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                  Minutes of Meeting of the
           Strathdearn Community Council held in
                        The Strathdearn Hall, Tomatin,
On Tuesday 21st October 2008.

PRESENT:         Mrs Vivian Roden, (Chairperson), Mr. Edward
                 Usborne (Vice-Chair), Mr. Duncan Bryden, Mrs Pat
                 Wells, Mr. James Duncan, Mrs. A Glynne-Percy, Mr.
                 Alasdair Wallace, Mrs. Margaret Saunders
IN               Mrs. E MacQueen (Minutes Secretary), Mr. D
ATTENDANCE:      Hendry (CDW), Cllr Prag, Mr. Alex Eldridge
                 (Tomatin Shop), 8 MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC
APOLOGIES:       Mr. A Brown, Mr. J Cameron Mackintosh

Item    Details                                                               Actio
Ref                                                                           n
1.      Minutes of previous Meeting
        Passed as Correct by Mrs. A Glynne-Percy and seconded by
        Mr. A Wallace.
2.      Tomatin Shop

        Mrs. Roden introduced Mr. A Eldridge of the Tomatin Shop and
        Inn. Mr. Eldridge gave a short presentation on how the shop was
        working out, stating that their main objective was to provide a
        service to the community. Unfortunately he has recently been
        informed that a rent will now be applied to the portakabin, and so
        the shop will not break even cost wise. In order to keep the shop
        open, Mr. Eldridge explained that costs would have to be reduced.
        His plans to do this would involve reducing shop opening hours, by
        closing between 12pm and 3pm. Introducing an ordering system
        for short shelf life items. Keeping only limited (extra) stock. Mr.
        Eldridge asked the CC if they could possibly assist in encouraging
        more people to use the shop, as without support the shop could
        not continue.

        Mr. E Usborne asked if Mr. Eldridge had applied to the SCCT for
        payment of ground rent. Mr. A Wallace agreed that they should
        apply for this.

        A vote of thanks for Mr. Eldridge and his family’s efforts was
        expressed from the meeting.
        Mr. D Wells asked if a list of non-perishable goods might be made
        which could be distributed.
        Mrs. V Roden added that this could be inserted into the newsletter.

        A copy of opening hours was requested.
     Mr. D Bryden stated that he would give a copy of the analysis of
     the Community Survey to Mr. Eldridge.

     Mrs. Glynne-Percy raised the issue of the lighting of the car park in
     winter. In response, Mr. Eldridge stated that the lighting and the
     road would be repaired.
     Mr. Eldridge was thanked for attending. He left the meeting.
3.   Matters Arising

     School Grounds Project
     Mrs. Roden stated that she had received an e mail from Mr.
     Stephen Raine, stating that the School Grounds project was
     progressing well, and that Highland Council had appointed
     someone to liase with the group.

     Motorised Scooter
     Mrs. MacDonald had been informed that the said scooter was only
     worth the value of the batteries, and that it was not viable to
     spend more time and or money on it. Mr. E Usborne stated that
     SSAFA had been in touch with a view to funding a new scooter.
     This matter is ongoing.

     Burnt out Car at Freeburn
     Mrs. V Roden stated that she had received a reply re this matter
     from Kerr McWilliam, stating that the road frontage was to be
     fenced, and that planning conditions were holding up the
     development, as was the current economic climate.
     Mr. D Bryden stated that he had received an e mail from the
     Planning Dept, stating that the spoil heap was being retained for
     development. It would appear that SEPA were also holding up the
     development process.

     Col D Grant asked if the panels on the site had been removed or
     stolen. It was agreed to monitor the situation.

     Law and Order

4.   Mr. E Usborne noted that the blue panels on the Freeburn site had

     Mr. A Wallace stated that he had received a call from the school
     raising concerns re broken bottles in the school grounds, mainly of     EM
     Alco pops. Concern noted that there was no visible police
     presence in the area. E mail to PC Kinnaird re this.

