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									        APPLICATION PACK


CLOSING DATE: Wednesday 22nd AUGUST 2012

1. Letter from the Head of Human Resources

2. Guidance for Applicants

3. Vision & Values

4. Recruitment & Selection Promises

5. Department Structure

6. Person Specification

7. Job Profile

8. Job Advert
Dear Candidate

Thank you for enquiring about a post within the Vela Group.

The Vela Group was formed on 13th December 2010 by the partnership of Housing Hartlepool
and Tristar Homes. With a combined stock of 17,300 homes, 700 employees and an annual
turnover of over £55 million we will be able to make a positive impact in our two localities and

The Company aims to make a real difference to the quality of life for our residents. Our
objective is to provide quality houses that become homes where people and their neighbours
enjoy life and we intend to do this through the empowerment of staff to deliver excellent
services, and the real involvement of tenants in decisions that affect their homes and

All our Board Members are wholly committed to the success of the Vela Group and the
continued development of staff. This post will play an important part in achieving this success.

If you feel up to the challenge, I look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely

Bernadette Stainsby
Head of Human Resources
Guidance for Applicants

This guidance has been compiled to help you understand the recruitment process. If you need
any further information after reading this, please contact Human Resources who will be happy
to help with any enquiries. They can be contacted by telephoning 03001111000.

The Application Form

Anyone applying for employment needs to complete in full the standard application form either
online or paper based in black ink, to be returned by the specified closing date. When applying
for vacancies within the group a job description and person specification, as well as any other
information relevant to the post will be made available to you. If you are completing a paper
based application form, it is important that additional information is submitted on a separate
sheet/s and each sheet is numbered and clearly shows your name and the post title of the job
for which you are applying for. You should make your application relevant to the post for which
you are applying, e.g. giving sufficient detail of your experience, responsibilities, transferable
skills, personal qualities, achievements, etc, and show how you can successfully fulfil the
requirements of the particular job.

We do not accept CV’s in place of or as a supplement to application forms so please ensure
that you fully complete the form.

If you are completing a paper based application form, please ensure that you put the correct
amount of postage on the envelope when returning your application form as we will not be
responsible for forms with insufficient postage.

Tips for Completing the Application Form

It is important that you read the guidance notes carefully as these have been written to help you
to provide us with specific information in relation to the post which you are applying.

General Information

Please note all information fields marked with a red star are mandatory and must be completed
before you can progress with the rest of your application.

If a full UK driving licence is required for the position you are applying for then this will be stated
in the essential criteria of the person specification.

When applying online, you are asked to select your preferred method of receiving
correspondence from the Company. Vela Group actively promote a greener way of working and
ask that you consider the option of receiving information electronically in support of this.
Applicants for jobs are required to declare if they have a close personal relationship to any
Board Member or manager employed by Vela Group, this includes employees within Tristar
Homes, Housing Hartlepool and Vela Group. Close personal relationships include:

   Partners/spouses
   Members of your or your partner/spouse’s immediate family (including parents, brothers,
    sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts and grandparents)
   Close friends
   Anyone else who may be, or perceived to be, in a position to influence the recruitment
    process. If in doubt, relationships should be declared.

Current & Previous Employment

In this section please provide details of your current employment or if you are not working your
most recent employment. We also require information regarding any previous job roles which
should be listed with the most recent first. If you have undertaken any voluntary or unpaid work
please include this within this section.

Education & Qualifications

This section requires information regarding your education and any qualifications you have
gained. If any specific qualifications are listed in the person specification please ensure you
detail these in this section. Please also include any qualifications/courses that you are currently

Please note where a specific qualification is essential for this position, you will be asked to bring
proof of your qualifications if selected for interview.

Relevant Courses and Professional Bodies

Please give full details of any other training and development that you have undertaken. This
could be formal courses you may have attended, work completed in the voluntary sector,
internal training courses and any forms of mentoring or coaching you have taken part in. Please
also include details of membership of associations or professional groups.

Think carefully about how you have developed your skills throughout your career and note
anything you feel relevant in this section.

Personal Statement

You should use this section to detail what attracts you to the post and what you would hope to
achieve within the post if successful.

