavi says, "I have a pretty floral printed
                               cloth bag which is very big and can accommodate
                               a lot of things. Just two days ago when I went
                               shopping to buy myself a few basic T-shirts, I had
                               taken this bag along. The bag was not only looking
                               pretty but also it was a much better option to use,
                               rather than carrying 4-5 plastic bags in my hand."
                               Besides jute bags are also a good option to carry
                               along during shopping. Most of the times jute bags
                               are big in size and can accommodate everything.
                               Dombivli resident, Seema Muttur, who is studying
                               law at a college in the city says, "I recently got
                               myself a jute bag which looks very classy. Since
                               stores are charging for plastic bags it is preferable
                               to carry our own bags at such times. Why pay
                               unnecessarily for a carry bag when you can get
                               your own and that too a trendy one which you
                               earlier       did      not      think     of    using."
                               Seema believes that it is good in one way that
                               stores are now charging for carry bags. "In this
                               way at least we will now be able to remove all the
                               fancy cloth, jute and paper bags which we had
                               stocked and kept inside the cupboard for so long."
                               Paper bags are also a good option to use at such
                               times. However, the only problem with them is that
                               it is difficult to stuff a lot of things in a paper bag
                               because there are chances of it tearing. However,
                               if there are only few things that you are purchasing
                               from a store then these bags look really great. 22-
                               year old Nivedita Shetty, who resides in Dombivli
                               says, "I prefer carrying jute bag even when I am
                               going for my official work. Now that most apparel
                               stores and supermarkets are charging for bags, it
                               is better that we carry our own bags. There are
                               numerous kinds of bags which I feel one can
                               carry, during such times like the cloth bags with
                               beautiful sequins on it or jute bags with
                               embroidery work on it." She adds, "There are
                               many stores who even provide paper bags to
                               consumers which look very good. These can be
                               carried when you go shopping the next time too,"
                               adds Shetty.
E-Forward by Anand Castelino
  Religious focus on                           The Udaipur unit of the Conference of Religious India (CRI) held a
                                               recollection program focusing on corruption in the society and the
      corruption                               Church. Thirty Religious took part in the program organized in
                                               Ogna Mission, about 75 km away from Udaipur. “Corruption in Bible
                                               is a sin. We are to build God’s kingdom of peace, justice and
                                               brotherhood,” said Fr Florence Minj. He said that there is a great
                                               need to “renew and purify ourselves in our commitment to God and
                                               his people. ”“We have been definitely influenced by the comfort
                                               culture of the modern times. Jesus is calling us to renew ourselves
                                               to work with more enthusiasm and power of God for establishing a
                                               peaceful, just and corruption-free church and society,” the Divine
                                               Word priest said. Sr Sheila of the Sister of Maria Auxilium
                                               congregation said, “we need to change our lives and rededicate
                                               ourselves for the cause of the poor. ”With English medium schools
                                               increasing in the cities, there is need to focus more on the poor
                                               tribals and give them opportunity too, she said.

                                                                   Source: Father Norbert Herman, CRIB Newsletter

                                              Rid corruption through proper
                                                   means, says bishop
                                           The prelate said any extra-constitutional step will
                                               only help to “destabilize” our democracy
          Bishop Anil Couto

The movement against corruption is welcome but we do not approve this method of forcing a bill on Parliament, Bishop
Anil Couto of Jalandhar said today. Addressing a meeting in Jalandhar, he said the Catholic community is with Anna
Hazare and his team in their commitment to root out corruption. “We too want a society based on justice and equality and
values enshrined in our Constitution. But we surely do not approve of their extra-constitutional ways of forcing a bill on
Parliament or creating an extra-judicial structure invested with supreme authority,” Bishop Couto said. The prelate said
this extra-constitutional step will only help to “destabilize” our democracy.He lamented that Anna Hazare’s anti-
corruption movement did not include issues like injustice meted out to dalit Christians and the menace of communalism.
Bishop Couto said “it appears to be entirely a movement of the upper and middle class majority in our country”. “Why are
Anna and his team not talking of the corporate magnates who bribe the politicians to promote their own business interests
and thus corrupt our politics?” he asked. Givers and takers of bribes should be equally punished, he said. The bishop
concluded that the root of all corruption is in the human heart and unless we open our hearts to God and be ready to be
challenged by the divine inner light, any number of Lokpal bills will not be able to eradicate the scourge.
                                                                      Source: By Fr. Peter Kavumpuram, CRIB E-Newsletter

                                 Cardinal Oswald Gracias’ quote from the article

                               Church appeals to Hazare to end fast
                                                 Courtesy: ucanews

…Cardinal Gracias also clarified the Church’s stand on the issue. “I
  wish to reiterate clearly that the Church is fully with Anna
  Hazare in his strong campaign against corruption,” he said.
He said that having a strong anti-corruption bill is like having an
 effective police force: to catch and punish those who break the
                       Why Govt. Lost Public Trust
                                    by Al Ringer (View MyPage) on Aug 25, 2011 07:32 AM