     It was noted by a member of the public that the wheelie bin at the      EM
     bus stop had gone missing. Letter to Highland Council.
5.   Financial Statement
     Mrs. M Saunders reported that the balance of the CC
     account at 31 September 2008 was £3422.15. After
     payment of various items, the amount to date was
     £1229.63.                                                               EM
     A donation of £500 had been received from the Tomatin                   Cllr
     Distillery for Newsletter Costs. Letter of thanks to be sent.
     Mrs. Saunders noted that the CC grant from Highland                     Prag
     Council has not yet been received. Cllr Prag kindly offered
     to look into this matter.
     Mrs. Saunders asked if people had any questions to ask her.
     They did not.
6.   Trust Applications
     An application had been received from the Tomatin and Moy
     WRI re assistance in providing a hot Christmas lunch for the
     older adults in the community. Mr. E Usborne proposed
     that the CC recommend this application, and this was
     seconded by Mrs. M Saunders, and agreed unanimously by           EM
     the CC. Application to be forwarded to the Trust.
7.   CDW Report
     Mr. D Hendry apologized for the fact that there was no
     written report available. He was waiting to hear about a
     new format which was to be adopted for report writing. He
     stated that with regard to the CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA,
     there was a proposal to add two additional items. One
     “springy” – at a cost of £886, and an outdoor wendy house,
     at a cost of £4189.50 including fitting.

     The SPORTS FACILITY – position re VAT exemption still not
     clarified. At a meeting with Agoraspace, Mr. Hendry learnt
     of a similar facility which had been built in London at a cost
     of £560,000.

     ENERGY AWARENESS – Community Energy Scotland had
     been contacted re the planned information day and also the
     feasibility study.

     Mr. A Wallace suggested that interested parties should
     consider the information re the proposed wendy house, and
     make an application to the trust.
     He also suggested that the sum of £550,000 was outwith
     reach for the Sports Facility.
     Discussion took place re the additional items for the play
     area. Mr. D Bryden proposed that any new purchases
     should be left until the original equipment had been
     evaluated, and then the need for additional items be
     assessed. This was seconded by Mr. E Usborne, and
     agreed by the CC.

     The provision of a rubbish bin was requested. Highland
     Council to be contacted.
8.   Road Safety
     Mrs. V Roden intimated that Mr. John Cameron Mackintosh
     had been in touch with Mr. L Houlker of HC, and agreement
     had been made to place 30mph repeater signs at the south
     side of the village.
     A meeting had been arranged between the two men and Cllr         EM
     Crawford to progress the matter of the “Smiley Faces”.
     Mrs. Roden reported that the standard of driving in the          EM
     village was atrocious. PC Kinnaird to be informed.
     Comments from the school children re road safety still to be
     obtained by parent council for the newsletter.
      Mr. A Wallace stated that he had written to TEC Services re
      children’s cycling safety.

      It was noted with regard to TEC services that most of the
      requests which had been made of them had been carried
      out. Letter of thanks to be sent to Mr. J Taylor of HC.
      Further letter to be sent to Mr. Taylor re Kyllach Brae
9.    Community Transport
      Letter which had been received from Mrs. Pearl Cameron of
      Moy was read out. Mr. D Hendry intimated that a meeting
      had been arranged with Mr. Paul Davies of the Care in
      Strathnairn Group re this issue, with a view to exploring the         CDW
      issue of joint working.
      Col D Grant commended a community transport scheme.
10.   Correspondence
      Fraser Manson had submitted a report re his Romanian
      experience, a copy of which is to be printed in the
      Newsletter, and a copy sent to the SCCT.                              EM
      The Inverness South Ward forum is to be held at Inshes
      Primary School. Mr. J Duncan to attend.

      Mrs. V Roden intimated that there was to be a talk given in
      the Strathdearn hall from Aberdeen University. Theme:

11.   aocb
      The photocopier has been serviced.
      Mr. D Wells has obtained copies of new bus timetables. Copies to
      be placed in bus shelters and in newsletter, as well as the shop
      and notice boards.

      Mrs. P Wells raised the issue of prescriptions, stating that repeat
      requests can be made by post or e mail. Phone can be used only
      if the individual is housebound. Some chemists collect from the
      GP Surgery. If applying by post please include a SAE.

      The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.    Date of next meeting
      Tuesday18th November

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