The application form is your opportunity to highlight your skills, knowledge, and experience to
demonstrate that you are able to carry out the duties of the role. Please ensure you
demonstrate by means of examples, how you applied that particular skill or used that knowledge
Company Values

You should identify within this section how you demonstrate a commitment to our Company’s
Values. You should provide examples of how you have embraced these values within your
current or previous employment. Please refer to the notes provided on the Company Values in
this pack. Note: If you have no work experience please use personal examples.

If you require the application form in an alternative format please contact 03001111000

Late Applications

Late applications will not be accepted.

Correspondence Regarding Your Application Form

We do not routinely acknowledge receipt of application forms but if you want to be certain that
your application has been received, please telephone 03001111000.

You will receive notification whether your application has been successful and whether it will
proceed to interview.

If you are completing a paper based application form, please return it to the address outlined on
the back of the form.


Completing your application form is an essential part of the application process. The way you
complete it can affect whether or not you are successful in getting through to the next stage of
the selection process.

We use the same application form for all applicants, including staff who are currently employed,
and will ask you to complete a form for each post that you are interested in applying for.

Read through all the information that is available to you, paying particular attention to the job
description and person specification.

Make sure that you complete the application form as fully as possible so that we have as much
information to short list from.

You need to tell us how you meet the criteria within the person specification; use examples of
where you have done this in the past so that we can identify that you have the skills required for
the post. If you do not tell us then we cannot assume. Simply listing the criteria in your
application form will not be sufficient.

Applicants who have declared that they consider themselves to have a disability under the
terms of the Equality Act 2010 and who Vela Group consider meet all the essential criteria for
the post which are measurable from their application, will be guaranteed an interview.

If you are shortlisted, you will receive correspondence via email or letter; this will be dependent
on the method you chose on your application form. If you have applied using a paper based
form you will receive correspondence via letter.

We will also tell you where and when the interview will be held, and any additional information
you will need to help you prepare. For certain posts, you may be asked to attend a selection
process, where this is the case, it will be clearly explained in the letter inviting you to an
interview and will be directly relevant to the job for which you have applied.

If you have indicated that you need any practical arrangements, provisions, equipment or aids if
invited for interview, we will contact you about this if you are shortlisted so that appropriate
arrangements can be made.

Contacting Referees and Current/Previous Employers

When providing referees, if you denote that they may be approached if you are shortlisted it is
expected that you will have already forewarned them of the likelihood of having to respond to a
reference request.

One of your referees must be your current, or most recent, employer, however Vela Group
reserves the right to request a reference from your current or most recent employer regardless
of whether this is one of the two referees provided.

And Afterwards?

After the interview, you will be contacted to let you know whether you have been successful.
You will be given the opportunity to request feedback on your interview performance from a
member of the interview panel.

If you are successful, we will need to make certain checks – verification of qualifications,
references, medical fitness for the post based on a health questionnaire completed by you
(which may or may not lead to an examination), identity check, eligibility to work in the UK, and
a criminal record check to the level deemed appropriate to your post.

Any offer of employment made to you will be conditional upon the satisfactory outcome of such
checks. We will also discuss with you the arrangements for starting your new job.
Data Protection

By signing the declaration on the application form you will also give the Vela Group permission
to lawfully process data you have provided in your application in accordance with the provisions
of the Data Protection Act 1998, including data required for the purposes of equal opportunities


We expect the information you give in your application to be accurate and true. In this respect
you are required to certify on the form that what you have set down is, to the best of your
knowledge, full and accurate. You are also required to certify that you have not and will not
canvass anyone i.e. try to persuade others to use their influence to further an application for
employment. Any deliberate failure to comply will disqualify a candidate from consideration for
appointment to the post or if appointed could result in summary termination of your contract of
employment. This does not however prevent you from agreeing with anyone for them to provide
a written reference for you, or requesting further information from the Vela Group in respect of
the job for which you are applying.


Complaints about recruitment and selection activities should be made through the official
complaints procedure. To find out how to make an official complaint please contact

Vision and Values

Vision –

“Shaping Places, Creating Communities and Changing Lives”

Values -

   Professional and accountable

We accept responsibility for our actions, take pride in our work and have a ”can do” attitude. We
are clear about what we can do and do what we say we are going to do. In all we do we act
professionally with integrity and are fair and open. We are known for our honest approach
and on occasions when we can’t do something then we say why not. In all we do, whether
investing in homes and communities or providing excellent services, we make the best use of
the resources we have.