Successive Govt. since 1970 are sitting on Lokpal proposal and they never brought the bill to
the floor for discussion and voting. Even after 1000s of scandals and enormous amount of
looting by politicians, Lokpal has not become a priority to any political party for 40 years.
Public have come to the conclusion that left to the Parliament, Executive and Judiciary, the
issue of Lokpal will not be taken up for another 50 or 100 years. Public has completely lost the
trust on the Govt. or politicians to do the RIGHT thing about Lokpal bill. Other the other hand
the Govt. actions and political parties actions only give credence to the argument that they are
not serious about addressing Corruption issues in the country. In this current situation public
has no place to go but give support to Anna Hazare who they believe is fighting for the RIGHT
cause. He is even putting his life at risk for Greater Good of the country. Anna as well as the
Public know that this is not going to be easy and quick. Looks like they are prepared to go for a
long fight. Sonia Madam's and Rahul Sir's leadership and wisdom is very much needed at this
time. It is very critical that they takeover now and provide the national leadership that is
missing in Delhi now.
                                                                              Courtesy: rediffnews

    Triumphant Anna Breaks
   Fast Amid Much Jubilation

   Following is one of the readers’ comment in the news report on the issue of

Kurt Waschnig, Oldenburg Germany                                                  Sunday, August 28, 2011
It is a historic day, history was written in India again and Anna Hazare and his
movement supported by people from all walks of life will be kept in mind of countless
Indians and future generations will learn in school about this important phase of
India´s democracy. Legal , peaceful and non violent protests took place all over India.
Especially the last months have shown that India is a stable and efficiently working

The Statesman, published in Kolkata, reports today:

"Mr Hazare said the current campaign has given him such inspiration that he will not
keep quiet till change is brought. He also said he will tour the country to campaign for
bringing in “much required” changes. Against the back of criticism from a section of
Dalit leaders that his movement was anti-Constitution, Mr Hazare said the movement
was inspired by the Constitution written by BR Ambedkar, whom Dalits consider as
their icon. “Through this agitation we have also proved that people's parliament is
supreme than the Parliament in Delhi. Ambedkar has inspired us. He enacted the
constitution. We have to fight for them,” Mr Hazare said.

It was Indeed the will of Indians expressed by creative protests and the union
government had to give in, frankly spoken in order to survive. And it shows that
Gandhi, the Father of the Nation is embedded in the hearts and minds of every Indian.

Anna reminded the nation of Gandhi. It´s a wonderful day today.

                                  ‘Community is open to supporting others’

                                              Clara Lewis TNN

Mumbai: When Cardinal Oswald Gracias recently came out in support of Anna Hazare’s battle against
corruption, Congress leaders were worried. The Catholic community has traditionally voted for the Congress,
but party leaders feel there may be a change ahead of the civic elections next year. The shift is already
apparent: Congress MLA Baba Siddiqui scraped past BJP’s Ashish Shelar with a waferthin margin in the
Catholic stronghold of Bandra. Adolf D’Souza got a thumping victory in the last civic election in Juhu, where
Christians have always voted for the Congress. Recently the community protested against the Congress over
the removal of crosses in the city. “In Vasai, Catholics support MLA Vivek Pandit, who was elected with the
Sena’s help. A faction of East Indians recently joined the MNS. The community is now open to supporting other
groups,” said Hansel D’Souza, president of the Juhu Citizens’ Welfare Group. In July, the church along with
the Bombay Catholic Sabha will launch an awareness campaign ahead of the forthcoming civic elections. Now,
“political cells”—set up in nearly 75 of the 106 parishes in the city over the last five years—take up civic issues,
keep parishioners informed about policies affecting the community. Civic activist Anandini Thakur said the
change cannot be missed. “Earlier Christians voted for the Congress irrespective of the candidate. Now, they
talk of voting for the candidate and not for the party,” she said. The Christian vote cannot be ignored.
According to the Church’s estimates, there are around 5.8 lakh Catholics in Mumbai constituting 3.25% of the
city’s total population. “The population of a civic ward is approximately 50,000 and, in some places, Catholics
form nearly 10-12%, enough to form a decisive group electorally,” said Dolphy D’Souza, former president of the
Bombay Catholic Sabha. BJP’s Ashish Shelar said, “In the parliamentary elections of 2009, held a few months
before the assembly elections, Congress MP Priya Dutt had a lead margin of 36,000 votes. In the assembly
elections, Siddiqui won by a margin of 1,600 votes. Even if 10,000 of these are Christian votes, it is a major
shift,” Shelar said. Shelar was supported by Bandra’s citizens’ groups whose members are largely Catholic.
However, Siddiqui denies any shift in loyalty. “I had a lead of 11,000 in my old Bandra assembly constituency.
The loss was in the two wards that were added after delimitation. These have always been Sena strongholds,”
Siddiqui said.

