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									                                         AMC LIBRARIES
                          Rosetta Stone Online Language Learning Program
                                         Registration Form

                                 (Turn in to local AMC base library)

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT!                                             Request Date __________________

Name (First and Last Names): _______________________________________________

Rank (Col, 1st LT, A1C, etc.): _____________________________________

Base Name: _______________________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________
                    (Must be .mil e-mail address)

Organization/Office Symbol _____________________________

Work, Home, or Cell Phone Number ______________________________
                           AMC ROSETTA STONE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT
                                          10 Oct 08

1. As of 10 Oct 08, AMC Rosetta Stone accounts are only available to active duty military assigned to and
working on an AMC base.

2. You must turn your registration form in to the library in person. Rosetta Stone registration forms are available
at the library or on the library webpage at

3. If you request an account and none are currently available, you will receive an e-mail stating that you have
been put on a waiting list. Keep this important e-mail as you will need the Group Number on it for further
correspondence since registration forms are handled on a first come, first served basis.

4. Once you have been registered, you will receive a Registration Confirmation e-mail from Rosetta Stone
giving you the website address and telling you how to get started. You can access the website from any computer
with Internet access which will allow you to download ShockWave. Please be aware that all user names and
passwords are case sensitive.

5. After logging in, you need to change your password from the generic one that was used to register you (see
your Registration Confirmation e-mail). Click on the “My Courses” tab and then on “Edit Profile” on the left
side. Change your password, type it again on the “Confirm Password” line, and then click on “Update” at the
bottom of the screen. As a new user, you will want to look at the “Quick Start Guide” which is also located on
the “My Courses” page on the left side. There is also a “First Time Users” guide under the “Home” tab.

6. When you log in, you can choose your language, change your language yourself, or study more than one
language at the same time. Just click on the language you want to study from the list of languages given.

7. If you request an account but don’t activate the account by logging in within 3 weeks after receiving your
welcome e-mail, the account will be deactivated due to the fact that we have a limited number of user seats.

8. If your activated account remains inactive for 4 weeks at any time, your account will be deactivated to allow
others access.

9. Once an account is inactivated, you must register as a new user.

Revised 15 Oct 08.


My username is ________________________________________________

My changed password is _______________________________

The website address is .

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