   Communicating positively, listening and learning

We drive our business on with energy, commitment and ambition. We accept change as a
constant and are able to adapt quickly with an approach of meeting the challenge and seizing
the opportunity. We communicate effectively with our customers, encourage their views
on our plans and services and learn from what they tell us. We learn from others and from all
that we do, helping to support our innovative approach and development of great partnerships.

   Customer focussed

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in making sure that our business
focuses on things that matter most to them. Our approach recognises and is sensitive to the
fact that the needs of our customers are different and local priorities differ from area to area.
What our customers think about us is really important and we use their feedback, challenge,
experience and skills to help us constantly improve.

   Value and respect difference

We understand that people’s needs differ and individuality plays a large part in creating thriving
communities. As each individual is different then so are the local community needs and
aspirations and so we tailor our approach, services and workplace environment to ensure that
we are fair and provide opportunity to all.

   Passionate about People

We recruit for attitude and to attract and retain the best quality people. We want to be a place
where people choose to work in an environment where people can work and have fun in what
they do. We offer opportunity to our people to enable them to reach their full potential. We
recognise and reward achievement and have an inclusive culture that empowers people to be
innovative, embrace continuous learning and self improvement. Each and every voice has a
part to play in the organisation and will be given space to be heard.

Recruitment & Selection Promises

We will ensure that:
   Job vacancies are advertised in accordance with our equality promises.

   Application forms are sent out to applicants within 1 working day.

   Short listing will take place within 10 working days following the closing date.

   Successful candidates are given at least 5 working days notice prior to the
    interview/selection process.

   All candidates will receive correspondence confirming the outcome of their

   The outcome of interviews will be shared with candidates within 2 working days of
    recruitment/selection process. (In extenuating circumstances this may be up to 5 working
    days i.e. unattained references, operational disruption to the decision making process).

All candidates are offered the opportunity to receive one to one feedback from the lead officer
following the selection process.
Finance Officer - Accounting

         REQUIREMENTS                               ESSENTIAL                                                   DESIRABLE

Educational/vocational/           Educated to GCSE level or equivalent, including            Holder of or working towards a recognised
occupational qualifications        Maths and English and/or ability to demonstrate             accountancy qualification. (F)
and/or training                    relevant experience.(F)

Specific qualifications (or

Knowledge                         Demonstrated ability to work within an                     Ability to provide financial support in a housing
                                   accounting environment.(F)(I)                               environment. (F)(I)
                                  Knowledge and understanding of accruals and
                                   prepayments in an accounting function. (T)
                                  Ability to analyse and reconcile financial
                                   information. (T)
                                  Ability to perform year-end processes.(I)
                                  Knowledge of management accounts processes
                                  Understanding of and the maintaining of strict
                                   financial controls.(F)(I)

Skills                            Inter-personal skills and ability to work effectively      Ability to work independently with limited
                                   as part of a team.(I)                                       supervision and use own initiative. (F)(I)
                                  Demonstrable IT skills.(T)
                                  Ability to communicate with customers and
                             colleagues effectively (both written and
                            Ability to use knowledge to question information
                             and make decisions.(I)
                            Ability to work independently with limited
                             supervision and use own initiative.(F)(I)
                            Organisational and time management skills to
                             meet deadlines.(F)(I)
                            Analytical and numeracy skills.(T)
                            Social skills. (I)

Personal Attributes         Ability to organise and prioritise own work to
                             meet conflicting demands and deadlines.(F)(I)
                            Able to manage confidential information
                             sensitively and appropriately.(F)(I)
                            High standards of integrity and always acts in
                             ethical manner (I)
                            Commitment to continuing personal
                             development. (I)
                            Commitment to continuous service and
                             performance improvement, quality and customer
                            Flexible approach (I)
                            Highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed (I)
                            Assertive (I)
                            Approachable (I)

                            Commitment to Company Vision, Values and
Corporate Requirements       Objectives (I)
                            Adaptable to organisational change (I)
                            Ability to be proactive and motivate others during
                             times of change (I)
                                 Commitment to Equality & Diversity Framework

Other Requirements               Ability to travel to other sites (I)
                                 Flexible approach to hours worked (I)

POST TITLE:                           Finance Officer - Accounting

DEPARTMENT:                           Resources - Finance

GRADE:                                FIN2

RESPONSIBLE TO:                       Financial Accounts Manager

RESPONSIBLE FOR:                      N/A


 Responsible for the administration of financial accounts, management accounts and budgetary
  control information, costing and trading accounts information (“Accounting Services”).