Father Tony Charanghat, spokesperson for the Mumbai Archdiocese, said, the church does not promote any
political party. “However, Christians also want to participate in the democratic process. If they feel that
someone is not addressing their grievances they are bound to look at others who will take up their issues
seriously, irrespective of the candidate’s political affiliation,” he said. A senior Congress leader admitted that if
civil society were to put up candidates, the party would get “the biggest jolt”.
                                                                                        E-Forward by Anand Castelino

                                Not on voters’ list? BMC will help you enrol

You don’t have to queue up for hours at the local municipal office to enroll yourself as a voter, if
you wish to express your disapproval at the dismal state of the city’s roads during the civic polls
to be held in February 2012. The State Election Commission (SEC) will help you enroll as a
voter through a special campaign it is launching across the city. The campaign has been
chalked out with the help of an advertising agency and will take off in a month or two. Under
the plan, drop boxes will be installed at public places such as malls, multiplexes and railway
stations. Mumbaiites who don’t have their names on the voting list can drop a chit with their
name, address and contact number in the box. Civic staffers will visit you at the address
mentioned with the enrolment form and get it filled. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
(BMC) will provide the manpower and other logistical support. For those who prefer to fill the
form on the spot, you can collect it from an attendant present at the drop box, fill it with the help
of the attendant and submit the required documents.

Chand Goyal, additional chief secretary, SEC, said: We are working on a campaign, but it will
take some time for it to crystallise. Officials from the BMC’s election department said they
would also set up call centres so voters can get their queries regarding the voters list
answered. The SEC has also started an SMS facility for voters who want to figure out whether
their names are on the list or have been added. A voter can send an SMS on 56677 by typing
voter MCGM voter’s name for the information.
                                                      E-Forward by

                             "Time..... a Fable"
Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness,
Knowledge, and all of the others, including Love.

However, one day it was announced to everybody that the island would sink, so all
prepared their boats and left.

Love was the only one who stayed. ?Love wanted to stay until it started sinking. ?When
Love was almost sinking, he decided to ask for help.

Richness was passing by Love in a beautiful boat. Love said, "Richness, can you take me
with you?"
Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. ?There is no
place here for you."

Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by, "Vanity, please help me!"
"I can't help you Love. ?You are all wet and can probably damage my boat," Vanity

Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, "Sadness, let me go with you."
"Oh... Love, I am so sad that I prefer to go alone!"

Happiness passed by Love too, but she was so happy that she did not listen when Love
called her!

Suddenly, there was a voice, "Come Love, I will take you." ?It was an elderly person.

Love became very happy that he even forgot to ask the name of the elderly person. ?When
they arrived to the other side, Love asked Knowledge who the elderly person was.

"It was Time." "Time? But why did Time help me?"

"Because only Time is capable of understanding such a great Love."

P. S. Time is capable of solving anything. Things today may not have a solution but
tomorrow you will find one! The time has come for us to stop tuning separate
instruments and, together, to create a symphony.
                                                                                           E-Forward by Anand Castelino

                                                 APPEAL FOR HELP

Joachim Tellis 54, from Sakleshpur ‘Our Lady of Mercy Church’, is suffering from kidney problem for
the last 2 years. Since both his kidneys have failed, the cost of treatment comes to about Rs 20,000/-
per month. Now he is admitted at the Father Muller Hospital. As he is suffering due to poverty,
generous people are appealed to help him. Anyone willing to donate kidney also can contact. His
blood group is B+Ve. Donations may be sent to the following address:
Joachim Tellis, Driver, Achangi Post, Sakleshpur Taluk, Hassan Dist. 573134 or S.B. A/ No. 22000/12110,
Joachim Tellis, Syndicate Bank, Sakleshpur, Hassan Dist. Mobile 9964798902/9448319855
                                                          Courtesy: Raknno weekly, Aug. 18, 2011, page 4
JAPANESE CONCEPT: If one can do, I too can do. If none can do, I must do.
INDIA CONCEPT: if one can do, let him do, if none can do, how can I do?
                               A little boy, at a wedding looks at his mom and says, "Mommy, why does the bride wear white
There were three men on a      His mom replies, "The bride is in white because she's happy and this is the happiest day of her
hill with their watches. The   life." The boy thinks about this, and then says, "Well then why is the groom wearing black..."
first man threw his watch
down the hill and it broke.                                                *****
The second man threw his       An elderly couple had been experiencing declining memories, so they decided to take a power
watch down the hill and it     memory class where one is taught to remember things by association. A few days after the clas
broke. The third man threw     the old man was outside talking with his neighbor about how much the class helped him. "Wha
his watch down the hill,       was the name of the Instructor?" asked the neighbor.
walked all the way to the
bottom, and caught it. The     "Oh, ummmm, let's see," the old man pondered. "You know that flower, you know, the one tha
other two men were puzzled     smells really nice but has those prickly thorns, what's that flower's name?"
and asked the third man how
he did it. The third man       "A rose?" asked the neighbor.
said, "Easy. My watch is 5
minutes slow!"                 "Yes, that's it," replied the old man. He then turned toward his house and shouted, "Hey, Rose,
                               what's the name of the Instructor we took the memory class from?"

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