   Assist in the on-going review and development of accounting services to meet the needs for Group
    Companies business.

   The provision of advice and guidance on accounting services.


   Assist the Financial Accounts Manager with the provision of professional and customer focussed
    accounting service for the Group Companies, including working with managers and staff across
    the Group and providing excellent accounting services.

   Assist in the efficient operation of Company financial systems, ensuring adequate controls are in
    operation for the timely and accurate reconciliation of the Company finances.

   Assist in developing and maintaining Company financial systems.

   Assist in the regular monitoring of Company income & expenditure, including the production of
    budgetary control reports to Company Boards, executive managers & budget holders to agreed
    timescales and as requested.

   Perform the timely and accurate reconciliation of accounts, as and when required.

   Produce accurate and timely cost accounting and trading accounts information, as and when

   Assist with the accurate and timely production of the Company annual accounts and financial
   Perform year end reconciliation of accounts, as required.

   Assist with the accurate and timely calculation of tax liabilities and completion of tax returns,
    including the proper accounting for VAT and other tax liabilities.

   Assist with the maintenance of Group Companies financial and accounting systems, policies and
    procedures to meet their needs and satisfy all statutory and regulatory requirements and
    professional standards.

   Prepare accurate and timely accounting information and returns, for Company Boards, executive
    managers and external stakeholders, as and when required.

   Deputise for the Financial Accounts Manager


   Ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act at all times

   Promote and represent the Vela Group both internally and externally to maximise its success and
    maintain the highest standards of professionalism, conduct and integrity at all times

   Be an ambassador for the Vela Group and Customer Excellence

   Demonstrates commitment and drive towards living the Company Values

   Comply with all Company policies, procedures and protocol including the Equality and Diversity

   Comply with the Company’s financial regulations, standing orders and procurement strategy

   Undertake such training as may be deemed necessary to meet the duties and responsibilities of
    the post

   Take reasonable care of your own health and safety and co-operate with management, so far as is
    necessary to enable the compliance of the organisation's health and safety rules and legislative

   To carry out any other duties appropriate to this post, as necessary or as requested by the
    Financial Accounts Manager.

   The work of Vela Group changes and develops continuously which in turn requires staff to adapt
    and adjust. The functions/responsibilities above should not therefore be regarded as immutable
    but may change commensurate with the grading of the post. Any major changes will involve
    discussion and consultation which, if desired, may involve a Trade Union/Professional Association

The work of Vela Group changes and develops continuously which in turn requires staff to adapt and
adjust. The functions/responsibilities above should not therefore be regarded as immutable but may
change commensurate with the grading of the post. Any major changes will involve discussion and
consultation which, if desired, may involve a Trade Union/Professional Association rep.
External Vacancy

Finance Officer – Accounting 2x
Based at Stockton
37 hours per week
Salary up to £21,575

This is two permanent positions working in Accounting Services providing administration of financial
accounts, management accounts and budgetary control information. You will assist in the on-going
review and development of accounting services to meet the needs of the Companies within the Group
and provide advice and guidance.

An enthusiastic and motivated individual, you should be educated to a minimum of GCSE level or
equivalent in Maths and English and be skilled in the use of Word and Excel. You will have the ability
to work as part of a team, under pressure, with minimum supervision and possess good
communication skills. Experience of the Open Accounts Financial System is desirable but not
essential for this post.

 Closing Date                           Wednesday 22nd August 2012
 Contact for informal discussion        Michelle Walton - Tel. 01642 947115
                                        Gemma Lockey – Tel. 01642 947103

                Application forms and further details are available on the website –
     or can be obtained by contacting the Vela Group on
                   0300 111 1000 or by E-mailing

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